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Anyone Else Have the Rin Daughter of Evil Outfit?

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Our Rin Kagamine Daughter of Evil outfit arrived today, so here is Kizuna cosplaying as Rin.

Sorry the photos aren't the best - it was dark and raining and I'm not sure I'd ever take this outfit outside as it's a little on the delicate side. I really need to take her to a French chateau to take some fabulous photos of this dress.

Anyway, I just wondered if anyone else had the outfit. I thought it was a brand new release but I realised it was from 2017 (I think) and Volks must have found some in a store room and put them on their site (it's sold out again).

Also I had MAJOR issues fitting the wig. I don't know if Dollfie heads have got larger, or my technique was all wrong. But the Miku wig just slips on really easily, whereas this wig was so tight I couldn't even put it over a wig cap.


Aside from the wig woes, the rest of the outfit went on fairly easily. I'm not sure if I put the orange bow and ribbon back on properly. The instructions are all in Japanese and the packaging only has a head and shoulder photo of her. When the light's better I'll also see if I can do a better job of fitting her trademark hair grips.


It does also come with what I presume to be arm warmers, although again there are no photos of Rin wearing them. I should also mention it comes with shoes too, so it's quite good value given how gigantic amount of material it all includes.

I did also get the Servant of Evil set, if only because if I didn't have it and it sold out I'd never forgive myself. If we ever get a boy we'll put him in it.

Incidentally I put Kizuna in a semi-white bodysuit and I really love the colour compared to the flesh ones. I might have to acquire a semi-white doll too.

spacer.png    Towa (born 10.10.2020), Uzuki (born 06.06.2022), Kizuna AI (born 08.08.2022)

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