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Welcome to Badger Pocket



[ Preface ]

Within these pages is an attempt to tell the stories of our family, as meandering and non-linear as they have been. This is not an easy task as the timelines of all the kids have gotten muddled one way or another along the way. Some of it is because of certain meddlers, magic users, magical accidents, and kiddos who found a way to go adventuring in my fantasy world that have all put their spin on how things work. Sometimes the flow of everyone’s busy lives just blur the timelines and I simply have a hard time remembering it all. I’m sure there will be incongruent errors pop up from time to time, especially for Ralph because he seems to enjoy bending time. I will do my best to still make sense of things as best as I can. Some things even we are still trying to uncover and sort out.

What is Badger Pocket? Technically Badger Pocket is a road in Kittitas County, the same county I grew up in. Every once in a while in grade school someone would be from Badger Pocket or would know someone there. In my small hometown, Badger Pocket was about as rural and out in the sticks as someone could get and still be in the same county.

So what does it have to do with our Kiddos? I always loved the name and always dreamed of living out in the middle of the countryside. Out in the wide open spaces of pastures and hay fields, where the wide open blue skies seemed endless. Where it seemed like someone would have to run for a hundred years to reach the dark blue Cascade mountain range faintly capping off the edge of the world in the distance and Mount Rainier can easily be seen on clear days. Country will always be in my blood. For a long time I struggled to figure out how to have a modern setting to write the Kiddo’s stories in. A couple years back I started working on writing their story from the beginning, set in our actual house.

I doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if the DD were their realistic size… that our puny house was not going to fit even our original four without everyone going insane. Our current count is teetering on 30… and with residents who cross time and dimensions… I had to think of a new solution. Plus I’m just really bad at writing non-fantasy based stories. I don’t know why, I just know I find it unbelievably hard and not really fun at all. The clear solution seemed to be an interdimensional pocket dimension. Realistically it starts out as a house plopped on some land out in the boonies, the home I wished I could always have.
It really was the only way to make sense of our family stories. Sometimes I think of it as a ‘seed world’ because it keeps expanding to add the things that are needed (a school, workplaces, stores, neighbors, etc.) It is intended to be a more modern setting, but it is surely not without it’s hidden magic. I couldn’t think of a better name for this rural home away from home than Badger Pocket.

[ The Family Tree ]

I will attempt to explain this as best as I can. Over the years our family connections have become convoluted at best. I have laid this out in a manner that I hope will be clear and as up to date as things stand at the moment. I avoided adding some things that I personally know are in later stories but did not see as relevant at the moment.

- Blood Relations -
Names are listed from oldest to youngest, even the twins.

Day: Ralph (16), Rainie (13), Ringo (13) [siblings]

Hunter: Ellie (17) & Eddie (13) [siblings]

Patches: Daisy (19) [cousin of Ellie & Eddie]

Dahl: Bea (24 (sure...)) & Skipper (13) [mother & daughter]

Phoenix: Dakota (20) [Sister of Bea, Aunt of Skipper]

Liley: Yuriko (18) & Poppy (12) [siblings]

Kagilia-GrakXaharl: Madison (19), Sohi (16), Gizella (13), Bree (??) [siblings]

CutieGoth: Lorelai (15) & Isabella (13 3/4) [siblings]

Mellore twins: Azalia (15) & Alister (15) [siblings]

Marceau: René* (20 something) & Tristan** (18)

Two others that are cannon in my head now but have not been completed in DD for are as follows:

Watanabe: Naiomi (17) & Minoru (12)

Jeffcote: Kimberly (?) & Nicholas (13)

*René has not even been attempted in DD form yet but he is a solid character I have already written quite a bit about. In short, he’s Tristan’s flamboyant older brother. 

**There are a few names that have gotten tweaked over time, mostly the Vocaloids because when they turned up in my fantasy world I didn’t want to use their original names in case I decided to officially publish those stories at some point. So Kiyoteru was changed to Tristan quite a long while back in some writing I did 2-3 years ago. It has taken longer to percolate into his DD form because his original Japanese name just no longer fits the character even if that’s who he was supposed to be. The only other Vocaloid name change that I know of is Miku becomes Mika in my fantasy world but I don’t think I’ve even written anything with her yet. This does not change her DD name however.

- Adopted -

This, as straightforward as it may seem, is where things start to get a bit messy.

Tamayuki, Yuriko, Poppy, Naiomi, Rainie, Ringo, Ralph, Sohi, Gizella, Bree, Ellie & Eddie.
These are the ‘officially’ adopted kids/adopted siblings (as part of their backstory) but the only one I’m confused over is Gizella. Technically she was never actually adopted, but kinda adopted herself in. Sort of. She doesn’t see the others as her siblings (except her actual blood siblings) but still sees me as her ‘new mommy because you are a lot nicer than my other one.” She still has both of her original parents (goblin mother, human father) but they are still back in her original world. Madison however is not adopted. At all. More about the Kagilia-GrakXaharl family dynamics will pop up in stories later. It’s not a simple puzzle.

Everyone else in our household are classified as significant others, friends of the family, or neighbors & classmates.

- Origins -

This is one of those areas where I start to get a bit confused because they originated from all over the place. Some of the Kiddos hopping back and forth between my fantasy world (Lennador) and Badger Pocket does not make it any less confusing.

