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Hi DollDreaming members @onion9@,

My name is Rajke, nice to meet you all. My interest for BJD's date's back a year of three ago and in late 2018 i ordered my first vinyl doll (Azone's Rem). The result of that was simple: I was impressed by the quality and wanted to ad more which results in Smart Doll Kizuna which i named Kizuna (Why changing a fitting and nice name anyway). When she arrived i had two thoughts: 'Wow, what a high quality' and 'Why didn't i dive in the BJD world sooner'. 

I collect figures (which also explains my avatar) and because of that hobby i discovered the Dollfie Dream line. I was impressed by the photo's i found (and depressed by the price) about those dolls. Besides collecting i like to do some DIY projects which can vary a lot. Personally i think wood is a great material to make things with. Having creativity in my hobby is important to me. I think that BJD's like Smart Doll and Dollfies with changeable eyes and wigs are really inspiring with their possibilities to be creative. 

Currently i am thinking to buy a BJD and customize her with a custom outfit, other eyes and wig. But that is now in the planning and research stage. To keep it short: i want to create a BJD with looks that is close to my favorite character Calne Ca. 

Well guess that is it about me for now. 

Well an introduction wouldn't be complete without introducing my dolls too. Pictures are under the spoiler. 




First up is Rem (Pureneemo made by Azone). She is offtopic as far as i read but i wanted to show her anyway. She is the cute and shy looking one.


But has also her own will.




Kizuna was a little bit shy at the beginning.


And probably has watched to much 'Shingeki no Kyojin' in Tokyo. 

What i like about the Smart Doll concept is how easy she is to pose. Which resulted in some small comics.


The figure collecting thing was something she didn't understand. 


And lucky for me she also hasn't figured out how to use money properly. 

(Making these comics is a really enjoyable thing to do. Don't be surprised if i ad some comics in the future.)


She really has a cute face. And the outfits are really beautiful. 


Thank you for reading and see ya around.



Edited by Rajke
I have the bad habit to edit my posts a few times after the first time i uploaded it. Please bear with it.
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Welcome to the forum!


I started out with Pureneemos as well, before taking the plunge with the bigger dolls. And as far as I know quite a few people have.

Those are very cute pictures and fun comics - looking forward to seeing more.


Enjoy your time here!


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Welcome to the forum!  Your dolls are both so adorable... I think the 1/6 scale Azone dolls make great dolls for the bigger girls!  I also started in this hobby with anime figures (nendoroids actually, then graduated to scaled figures), then 1/6 and 1/12 scale Azone dolls, then finally DDs.  They're all adorable, big or small!  I can't wait to see more pictures of your cuties.

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Thanks @onion34@ 

It is nice to see that there are also people that started with figures. And i agree that even the smaller dolls are really beautiful. The smaller 1/6 scaled pureneemo feeled also as a safe choice to start. The quality was better than i first expected. Making the photo's was a lot of fun and i am planning some new photoshoot with a theme. And honestly i also like to scroll through the doll photo's here on DollDreaming. There are so much cute and beautiful dolls. 

Indeed, i didn't see that but the Kaguya-sama cute face is indeed very fitting. 

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