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DD3 body comparisons and Yukino V1 vs V2

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54 minutes ago, biff said:

Do we know if there's been any modifications of the frame for any of the DD3 releases? I heard some mention that some of the later dolls were less prone to breaking, though of course with the F3 being out now, I wonder if this matters as much anymore since most new dolls will be that frame instead. 

Yes there are at least three versions of DD3; the upper internal frame has had three versions; only the third one doesn't crack. There are two versions of the thigh frame. I am not aware of other changes but there may be some.

I think I've read that Asuna v1 was the first doll with the 3rd version of the frame. Not certain on that, but I do know Miki Hoshii has the 2nd version.

Coolcat's page for their reinforcement parts shows both versions of the thighs and the first two versions of the upper internal frame. They don't show the 3rd version because while their v2 parts do fit on it, it's not reccomended to use them. Version 3 of the upper frame has thinner shoulder sockets with wide flanges on the ends; it's the version you'll see on the Volks websites now.

All new dolls will indeed be the new frame, and have been for a little while now. So far I haven't seen any reports of the new frame cracking, just some reports that people have needed to take it apart and adjust the screws from the beginning.

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6 hours ago, Miko-Chan said:

I really need a Yukino.

Thanks for this!

You're welcome!  Yukino is so pretty and fun, she's an excellent girl to have for sure.  <3 




I gave up counting the girls I own, they keep multiplying and won't stop.

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Luckily VolksUSA still sells parts like hers!

I can make a Custom Yukino!

(Probably along with my to-be DDH-03 Ami Mizuno) I like her and Aoi (also need her) cuz they're so basic!

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