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Found 2 results

  1. I couldn’t find a thread dedicated to the discussion of Obitsu-Parabox-Dolly Pop (DP) dolls, so I decided to create one myself. I put all of these brands together in this in thread due to the similarities of their body shapes. To clarify, if the doll/head/part is outsourced, sold or manufactured by: 1. Parabox (Obitsu official retailer/wholesaler) -This link will send you to its mobile website. -Parabox has their own line of character heads, bodies, clothing and wigs. -40cm-47cm bodies and male dolls are exclusive to Parabox. All 1/3 bodies are priced at 20,000 yen (without tax). Only the 48cm and 50cm size dolls sold on ParaboxShop are original Obitsu. Included with the 48/50 original Obitsu dolls are: a 48/50cm body, a blank Mizuki/50-01 or Misuzu/50-02 and a metal base. The Mizuki/50-01 head is included with the 50cm body. The Mizusu/50-02 head is included with the 48cm body. Both heads are pre-installed on 50cm neck joints. - Parabox sells 1/3 and 1/6 Custom Basic Sets. Regardless of scale, Parabox Custom Basic Sets include an in-stock wig, eyes of your choice, painted head and a doll body. 1/3 Custom Basic Sets are sold for 30,000 yen. Only Parabox 40cm to 47cm bodies are eligible for Custom Basic Sets. 1/6 Custom Basic Sets are priced from 3,800 yen to 6,800 yen dependent on body size and head design method (mask or hand-painted). 2. Obitsu/オビツ (the original company) -This link will send you to its mobile website in English. You will need a proxy to order from here. -ParaboxShop sells the Obitsu 48 and 50 dolls. 3. DollyPop! (sells Obitsu 48 to 60 bodies with incorporated 3-piece sets and original head sculpts; sells specially sized dolls from 49cm to 58cm using Obitsu 48cm and 60cm as bases) -This link will send you to its website (in Japanese only). I can’t tell if this is the mobile or desktop website. 4. Azone/アゾン -Here is a thread for Azone 50 dolls. This thread has been here longer than this one. -Azone currently sells clothing for 50cm and 48cm dolls. AZO2 sweater dresses can fit curvier doll bodies and busts like AP’s H3 and H5. -AZO2 skin parts are curvy and use the Obitsu 50cm standard shin. Newer Azone 50cm dolls use all standard Obitsu 50cm body parts except for heads. 5. Visuadoll/Vdoll/Wow Factory -Visuadoll has a line of characters: Moegi Blanc, Sola Blanc, Takeshi [last name unknown] and Moegi Obana. This list is incomplete. Visuadoll heads cannot be purchased blank or individually. Newer Visuadolls range from 48cm to 50cm. Older Visuadolls range from 55cm to 65cm. Mandarake is an official seller of Visuadoll. Angel Philia/Arcadia/Yamato-VMF50 brands are not included on this list and have their own thread here. Warning! This thread is NSFW (not safe for work) and may have content that is not appropriate for all viewers. Proceed at your own risk! Disclaimer: The list above is not a mandatory set of rules to follow, but a guide to what this thread is here for: discussing them and their quirks!
  2. Nyx Whitestar


    Model: Visuadoll Aoki Sora Make-up: Koala Krash

    © Nyx Whitestar

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