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Old Gretel head on dd or smart doll?

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Has anyone hybridized the older gretels to be on a different body? I’m pretty sure folks have. I have to look at her neck post and see how thick it is. Not sure if I want to opt for a different obitsu body, keep her current or try it out on DD or Smartdoll body. Pic of the gretel in question. 


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Yes, I have a Gretel on a DD2 body (see icon), this used to be a  somewhat common hybrid and is in my opinion still the best affordable way to get a realistic-style vinyl girl. the OG Gretel is a great sculpt (by Rainman of Elfdoll, i think the only time Parabox commissioned something from him) and the most beautiful of the realistic style dolls that Parabox has produced. I feel the thicker DD neck suits her realism a lot better than the skinny Obitsu ones, too.

The specifics of the attachment have varied throughout the years (I have had this doll for a *long* time), and she's dissassembled at the moment, but generally I would just stick the DD post through her neckhole and then put on a washer, donut, et cetera or some other 'object with hole on it' on top of the post, and then rubber bands on top of that, and that would be fine. I've seen other people make a stopper for this out of bottle caps and corks and other creative homemade measures. Actually I think at one point I just had rubber bans on the post itself lol to make it thick enough to just push the head onto and secure it with size/friction like a 'normal' DD one, and that was still enough (not the most secure ever, would not recommend that permanently lol). It was a really easy hybrid. The skin tone that gretel is in matches great with DD normal, setting aside slight variations due to age and sun etc. I'm not sure about SmD but would imagine milk might be a close match and the same general tactic could secure the head.

If you would like some more photos of this combo as it looks on the current (about to be 'old') standard size of DD neck google 'koalajoe Gretel', she was a prolific customizer of this sculpt who often displayed it on a DD bust with different wigs so you can see how it looks and decide if you like the proportion or perhaps want to wait for the thinner neck on the new body. 

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