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Help on modding tool

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Hello there, 


I would like to ask fellow dollfie dream head modder, what rotary tool you use and under what speed? 


Besides that what other tool needed to make the process smoother? 


Im considering to mod some MDD heads and i need some head ups on what to get and how to start. 


Thank you for your helpful tips. 💝

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I don't feel confident enough with fine work using a rotary tool to try it yet, so all my mods are done by hand...

The tool with the big black handle (I think it's a routing tool? made by x-acto) is good for peeling off big pieces like lips and nose. Needle files are good for adjusting inside of the eye shapes and smoothing first pass. Then it's lots and lots of sanding with various grade sandpapers.


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After taking off bigger pieces using an Exacto knife I will use rotary tools.  I will only use a Dremel when I am working on an area with a lot of material to remove, like a mouth mod, because the high speed s can cause gouging that then needs to be sanded out.  For closer to finishing work or in an eye shape change, I use a rotary nail file, because the speed and power is much lower than my Dremel.  Then finishing work is still done by hand with increasing grade sandpaper, and also with needle files as well.  I will often use a foam multi surface nail file, to save my fingers, but be careful because sometimes the colored papers can make colored marks that have to be cleaned or buffed off.  Sorry, I don't have a pic of my tools.

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