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Found 13 results

  1. PlasticJester

    Diamond File vs Sandpaper?

    Hi there! I've been really into watching Dollfie faceup videos recently, particularly the work of Hemi's Doll Room, and I thought I might as well ask this here. In a lot of Japanese faceup videos, I see artists using these diamond files to make subtractive mods to Dollfie heads. I've never heard of these before, so I was wondering if there are pros and cons to using them vs regular sandpaper, or if it's just one step in the process? IE using the diamond file for large mods, and then switching to sandpaper to smooth them out. I'm not quite at the point where I would feel brave enough to attempt an eye or mouth mod, but it's fascinating to me!
  2. fallabeau_faebelle

    3D Printing Advice

    Hello! I have a Dollfie Dream boy and my goal is to turn him into a Vtuber I like Ren Zotto. The Vtuber has some fun accessories like rings and horns and a tail that I wanted to add. I have these elvish ears for him that stay in place with magnets, so I was thinking I could keep the horns in place in a similar way either in the head or under the wig. When I ordered him through a fantastic proxy, she suggested a friend of hers who does custom nails could do the jewelry, but when she assessed the visual aids she said I'd need to actually 3D print those myself and do a custom job. So... I have no idea how to 3D print ✨ I'm trying to learn but it's a loooot of info! Any advice on how to do... any of it??? I know I can get 3D printing done either locally in my area or through places like Etsy, but don't know how to use any programs in order to make what I want get printed. Any ideas or advice on how to learn how to digitally sculpt stuff for this job?
  3. evie_magica

    Building a dollfie >_<

    aah! so, i am starting to slowly build another dollfie so my Aria isn't an only child . I'm (hopefully) getting a cute custom head from eBay and some clothes + wig there as well <33 I've decided to name her Sana as her face and colors remind me of a calm quiet person :3 Sana is gonna be a MDD 1/4, which I've been wanting for about 2 years, so I'm very excited to put her all together!! Would love to see any custom Dollfie Dreams you guys have!! ^_^
  4. CreationOdyssey

    Wanna start a lace wig

    Hey!! So for idk like 5 years I’ve been gathering all the stuff to make lace wigs, and I’m determined to do it starting now. The thing that stops me is I’m not sure where or how to start. I have a tutorial from someone in the bjd community but they use glue on the wig cap so I’m not sure how it will fit the doll or stay on the doll. I’ve seen someone in the bjd community that sews lace wigs without the glue on the wig cap but I’m like terrified to ask for their guidance (strangers are scary… 😅) Anyway hoping someone here might have some insight or knowledge they want to share. I know the technique, but idk how to make the wig cap.
  5. I'm looking into making a few custom PureNeemo dolls of some of my OCs. The problem is, while bodies are plentiful, (what a weird sentence out of context...), I cannot find listings for blank heads made in the PureNeemo scale. Does anyone know of any different brands that might have noggins that'd be a good fit? I'm going to use PN2 Feel M Girl in White.
  6. Hi! I am going to be buying a new DD soon and with the customisation I was considering modifying the DDH-07 face to have slightly smaller eyes, I have seen hemi's doll room on youtube use a method where she uses cut vinyl from the back of the doll head and uses a soldering iron to melt the vinyl and modify the eye holes smaller, she does this in this video here. Now I am aware melting vinyl can produce fumes (i have an adequate respirator) but I wanted to know your thoughts on this method because I like the results and the fact that I wouldn't have to repaint the head like you would with epoxy clay. I have also seen a face-up artist on instagram use a UV resin from BOOTH japan that is colour matched to the dollfie heads, this would be my second option if I buyee does indeed ship UV resin to where I live. Has anyone here used or seen these methods and have any thoughts on them :D Thank you
  7. Hi i wanna make a magnetic tongue to my dollfie head, but i don’t know where to find tutorials on how to make it?
  8. Hello everyone! I just traded a head for a blank Uzuki Shimamura head, and the wonderful person I am trading with offered to give her a face-up. Problem is I am having trouble deciding what character I want to go with for her. I was wondering what you all would reccomend for her sculpt. Some ideas I had were a Miku based doll, a modernized Ren from DearS, Hakufu from Ikki Tosen (courtesy of @Tierparkzone), a magical girl of some kind, a fate character in the design of wada arco's art (I've been on a huge fate kick), or someone with a teal color scheme. I really would just love to see some options and what you guys would do with this lovely sculpt, to try and develop a plan with my trade partner. Any ideas are welcomed and appreciated. I just would love some cute design recommendations, character recommendations, or ideas just to get my brain flowing. Below is a picture of her head, with makeup so you guys can see what she looks like. Cheers and have a lovely week!
  9. mothermarymartyr

    Blushing soft vinyl?

