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Found 90 results

  1. HanaXIII

    Maria- smart doll Mirai.

    Hello everyone! I wanted to show off my baby girl Maria and some of her outfits. She is my first smart doll I have ever owned and I love her so much! My girl in her outfits
  2. Cream Pan Bakery, located in Fountain Valley, California in the OC, is where we’re having our next doll meetup. Hosted by my good friends from the S.California Resin BJD & Vinyl Doll Collectors (https://www.facebook.com/groups/dollcollective/?ref=share&fs=e&s=cl), this bakery is a fun location with lots of sweets and treats, made fresh daily and ready to purchase. And the Japanese owner has been gracious to offer a space for our dolls to gather and hang out for the day (plus they’re fans of our dolls ). We hope that you’ll be able to join us for a fun time to hang out and possibly buy some treats for yourself. Cream Pan Bakery is located at: 15945 Harbor Blvd, Fountain Valley, CA 92708. Spacing is limited, so out of curiosity to others, we ask for a two doll limit. more info can be found on the Facebook event page: https://facebook.com/events/s/fountain-valley-japanese-baker/1481521578957182/ We hope to see you there, k??
  3. Oculae

    Oculae's Hybrid Lab!

    My collection is pretty eclectic, but it's one I'm very proud of! Almost all of my dolls and parts are secondhand, with a couple of very rare exceptions that I'll point out as part of the doll's introduction! And every single one uses parts from other companies. First up is Eiran, my #1 favorite boy! He's a Smartdoll Eiji head in Milk, with a factory faceup that I added to slightly. An extremely lucky secondhand find from a collector on Instagram, who had originally got him directly from the outlet store from what Danny now calls the Chaos section! This head is currently with Synthetic Ephemera for a resin wig commission, so for the time being I'm using an unmodified Suzaku head for him: He was originally on an Obitsu 50 boy body, but another lucky secondhand find let me snag a like-new 55 body from the owner of a closed-down French toy store, which I then added 60cm arms and legs to in order to make a 60 boy. He uses Dollfie Dream, Smartdoll, and Obitsu 65 hands interchangeably depending on what hand pose I want, so depending on which hands he's using, he often reps all 3 major vinyl companies at once! Second is my oldest and most sentimental vinyl, Olive! She is a Gretel47 head (a rare purchase directly from Parabox) with an Azone frankendoll body consisting of the lower half of an AZM3 body, an Azone G bust, and Angel Philia B type arms. The AZM3 abs and the B's buff arms really give her a muscular, outdoorsy look that I love, a vast improvement from the stock Obitsu 50 body I had her on originally. The faceup is my own work, and if she looks a little like Smartdoll's Resilient, that's intentional! I bought her as my first specifically because I really wanted Resilient at the time, but she just financially wasn't doable for me, so I referenced her faceup to make my own! I like Olive a lot more than her inspiration now. ^^ Next is Erato, my demon girl! She's a DDH-01 custom on an Obitsu 50 body! As you can see, she uses DD hands as well. She's a nice low-budget alternative to a DDP, and wears the same size clothing! She's also the first and only resin character I had that I completely reshelled into vinyl when I switched over. Next is Ambrosia, the real owner of that Suzaku head Eiran's borrowing! He's another old character of mine shelled as a doll, and is on what I call my "desperation hybrid" body. When you find an Obitsu 65 torso on Mandarake but only have 60cm limbs available, you make do! I plan on seeing if I can get DD Dynamite thighs to work with the rest of his parts, their thickness would probably save him a bit from his sad "skinny legs" look. Poppy is next, and notable for being my first foray into modding my own heads! I bet you can guess what I did to her. She's a custom Gretel47 on an Obitsu 40 body with an Angel Philia flat bust. The head and body were purchased direct from Parabox, but the bust wasn't! Last, but certainly not least, is Euphemia, a hybrid with a resin head! She is a Doll Chateau Snowborn head on the old 3-part Obitsu 60 body before they switched over to the ball jointed version. She was another new purchase, and I'm extremely grateful Denver Doll Emporium had the head in stock after Snowborn was discontinued by the ccompany. Her body is secondhand from a collector on Ebay. I color matched her blushing and did her faceup myself, it was a real labor of love. If any other resin catches my eye, this is absolutely what I'm going to do with them, because the whole reason I went to vinyl was because of its rock solid posing! I have a few other dolls, but they're either in pieces and not in a good state for photographs, or in storage and not in a good state for photographs. I'll share them as they're made presentable again. I hope you enjoy my collection!
  4. Tierparkzone

    Tierparkzone's Doll Photos

    Instead of flooding the Photo Randoms thread, I guess it makes sense to create a new thread to put my photos. So to start off , here are a few nice shots I took a while back:
  5. I missed out on the Classic Chitose head drop on The Grid (it shows up at select times on the chaos section), and I really wanted her sculpt. I sort of saw it could be possible painting her face to the Mirai sculpt so I can't help but do this faceup on my blank head.
  6. Xenokitten

