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Hi I'm back because my ADHD finally allowed me to come back to this project.

Years ago -- something like fifteen years ago, I think -- I nabbed a couple doll-sized dressers from the Hoob Loob for a 1/4th size resin doll I had (my very first BJD). They worked really well for him, but now that I'm into 1/3rd scale they are just a bit too small, so its time to get creative. Waste not, want not, after all.

Here's the beginning stages from several months ago. I pried the bottom detailing and legs off the tall dresser so I can attach it to the top of the short one.

Like this. The clock I got secondhand, and it's place will eventually be on the top of the cabinet.

I sanded everything in preparation for painting, and removed the hardware. One handle broke so I decided to forego the big drawers in the final result. I'll use them for something else.

Here it is painted. I put down a first coat of solid black with acrylic paint and let that dry 24 hours, then went in with slightly watered down Sienna brown, doing one thin coat with a large bristle brush to get a wood texture. If the paint was ever too thick I just brushed over it again with the brush a bit dryer/less paint, until it looked good.

The inside of the top shelves I've left solid black, but I didn't bother with the bottom ones, as they'll have drawers in them. I've so far gone over it once with satin varnish with an even rougher brush to get more wood texture. The key is long strokes from one side to the other in the direction you want the "wood grain".

It turns out pretty good.

And that's where I am so far. I've got a paper liner for the drawers, and I'm going to reuse the same drawer pulls, but the Etsy shop I was going to buy the new legs from (brass small box legs) went on vacation the day I was going to buy them and while they are from a place that is notorious for pumping out crappy mass-produced products, I have been unable to locate another vendor so I have a feeling this place is legit. Le sigh.

More soon.

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Oh wow, I love how that woodgrain finish turned out! This really inspires me to make some more furniture, I never thought of combining smaller pieces to make a larger piece!

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This is really a great idea!!!!

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