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different optional hand/feet parts for Obitsu 50

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I have a Visuadoll Obitsu 50 coming for Christmas. I'm not too picky about the aesthetics of her body (she's going to wear mostly historical wafuku, so big shapeless layers of gorgeous fabric lol), but I'd like her to have expressive hands and feet with enough detail to look cute in geta.

I have a hard time telling from photographs because of lighting and blushing: are the hand and feet parts from Angel Philia or other VMF makers different sculpts from the Obitsu default? Has anyone done a comparison and I've just missed it in my search? Are there third-party artists who make optional hands or is it too fiddly for anyone to be bothered with?

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The answer is yes: Yes and No!

One set of Angel Philia hands (open, loosely clasped, and fisted) is a unique mold.

The other set of Angel Philia hands (peace sign, pointing hand, and open "slap" hand) are the same as the Obitsu optional hands; the only difference is that Angel Philia blushes them and Obitsu does not.

Obitsu also sells an optional set of hands (loosely grasping and fisted) -- these are unique as well, and different from the Angel Philia "loosely clasped" and "fisted." For example, on the Obitsu fist, the thumb is curled over the fingers. On the AP fist, the thumb is straight. This makes the Obitsu hands look more like a "punch" fist and the Angel Philia hands more of a "cute" fist.

I'm not aware of third-party hands, but if you collect all the "official" hand versions, you have 9 pairs of hands to choose from!

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