    Smartdoll Starlight Cinnamon Photos

    My newest doll arrived a few days ago. I turned 40 on May 22nd and wanted a new doll to mark a big birthday. Starlight was on the soon to be discontinued or low stock list so I grabbed her and she arrived on May 21st, just in time to celebrate my birthday with me.
  7. Wickednightmares

    Hi there

    Hi, I joined the forum here last year and never introduced myself. Hi! I am an avid (or rabid) doll collector, I have both vinyl dolls and resin dolls and porcelain doll… and plastic dolls, I love them all. i have 5.5 smart dolls, a Dollfie dream pretty, a tinyfox girl and about 30 others in the bjd category. I’m active in a number of FB groups and Instagram, debating opening a doll TikTok for the fun of it. So hi everyone!
  8. Lottiesagelesslands

    Free Smart doll Pattern Spreadsheet!

    Hey Guys I have made a spreadsheet to help people find free patterns. I hope this can be useful! I originally made it so I could print out all of the patterns easily when I went to a place with a printer and thought I might as well share it with others. I will add to it as I find new smart doll patterns. Feel free to let me know if you know of other patterns so I can add them too! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hu14aooOT90UyKq_g4YFKlRQVC0NxGY0GN_Tff2O9RQ/edit?usp=sharing
  9. Having not been to a meetup in over 3 years now, and really craving the experience of seeing other dolls in person and meeting people who share my interests, I’ve been wondering if anyone would be interested in a Chicago-area casual mini-meetup somewhere? I’m fully vaccinated (the 2-week mark after my 2nd shot was on June 9th), but I’d still only be comfortable if everyone else was also vaccinated and wearing masks just in case. I don’t have any doll friends I can ask, let alone any in the area, so I hope this is the right place to ask. I live around Valparaiso Indiana but I don’t mind going to Chicago since it’s fairly close by and I assume it would be more convenient for other people. We can decide what specific location and date/time is best after we’ve established who’s interested, but feel free to suggest somewhere you think would be good if you have something in mind.
  10. Turnipkween

    Kitty's Collection

    Hi! Some people wanted to see my collection on my new post I made. Hope this is under the right category. I'm having slight problems with pictures so I hope this links correctly. Sorry for the bad angles and camera quality. They usually look more organized but I've been moving them around and my maids will sometimes place them differently and I'm too lazy to make them all face forward.
  11. Cazzie_Bliss

    My First Returns ~ !

    ??? - "Hello? Is anyone here? Mama?" ---- ??? - "It was such a long trip too, I thought someone might come to greet me after all of this time away." ---- Setsuna/Haruhi - "SURPRISE!!!" ??? - "Ahh!" ---- Welcome home, Tsubaki. ---- Setsuna - "Yes, welcome home. I'm fairly new here but I've heard a lot about you." Haruhi - "Yeah! Mama has been talking about you all week! So we came up with a plan to throw a celebration party for you." Setsuna - "We had planned to get a cake but... it didn't work out." ---- Tsubaki - "I've heard about Haruhi, but you seem to have arrived while I was on the flight here." Setsuna - "Oh! I'm Setsuna. I came from Belgium so I know how bad flights can be. You came from America, right?" Tsubaki - "Yep, that's right! I've been living with Papa Billy during my studies, however, we felt it was time that I returned to Mama." ---- And I am forever grateful that you were able to come back to England, Tsu-chan. Was the flight okay? Tsubaki - "It was fine ~ I had all of my Hello Kitty friends to keep me company and I was insta messaging Mamimi the whole time." ---- Haruhi - "You've been studying abroad for 7 years, right Tsu-chan?" Setsuna - "You really catch on quick to nicknames, Haruhi..." Tsubaki - "Indeed. I left England back in 2013, so, this makes me your big sister! I also have the oppai to prove it." ---- Haruhi - "Is that how aging works in this world? But I'm over 200 years old... this can't be right." ---- I'll leave you girls alone to get to know each other. I'm sure Tsubaki is tired from her journey here. Tsubaki - "You're leaving already, Mama?" I have a present for you later, Tsu-chan. Since it's a welcome home gift, I'd love for it to just be us two. ---- Tsubaki - "Oooh! A present! I'll be looking forward to it." Play nice, children ~ ---- Some Time Later: ---- Tsubaki - "So how long have you both been staying at Mama's?" Setsuna - "It's been about a week for me." Haruhi - "And just over a month for me." ---- Tsubaki - "Well, I'm glad that I've come home to you two. Before it was just me and Mama, which was nice, but sometimes it was a little lonely." Haruhi - "You won't be lonely with us around! Isn't that right Se-chan?" Setsuna - "Of course ~ we're your family now. Did you have any sisters during your time in America?" ---- Tsubaki - "Oh man, yes! It started with about 14 of us and now there's over 100! It was fun to meet them all. However, it's really nice to be back here too. It's a lot more pink than I remember though." Haruhi - "Isn't it great? I really like it." ---- Tsubaki - "Oh, do you guys like Hello Kitty?" Haruhi - "The cat on Mama's curtains?" ---- Tsubaki - "Yeah. I used to collect these, perhaps you two could help me collect more." Setsuna - "These are cute." ---- Haruhi - "What if I started an even bigger collection than you!" Setsuna - "Haruhi, this isn't a competition." Tsubaki - "I appreciate the spirit ~ but we can share these now." ---- Okay, my errands are complete. Are you all getting along? Haruhi hasn't cast any spells or summoned 50 more girls to make Tsu-chan feel more at home? Haruhi - "That's a good idea..." Setsuna - "Haruhi, please don't." Tsubaki - "We've been getting along swimmingly, Mama! I think we'll be thick as thieves faster than you can say meow." That's good to hear. Once again, I'm really happy to have you back with us Tsu-chan, I hope you won't get too home-sick. ---- Tsubaki - "Aww, Mama. I'll miss everyone so much, that goes without saying, but my home is here. I've missed you as well." How about a group photo to commemorate this special day of Tsubaki's return to us? ---- Setsuna - "That sounds like a lovely idea." Haruhi - "Let's do it!" ---- Welcome home, Tsubaki. ---- ---- ---- And because words can't describe how grateful I am that Tsubaki was able to return ~ here's a selfie of us together! Here's to many more shenanigans, these girls are growing in number fast.
  12. AlisonVonderland