Lennador: Tamayuki, Dolly, Hana, Madison, Sohi, Gizella, Bree, Miss Lottie, René, Lillian, Ollie, Tristan, Nicholas, & Kimberly

Badger Pocket: Yuriko, Naiomi, Rainie, Ringo, Ralph, Poppy, Eddie, Ellie, Lucas, Dakota, Lorelai, Isabella, Dirk, & Willow

Planet Crypton Future Media 😉: Miku, Len & Luka

Shady Grove (later morphed into Lennador): Alister & Azalea

Sci-Fi Lennador: Evan & Omar

Other: Daisy, Andy, Darla, Bea, Skipper, Kyoya, Hatoko, Minoru, Jessie & James

- Relationships -

Tama (12) & Lucas (15) [boyfriends]

Yuriko & Dakota [girlfriends]

Naiomi & Tristan [girlfriend/boyfriend]

Naiomi & Darla [urgh… all I know to call it is ‘friends with complications’ who are not romantically involved. This will have to be explained in a story.]

René & Lillian [creator/creation]

Ringo & Miku [girlfriends]

Ralph & Ellie [girlfriend/boyfriend, and yes this is kinda weird since they are technically adopted siblings. I take the anime/manga stance that it’s fine since they are not blood relatives, even if it still makes it a bit weird.]

Daisy & Andy (19-22?) [betrothed & share a last name because of it.]

Other (more simple) explanations like best friends, etc. will be explained in their Doll Directory bios because it’s simple to do there and this post is already long enough as it is.

- Anomalies -

I really didn’t want to have a section like this, but it is unavoidable because of the (at least) three different dimensions that are all tangled up together in Badger Pocket.

Ollie Wibberly (18): The original ‘blonde shorty’, as I have been writing him in my fantasy world for 8+ years now, so far exclusively in yaoi stories. I think of my fantasy world, Lennador, as ‘the past.’

Tamayuki Otake: He was entirely based on a much younger, innocent version of Ollie, but is not directly supposed to be Ollie. Tama ls a variation of him but also distinctly himself. Tama is a snow pixie while Ollie is purely a non-magical human. I often think of Tama as ‘present Ollie.’

Evan Song (20 something?): *sigh* I never intended for this to get so complicated. I simply started writing a story one day, seeing if I could write something more sci-fi rather than fantasy. They aren’t all that different, right? Just replace magic with tech and it should be easy… Let me tell you it is FAR from easy. There was this tall dorky character who could not get along with ‘ancient’ computers despite being a researcher. I don’t remember how I realized he was ‘future Ollie’ but it was certainly years after I wrote it. It really wouldn’t be worth mention except at some point he obtained an old pocket watch that is not what it seems. Even though he comes from future Lennador eons and eons, and eons into the future, there are still some things from the original Lennador that persist. That troublesome pocket watch is is one. Without even knowing what he’s doing he uses it to travel through time & space. Only to end up on our doorstep. Excuse me for a moment while I bash my head into the keyboard.

You could think of these three as either reincarnations of each other or parallel universe versions of each other and it is pretty accurate. But this muddled soup does not end here.

In the original Lennador story, Ollie’s close group of friends/housemates are Tomas, Corbin, Jesse & Forrest. I wouldn’t really mention them either but they seem to have this similar reincarnation/parallel universe issue too, even within their own world. They are variations on a story that keeps being retold. It wasn’t intended to be. But magic in Lennador makes its own rules. And I’m just dragged along trying to dobleepent it all.

So Ollie, Tomas & Corbin are never separated. If one pops up in a story, the other two will be following not too far behind. I’m a little bothered by the fact that Jesse and Forrest I have only ever seen in (past/fantasy) Lennador. I can’t sort out where or if they are in the other versions. If they do exist, I have not identified them yet. For some of my most beloved characters that worries me. Especially since Corbin is involved (I’ll get to that, sort of, in a minute.)

Tomas at least is pretty straight forward. Lucas (present Tomas) is pretty similar even if he is a few years younger. One is just the slightly updated version of the same personality, even if their pasts are quite different. I don’t know much about future Tomas except for his looks and that his name is Karr D’nall. Yes, he has red hair. I blame Corbin for the name. 100%.

And Corbin… ugh… If you think all of the above stuff was confusing, it is utterly simple compared to Corbin. I will tell you he is FULL of secrets and hardly any of them I can talk about. I would gladly spill all the beans except he has his fingers in pies all over (past/fantasy) Lennador and I can’t talk about them without utterly spoiling things throughout my fantasy world. I will say that he goes out of his way to protect what’s important to him. Ollie, Tomas & Bree are more important to him than anything else. He also likes to keep himself busy with whatever interests him at the time. Because of that he can be a troublemaker and problematic. Often because I haven’t reached a point where I can start explaining what he is really doing. I was happy when I had him contained within my fantasy world. But he found his way through into Badger Pocket. He thought he could get away with sneaking in as a chibi size so I wouldn’t notice, but it is the same mind behind his big Pure Neemo eyes. So far ‘Corey’ has behaved himself and just kept his eyes on his friends (Tama, Lucas, Bree & Evan) but I fear the day that he starts getting bored. Chaos would be a mild way to put it. I just keep my fingers crossed that he will behave himself. He is not as innocent as he seems. Not at all. He keeps himself hidden under masks and secrets, but his future self, Jak Daw, is closer to his true self than I have written about so far in Lennador. And yes, these future names are ridiculous and easy to figure out. They are relevant but I’m not going to explain it. Corbin is one massive puzzle. The only thing that doesn’t seem to change is his difficult speech pattern.

If there is something about our family connections that you are still wondering about that is not covered here, just ask me. It is likely I simply forgot to add it.

Lastly, if there is mention of an old man… be suspicious. He’s a meddler. One big, fat, gigantic, meddler.


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Lol. So many complications. Really look forward to seeing some of the actual stories popping up here. So far I t looks like you’ve done a great job of explaining the insanity that is our household. 

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