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hello from florida!!

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hello! im river! im 20 years old and my pronouns are he/him. i decided that im going to add a smart doll to my collection soon, so i figured i would hop over here from denofangels and check it out. 

im a relatively new doll collector. i had an american girl doll when i was a kid, but was never really into fashion dolls like barbie etc. i have some other "doll like" things (six "small but knowing clowns"). i own two resin ball jointed dolls that i got in april and october this year, a unidoll cupi angel and an april story/mirodoll hybrid. i also have my third, an obscure_kind dohwee, on the way after i finish his layaway!

anime-style dolls aren't super my thing, but im really, really interested in putting together a smart doll cortex kit. i want to get the tea gaia ♥️ i think it would be nice to have one girl that really stands out from the rest of my dolls, or who knows, maybe i'll end up really liking vinyl dolls more than bjds! 

i really like making friends, so dont be afraid to say hi!!!

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Hello fellow Floridian!
Welcome to the world of vinyl dolls and BJDs in general. You'll find that the two are very different from each other and you might prefer one over the other by the end of it. Vinyl dolls can stain where as resin ones don't and weight is a massive difference between them as well.
Though I don't own a cortex myself I do feel like you should know that cortex isn't really vinyl. It's suppose to be more stain resistant than vinyl but the shells tend to crack from what I've seen on FB, so you'll have to be careful when putting your Gaia together. You'll be able to put your girl in dark clothing without the fear of her being stained, which is a super plus!
Hopefully you'll come to enjoy SmDs as much as your resin dolls. ❤️

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Hi River,

Welcome to the forum.

One of the biggest differences between Vinyls and Resins is the internal frame. 

In the photo here, to pose Mio with the purse, all I had to do was position her arm and hang the bag off of it. I could have hung that bag off of Mio's hand and her arm would have stayed in position. To pose Belldandy, the girl in the top image, I had to carefully balance the weight of the bag against the tension in her arm.


You can pose vinyls pretty dynamically, where with resins you are at the mercy of the tension in the elastic. Vinyls are a lot lighter, and the tend to be pretty durable with regards to falls. When I took those photos I stood next to Belldandy and triggered the camera with a remote. I didn't want to be too far away, so I could catch her in case she toppled. With Vinyl's if they fall the worst that's ever happened is I have to reposition and comb their wig.

Resins have a very beautiful look to them, and if you think of the dolls as works of art, then resins are the higher art form. I tend to do more with my vinyls because of the durability and the dynamic posing possibilities, but I love my resins just the same.



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