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Hi guys, first post since the move to the new domain, and I threw in a name change for good measure. I'm glad to see the change in domain brought with it a more open acceptance of other doll brands, instead of Obitsu sort of being tacked on to the side of a Dollfie Dream site. Happy to have a home to share my family with, as spaces for Obitsu are few and far between.

I have 5 as of writing, today I will share the first two: Makoto and his twin sister Mei. I've shared everyone before in an old thread from the old forum, but I feel it's time for a refresher.


Mei is an Azone Misaki Mei on a Parabox 40F body. She's not the Mei from Another any more, but I did grow attached to her name so I decided to keep it. The dress she's wearing is from a seller on Etsy called PetiteBonita, who manufactures high-quality doll clothing and is one of my favourite shops. It's sized for an MDD, but as you can see fits very well.

Makoto is her fraternal twin, and the youngest of the family, albeit by a few minutes only. He was supposed to be a boy, but, well, you be the judge... Unfortunately as the youngest of five and the only boy he draws the short straw on clothing - in reality, it's quite hard to find things that fit what is essentially an MDD body that isn't cute and girly. He gets his older sisters' school uniform, which is obviously too big, while dad hunts around for stuff to put him in that actually fits well (I'm quite picky).



So that's all for now. I'll update you on the others later, but if you can remember these dolls from the old forum, know not much has changed. Aside from a couple wig changes (and an embarrassingly poor hair cut...), I'm quite happy with how my family has turned out, so I'm not in any great rush to go changing things up.

And a postface - I don't have a camera nor do I have anywhere safe to take my little ones out (yay for suburban slums), so you all get a nice dose of the back of their dressing table until my house is finished being built. :)


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Kagura (Obitsu 50) | Nadeshiko (Parabox 47) | Ohime (Azone 48) | Mei & Makoto (Parabox 40 F/M)

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On 7/15/2019 at 11:53 PM, Cauldroness said:

Oh, I'm so glad to see someone with Mei! I always thought she was a major cutie.

Thanks! She's definitely a cutie, if you look past the whole resting bitch-face thing she's got going. I have never come across someone else with a Mei and I definitely have never seen one modified in any way, seems most people who do own one just leave them alone. Kind of sad since in my mind it's one of the best very early Azone heads made, and also a unique mold, afaik.


On 7/16/2019 at 6:15 AM, Singer Yuna said:

Lovely girls!! Your Mei Misaki is so different, very original look ^^

And Makoto hime is super lovely too, what a beautiful and misterious pair.

Thanks to you too :) They are the babies of the family and as twins are quite closely bonded together, so they're never very far apart.

I apologise for the delay in responding to you guys, I wanted to wait until I had something more to share.

Here we have the two middle sisters, Nadeshiko (left) and Ohime (right). Both are Parabox Hime-Ane heads, and both were adopted from Facebook sales pages, so I really have no idea of their provenance, sadly. Nadeshiko is a Parabox 47cm body and Ohime is an Azone 48cm body.





So Nadeshiko's name was chosen for a reason, as when I bought her I already had a certain personality to give her. She's what I like to call a double unicorn - the ultra-rare "girly tomboy". She looks prim and proper; sports long black hair and the figure of the idealised young Japanese woman. But that illusion only lasts so long as you can keep her still and quiet! She's actually a rather noisy and boisterous tomboy, traits belied by her outward appearance. Her propensity for getting into trouble is, fortunately, managed and checked by her younger sister, Ohime. Yes, you heard correctly. Dumb noisy tomboy is the older of the two! As the older sibling she should be the best role-model she can be, but all she's done is turned little sister into a partner-in-crime. Nadershiko's tendency to get herself into mischief and Ohime's chaotic-neutral stance on the matter combine to make the pair difficult to handle when they're working together!

Ohime, on her own, is a very laid-back and relaxed young woman. Lives life at her own pace. She's reasonably intelligent, but sees little need to put on airs, and without conversation at length, may come across as empty-headed. She can find enjoyment and entertainment in the small things, and often loses track of herself if she's not pressed for time. One of her preferred diversions, however, is playing along with her more energetic sister's antics. Catching a dumb, noisy troublemaker isn't normally difficult, but if she has someone with two brain cells to rub together pulling strings from the shadows, it can quickly become an impossible task...

Only one more to go now! Kagura, the matriarch of my little family, will be the next and final introduction. She's the poor woman who's responsible for this lot of unruly miscreants! 😛

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Kagura (Obitsu 50) | Nadeshiko (Parabox 47) | Ohime (Azone 48) | Mei & Makoto (Parabox 40 F/M)

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