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Found 108 results

  1. Silent

    mixing cinnamon color

    Anyone trried to mix cinnamon color? Which colors would you pick? I feel it is bit hard to mix this color.
  2. bubblysoda

    Canceled smart doll order

    My friend bought from smart doll, she took a nap and when she woke up, she got an email from smart doll saying the order has been canceled and refunded. She’s never bought from the company except today, so I guess she’s a first time buyer, anyway does this mean she’s banned? My friend doesn’t have an account on here, I’m writing this for her with her permission.
  3. So I just ordered my first doll yesterday, a vinyl Smart Doll Kanata (Alternate).While waiting for her to arrive I have some questions to ask you guys.General1. What to look out for? Any common beginner mistakes?2. What is your doll care routine?3. Any shop recommendations for doll clothes?Wig Care4. How to maintain the wig? (Come from figure collecting, no experience with wigs XD)Stains5. Do all colored materials stain? or only dark colored ones?6. Do stain prevention garments stop staining or only make it harder to stain? (Have a few dark colored clothes)7. Are there any materials that don't stain/high risk of staining?Thanks!
  4. SugarShambles

    Proud of my recent sewing ^w^

    Hi all! I've always loved to sew but really have spent the last month glued to my machine. I wanted to show off a few outfits (Ive made something like 30 in a month?!) but settled on these little cat tops I finished a day ago Hope you like them! 😽
  5. Tierparkzone

    Tierparkzone's Doll Photos

    Instead of flooding the Photo Randoms thread, I guess it makes sense to create a new thread to put my photos. So to start off , here are a few nice shots I took a while back:
  6. Gamma Ray

    ABJD Meet - New York City - 3/9/24

    We had a great doll meet in New York City despite the rain outside! We were indoors and safe, and we had a fantastic doll meet with one of the biggest varieties of dolls and doll activities we've had in a while. We had resin dolls, vinyl dolls, large dolls, tiny dolls, restringing, piggyback rides, and even a centaur! My Iplehouse nYID Olivia made a Smart Doll friend, too! Check out my full album of photos because there's no way I can capture it all in this post. https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjBgXga
  7. PrinceWolfe

    My first smart doll!

    I finally got my first Smart Doll! I decided on Felicity, her face just won me over when i first saw her. She arrived today! I'm so happy to have her. Her name is Luna and she's an Elven Vampire. Danny was also able to fulfil my request and i got his signature! I'm so happy~ Pictures will be up on my Instagram: Little.PrinceWolfe
  8. Hiya! I was planning on getting my first BJD/MJD, a Tinyfox, and i am just curious on how yall felt getting your first How i think ima react? In summary, Given i have wanted anime type BJDs for almost 3 years now, imagined myself getting one and even dreamed about getting one multiple times.. I will not be surprised at all if i dont just get excited but i cry happy tears too. XD
  9. Deciding to give my Smart Doll specific photos a place to live. I do have an existing photo thread of my DD girls also if you want to check them out Anyway, back to the Smart Dolls. Here's my OG Smart Doll girl is Sana She is in the tea skin tone and has her original eyes and wig. I like both on her so I never bothered to change her up. Thanks for looking
  10. Silent

    cinammon yellowing

    Hi. how much is new cinammon smartdoll different in color from old/yellowed smartdoll? How long did it take to yellow? And what is diference between yellowed cinammon and new tea smart doll? I am just curious, no criticism. Every material ages over time. Sometimes things get more inferesting over time.
  11. Am I the only person who misses the cute anime dolls? I’m posting this here because I don’t want to get attacked by Danny Choo’s vast army of sycophants, or be called a racist or an ableist. I was a fan of smart dolls for years, I even liked Danny’s blog. Now that I am no longer a student I can get one, but they are all so depressing!!! I know inclusivity is important, but at some point something’s gotta give. Can Danny maybe include new fans who just want a pretty anime doll too?
  12. Cinnamon

    Hi! (❁´◡`❁)

