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Question for people who have used points on the Volks Int store

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...did they actually work? 
In the clickwar today I decided to use the points I’ve had since I bought a doll last year - which was just over 1000 yen’s worth. During checkout, I selected the option to use my points and typed in the points I wanted to use (all of them). 
When I got my email invoice, the points are not mentioned at all, and the total given is the total price of all the items plus the shipping, with no 1000 yen discount from my points. Checking the charge on my online banking account, it’s the same as what the invoice says. It’s like the points were never used.

...except they were, because when I check my page, my points are at 0. Given that they aren’t mentioned on either the order history or the email invoice, my points being at 0 is the only evidence that I even used my points.

This is my first time using points (on the online store anyway) so for people who have used points before...is this normal? The charge on my bank statement is pending, so I was wondering if it would disappear and then be replaced with another charge that’s minus the 1000 yen in points. But the fact that they aren’t on the invoice at all makes me uneasy. I really hope they haven’t messed up in implementing the point system.

I imagine a lot of people who have used points may not have actually checked if their points were changing the total at all, so please let me know your experiences. I don’t want to email about them about this if all I have to do is wait a bit for the charge to change, but it still annoys me that there’s no record of point useage on the invoice.

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I have successfully used points on the Volks web store a few times already and it worked well for me. But the last time was September 2020, so no idea if anything major has changed about their system since then. - I'm also registered as a Volks VS Member, not as a global member.

The point discount was always listed as

"ポイント値引き / Point discount:"

between shipping fees and taxes in the email invoice.

The value stated there doesn't have a minus in front but it still gets deducted from the final total of the invoice. If the total on your invoice isn't already reduced by the points, then likely something is off.


When you decide to use points, there's a selector next to the blank field where you type in the amount of points to use. - The options are something like:

  • Don't use points
  • Use all points
  • Use this amount of points <blank field>

Anything you enter into the field gets ignored if you don't change the selector as well. That could explain why it' didn't work, but not why your points are now missing...

As you said, it was during a clickwar. So I wonder if their database glitched out (deducting your points but not adding them to the invoice)?


You could check the invoice again. By chance, could another entry like shipping or taxes be exactly the same amount as your points discount, so they cancel out? By just adding up the cost of the ordered items, it could be easily overlooked this way. (I actually had this once - not with Volks though.)

Otherwise, contacting Volks and asking if they could check your point transaction history is probably best.

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