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Vinyl Conditioner (saves our shoes?)

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I just made a big ol' effortpost about this over on DoA, but I wanted to mention it here, too: the kind of vinyl conditioner that's meant to preserve boat and car seats (I used 3D LVP Conditioner) seems to also work really well on pleather and leather shoes. I slathered it all over several pairs, including one ten-year-old pair of shoes that I knew were brittle and about to crack, and they're all noticeably softer and more pliable. No dye came off or anything.

I don't have any clothes with pleather trim, though, so I haven't tried it there - seems like it might discolor the cloth and would also be a pain to put on - and if something is already cracking, then the plastic is coming off the backing mesh and conditioner can't save it.

I also smeared a dollop of the stuff on a Dollfie Dream shin, which was completely unnecessary but also did no damage at all. 😁 I wouldn't put it on the face, though, or on any body parts I intended to have blushed.

Here's the DoA effortpost, if you're interested. I only did this a couple of weeks ago, so I don't have any long-term results, but the short-term results were promising!

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