    Hi! New to this forum but a long time doll collecter. I'm used to doing face ups and body blushing on resin dolls and hard vinyl but have never worked on soft vinyl. I recently got an angel philia doll, which I'm SUPER excited about, but I'm not sure about blushing the body. She is the soft skin type, and I'm hoping someone can answer a few questions for me. Would airbrushing work better than the soft pastel method? And for sealant (I usually use MSC), would I need to worry about it breaking up or cracking when the soft vinyl is pressed on while posing or changing clothes? I've wanted this doll for years and I've gone through hoops to get the right option pieces for her, so any input on how ~not~ to mess this up is greatly appreciated! ⁽⁠⁽⁠ଘ⁠(⁠ ⁠ˊ⁠ᵕ⁠ˋ⁠ ⁠)⁠ଓ⁠⁾⁠⁾
  10. Hello, I recently recieved a ddh-16 head and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for 55cm to 60cm boy resin bodies that would work with this head? DD boy bodies are hard to find and I don't know if I want to spend the money to get a dream choice just for the body. Any help appreciated! Thanks!
  11. Animaster888

    seeking custom wig maker

    so, I'm trying to find a good wig maker for my customization project. so far, I have found one person on etsy who would charge 60$+shipping for a short brown, feathered bob wig with a white shock of hair in the bangs. I'm personally not sure how fair that price is but I would like to see my options. If you know someone who makes smartdoll wigs, please let me know. thank you!
  12. Hello there, I would like to ask fellow dollfie dream head modder, what rotary tool you use and under what speed? Besides that what other tool needed to make the process smoother? Im considering to mod some MDD heads and i need some head ups on what to get and how to start. Thank you for your helpful tips. 💝
  13. I am currently: CLOSED All commission slots are closed after this Sunday 30th at 5PM AEST. Re-opening date for more commissions is still undecided. It will be announced on my instagram (x3ash) when slots are open again. This date is still to be decided, i'm sorry for any inconvenience. http://www.lovelydollie.com Welcome! My name is Ashley, and I'm here to offer you faceups for your DD, SmartDoll, etc, as well as pre-painted DD heads and accessories. I love painting all sorts of faceups and I am always open to experimenting. I look forward to bringing your character to life ^__~ You can follow my progress on Instagram: http://instagram.com/x3ash Or see my website and store: http://www.lovelydollie.com Materials Various brushes | Acrylic paint | Thinner | Mr. Super clear flat & Mr. Super clear flat UV | Volks & Gallery pastels | Derwent watercolour pencils Tamiya gloss (optional) | Pearl shimmer powder (optional) Prices Artists Choice Faceup: $78 usd / $110 aud Regular Faceup Commission: $92 usd / $130 aud Remove previous faceup: $11 usd / 15 aud Eyelash application: Free if you supply your own, message me for my in stock lashes and prices Modding: (currently subtractive only, e.g. flattening mouth on DDH01, smaller nose, larger eyes, etc) To be quoted on a case by case basis, please message me ^__^ Shipping Shipping both ways is covered by you. I have shipping quotes available in the shopping cart section of my website store, simply add the item(s) to your cart and it will let you know the shipping methods available and cost. Form I am currently accepting regular commission slots as well as artists choice commissions! Please let me know which slot type you are interested in and I will send you the corrosponding form via message or e-mail (whichever is your preference). If you are unsure which slot type you'd like please check my website listings (link is at the top of this post) where I explain each slot type! Or feel free to message me if you have any questions. PLEASE when you send your doll package it safely. I will ship it back the same way I receive it. Please note that since everything is hand painted by me it might have small imperfections as I am only human (such as not 100% symmetrical or small dust). I will try my best and only send out work I myself would be happy receiving, so please rest assured there will be no major flaws and it will be work of my highest quality ^__^ Examples I have heaps of other examples! Just let me know if you want/need to see. DDS Mariko DD Sheryl Nome Parabox Smart Doll DDH-01 DDH-07 DD Snow Miku DDH-06 DDH-01 mod DDH-09 DDH-06 w/ear piercing Thank you for visiting!
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