    AlisonVonderland's Dolls

    Hello! I'm still a bit new here at this point. But I was very excited to start sharing pictures with you of some of my dolls. Since I have a lot of hybrids I thought a mixed photos thread might just be easiest. First up let me introduce Summer: ddh04 (painted different color) on smartdoll cocoa cortex body. Eyes made by me, Faceup by me, the hair she's wearing here is made by me too, as is her dress. I felt like she was a kind of out there idea at the time but oh how glad I am I did this because I just love her so much
  13. samseramsamsam

    Sam's Smarties

    Need a picture thread to spam my girls
  14. Silent

    Smart Dolls on anime-sugoi.de

    Smartdolls will be avaliable on https://anime-sugoi.de/ Has anybody noticed thiw news already? Edit: Avaliable from 30.11.2021 (preorder possible) Plus (blue) preorders avaliable. Just wanted to share, made my day. Have a nice day.
  15. Hello, I'm gonna start this off by saying I'm a tech newbie, I asked this question before but I accidently put it in the wrong place so if any Mods know how I can delete it or if they can please help and... I'm sorry! I do hope someone is able to help, I've been asking around but no one perhaps due to sacrilege of the question I'm about to ask has given me an answer. After lurking on Doll Dreaming I figured perhaps I could get an answer here without being ignored or demeaned. I LOVE the MDD Mochi-Ashi body and and I LOVE Smart Doll heads I'm hoping I can mod the two together, I'm curious if anybody else has done this and I'm curious if DD Flesh matches closely to SMD Cinnamon?
  16. MysticBlue02

    Eye Pack Comparisons

    Hi I’ve been looking at Smart Doll for years and I’m hoping to get one soon. I was wondering if someone would me kind enough to show the different colors on the eye packs! The website isn’t very helpful (for as wordy as Danny can be he sure leaves out important stuff!) for example some Colors are clearly listed twice but in the picture they’re very different colors like a blue I versus an aqua eye. Or light gray vs Dark gray. have any of you that use third party eyes-there are some amazing ones out there noticed a difference between them and the official eyes? Or any third party eyes you really like? .any info would be helpful Thanks so much!
  17. samseramsamsam

    Frameless Cortex

    Thanks to a lovely mod for restoring my password I'm back on my dolly shenanigans! Scored this lovely project doll on classified ads in my country. It's a Cortex shell, but without the frame (skeleton)! First owner did such a great job with the faceup and made clay joints pearls in order to string the shell like a bjd. I added a wire frame (about 2m of different sizes) for stability. Once she's wearing long sleeves, you won't see the difference. Of course, she cannot pose as stable as a "complete" Smart Doll. But for a fraction of the price, I'll accept a fraction of the stability
  18. Starr


    From the album: Nell

  19. Starr


    From the album: Nell

  20. Starr


    From the album: Willow

  21. Starr


    From the album: Bellamy

  22. Starr

    Bee new hair

    From the album: Bellamy

  23. Starr

    Bee Pumpkins 2

    From the album: Bellamy

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