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Cheap clothing that will look good on your mini dollfie dream!

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Thanks for the heads up about these clothes! I got a few sets and they look great mixed and matched on my Ami.


I was a bit worried about how the overalls would fit over her hips and legs, but it's such a perfect fit you'd think they were made for MDDs! The shoes were a bit of a tight fit with the socks, but they worked out fine as well.

I ended up going to a few Targets in my area looking for Glitter Girls clothes with no luck. I think Target might have stopped selling them. I ended up getting my sets off of Amazon, but I didn't see any of the cool light up shoes there.

Like other posters pointed out, Glitter Girls seem to be a knockoff of American Girl Wellie Wishers. From poking around products online it looks like Glitter Girls share sizing with Wellie Wishers, as well as another doll called Hearts for Hearts. There's a lot of relatively cheap clothes and shoes on Amazon made with those dolls in mind which would probably fit MDDs! I'll definitely be making another order soon.

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I have some good news for the Canadian folks out there, Glitter Girls can also be found online at Indigo! Just check out their kids section, that brand is listed there!(Also, free shipping over 25 dollars ;P)

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I finally took some pics of the shoes I got!  Here's a couple of them boxed:


48959935521_b642411051_z.jpgGlitter girls shoes by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr


48959935511_374ed80289_z.jpgGlitter girls shoes by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr


Out of the box:


48959934646_704f1552cf_z.jpgGlitter girls shoes by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr


On one of the girls:


48960124027_49807f5585_z.jpgGlitter girls shoes by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr


And all lit up!


48959385003_dd0b8567be_z.jpgGlitter girls shoes by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr


48959384818_30d0dc114c_z.jpgGlitter girls shoes by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr


Luna sure likes them.  😉


48959385788_ed53b6b53b_z.jpgGlitter girls shoes by Billy  Bennett, on Flickr


If you can find these shoes then you NEED to get some for your MDD girls!  They will thank you!  :)




I gave up counting the girls I own, they keep multiplying and won't stop.

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Hi! I'm bumping this to show some Glitter Girls outfits I got. I mainly bought them for the shoes, but parts of the outfits work as well.

First, an outfit called Sparkling with Style. This comes with the top, skirt, and clear glitter "jellies" shown. It also includes a pair of green socks, which I did not put on. However, the shoes do still fit with the socks. As you can see, the top fits great. It is fastened by one velcro strip completely down the back, so it's easy to put on. The skirt is short, but would look cute over a pair of leggings.



Next is a partial outfit called Sparkle Splatter. This comes with just the leggings and the high top sneakers shown. The leggings are tight but do fit. They look a bit bulky at top because I didn't take off Lily's underwear. The shoes fit great, and could be worn with a thin pair of socks.


Close up of the shoes:


Finally is a skater's outfit called Roller Skating Fun. The skates have wheels that turn, but I was still able to get her to balance in them. The top is a bit short, but okay, as is the skirt. The outfit also comes with a purple bow for her hair, which I forgot to put on. There are also short white leggings, but they do not fit. They just aren't stretchy enough to go over her thighs and rear end. The hard plastic skates need to be stretched a bit at the tongue but do fit, although tightly. I don't think you could put socks on with them. You have to carefully ease them on and off. 



I hope this is helpful to anyone looking at getting these outfits. I got all three on Amazon, and all were Prime, so no shipping cost if you have a Prime account. The roller skating outfit was $12.95; the other two were $9.95 each.



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