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Dollce 2020 Lucky Bag

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Posted (edited)

Happy New Year all! In Japan the new year means Fukubukuro or "Lucky Bag" time. These bags are often offered throughout the year (and are complete traps filled with junk stock) but the New Year brings about some of the only really good value lucky bags with lotteries and lines starting from midnight on New Years Eve.  Luckily doll bags aren't quite that popular though.

I got the Dolk, Doll Heart lucky bag last year but never posted the results here. This year I went with a Dollce bag and thought it may be fun to share since the contents were a bit more varied.

This bag only cost 5000 yen and was guaranteed to contain:

3x 9 inch wigs
1x Clothing
1x Shoes
2x Small Accessories
1x Glass Eyes

It's a fantastic deal, in theory. Let's see how things went!

First up the generic lucky bag design. You can buy these at packaging supply stores in Japan in bulk. They also gave a small new years card to all purchases with some hair clips included. Cute!

49315774823_c370e7b2bc.jpgIMG_0288 by Beani F, on Flickr

49316489397_a4d966b9f1.jpgIMG_E0291 by Beani F, on Flickr

Opening it up here are the contents, all accounted for as they listed out.

49315783273_1fd8cdb8e9.jpgIMG_E0290 by Beani F, on Flickr


i got super excited when I pulled out the shoes. I was actually considering buying these Ugg boots anyway so this was a total win for me. Value 3850 yen.

49316489647_a8faefa1db.jpgIMG_E0299 by Beani F, on Flickr

49316278516_a2f58e71d4.jpgIMG_0304 by Beani F, on Flickr

49315783803_881060cfda.jpgIMG_0309 by Beani F, on Flickr


I was also very happy with the clothing I got, Adela has some nice stuff and this is a lot less overly sexy than some I have seen by them. Unfortunately the bust is obviously not tailored to M size so I will need to pin it when Summer comes round and this is more appropriate (Hanako just looks so cold in it haha). Value 3300 yen.

49316277781_125895be3c.jpgIMG_E0301 by Beani F, on Flickr

49315783848_cd656566ec.jpgIMG_0319 by Beani F, on Flickr

49315783993_061d35b893.jpgIMG_0320 by Beani F, on Flickr


The wigs offered the best value but sadly I only really got one I like both color and style, it was made worse by my boyfriend getting two of the exact same wigs in his bag as well (same color even). Guess they were not popular. We'd even gotten the grey Teto style wig in Teto!red as a freebie a couple of weeks ago too. I don't know what to think of the style honestly... Total value of the wigs, 10,890 yen.

49315783018_3ebf30f727.jpgIMG_E0302 by Beani F, on Flickr

49315784033_fcf0e511e0.jpgIMG_0321 by Beani F, on Flickr

49316490197_5d335cbed7.jpgIMG_0326 by Beani F, on Flickr

49316278931_94128b2670.jpgIMG_0328 by Beani F, on Flickr

49316279041_85873c9ca6.jpgIMG_0330 by Beani F, on Flickr

49315784498_20e4c16ec1.jpgIMG_0331 by Beani F, on Flickr

49316490702_8ee2007f19.jpgIMG_0332 by Beani F, on Flickr


The eyes aren't really something I was interested in but the color is nice enough. They seem to look ok in but I don't like the glass look much. http://doll.shop-pro.jp/?pid=60890128 Value 2420 yen.

49316277996_6e13d001d5.jpgIMG_E0292 by Beani F, on Flickr


And finally, the small accessories. This led to me finally having a tea set for my girls which is absolutely wonderful. Ram is particularly pleased. The sizing works really well. Tea Pot value 1760 yen. They have some online for those interested: http://doll.shop-pro.jp/?pid=52865150

49316278386_5be8aace5e.jpgIMG_0295 by Beani F, on Flickr

49316488912_2c739fa8bb.jpgIMG_0294 by Beani F, on Flickr

49316279376_f980847720.jpgIMG_0335 by Beani F, on Flickr

The bear is well sized but rather generic. It's just a keychain they found it seems, I can't find the price they sell it for. I added one of the small clips to Hanako's hair here as well to show scale.

49316278301_250be7149d.jpgIMG_E0300 by Beani F, on Flickr

49316279441_dba0bab297.jpgIMG_0338 by Beani F, on Flickr


And that was it! Ignoring the bear and clips as I don't know the value I got items worth 22,220 yen for 5000 yen so I'd definitely call this bag a win even if the wigs were a bit of a miss. The fact I got shoes I wanted that were almost worth the value of the bag meant it is hard to feel I lost on this one!

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1 hour ago, qudoll said:

I didn't know you can get new year's bags for dolls. Was this in a physical shop in Japan?

Yep, most good lucky bags are still limited to physical shops. This one is from Dollce Akihabara.

I know Dolk has had online bags before but not the Doll Heart ones (you use to get two Doll Heart outfits for 5500 yen but they seem to have lowered it to one outfit plus accessories now). So far I know Dolk, Azone and Dollce all do bags at their physical shops. Volks did some for eyes and 1/6 dolls this year. Never known them to have a 1/3 clothes new year bag though. :(

Ive gotten bags online at Taobao shops like Air Castle and Yomi’s before. Doll Heart also use to do online bags as does Rrabbit. I don’t feel they are as good value (except the old $10 Doll Heart ones of course) but if you want the experience you can try out those end of this year if they have them again. 

33 minutes ago, Meow said:

I really like the tea set^^

Me too, it’s a great little addition!

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On 1/3/2020 at 9:49 PM, Testament said:

Good catch!

I like the wigs too XD

Honestly I was hoping for some more simple, straight wigs to be included but that is the risk with these bags!


19 hours ago, NekoMel said:

I love that two tone wig, it's beautiful.


18 hours ago, StelSel said:

Pink wig is lovely! 

That wig is the one I really like from the bag, will definitely be keeping it for Ram! Not one I ever would have bought myself so was a nice surprise it fit so well with her.

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On 1/5/2020 at 5:29 AM, Jezrah said:

I actually think the gray drill curl wig would be cute too if it didn't have SO MUCH PRODUCT in the main body of the hair. Perhaps with some styling...?

There is indeed just an abundance of product in this wig. The hair is more like hard blades of grass. I’m not very wig savvy, so I wouldn’t really have any idea how to try and get the product out of the main part without affecting the drills. The small amount of hair without product does look nicer though. With three of these wigs in the house now maybe I should sacrifice one to see what happens hmm..

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