    Hello everyone! I'm a longtime doll collector from the UK who has recently discovered their love for vinyl beauties (●'◡'●) I have collected various fashion dolls and resin BJD's over the years and finally fell in love with vinyl dolls, they are everything I hoped they would be which is very bad news for my wallet. Here's my current vinyl duo: 'Super Sonico' - Smart Doll Journey (Milk) My vinyl ventures started out with Smart Doll. She's fantastic but I likely won't be purchasing any further SmD's. I don't have much interest in the company any more and the aesthetic of them doesn't quite align with my interests any longer. With that said, she's wonderful quality and super cute so I'm really happy I own her! 'Cinnamon' - Angel Philia Honoka (ver2 soft skin) My latest addition. Wow. I am utterly in love! Angel Philia is everything I hoped it would be and more. I love the size, the proportions, the soft skin vinyl, the sculpts.. yeah. I'm pretty smitten with her. Truly the perfect vinyl doll for me~ I cannot wait to pick out my next girl!
  13. Rajke

    EpicDollFair 2023

    Today I have visited EpicDollFair 2023. It was also the first time that I went somewhere with a doll with me. At the beginning I kept her in her back until I came by a booth were custom Blythe dolls were sold. These Blythe dolls contain a very interesting mechanism with small ropes on the back to change the eyes (four different pairs of eyes were attached in the head). With one of the ropes eyes could be closed. Never seen an eye device like this one before. In the photo you see Pip looking to the right side. That is because she is impressed by the face up and body blushing of this girl: She is a gorgeous girl. Both Blythes were for sale. It is unknown if the booth owner successfully sold her. During my talk with the shop owner, she noticed the doll in the bag that I was carrying. Feeling a bit insecure I took out Shisha Sosei from the bag and from that moment I kept her out of the bag during this fair. In the beginning it felt weird, feeling a bit ashamed but that improved really quickly and in the end the thought of walking with a doll in public faded away. Please note that most photo’s have been made with Shisha in one hand and my phone in the other hand. This has some influence on the quality. Apologies for the inconvenience. I visited a lot of booths and by some booths I also made photo’s. By this booth in the bag there were very nice Resin girls on display. The owner really love to create tattoos for her girls and I can tell you, she is very good at that. The details for example in only the hands is amazing. Also the nails have been painted too. I really love the old Chitose and I had to make a photo of her. She is wearing a dress made by her owner. This booth also sold buttons that you can place with magnets on your dolls outfit. I have bought 10 of them in the Star Wars theme and think these are very cool. 3D printing is a technique that was highly present. One of the items coming forth from 3D printing is the wheelchair below: Shisha doesn’t need one (yet) but who knows. Maybe at some point one of the girls needs some support. The wheelchair is an incredible detailed piece of art and I love all details about it. The chair is adjustable to fit multiple sizes. A few booth’s further there was this girl sitting on a well made 3D printed chair. There is a lot of details in it and it looks very sturdy. The only thing I personally dislike is the color of the chair. But that would be an easy fix with a brush and paint. At the same booth there was also this girl doing some quality napping. I think K2’s Chitose would really love this bed that is made of a wooden tray. This girl took it easy during today’s fair. Sometimes you see outfits that are impressive. The one below had so many details, the longer you look the more you see. I love the head and the small gears. I met a guy that walks around with two impressive girls. One of these two is easily recognisable as a Navy from the Avatar movies. Everything is handmade and both are 3D printed with resin (if I understand the owner correctly). This Navy doesn’t have her dark blue stripes yet, on the photo’s of his earlier projects I could see how the result looks with them and it looks amazing. Outfits for them are a bit of a struggle. Mainly because of the uncommon size. Yes, she is tall. Despite that she doesn’t weight more than Shisha. Also I came across this lovely girl: She started as a blanc girl and I think the wig, face up and eyes looks gorgeous. Her dress (which she received today because of the difficult doll size) compliments with the hair accessories and with the doll in general. Her eyelashes are also a nice detail. I really love the girl below. She has a gorgeous sculpt and intense gaze. Her owner plans to repaint the horns. In my opinion I do like the current horns. But who knows, maybe a repaint makes them nicer. Last but not least: The loot I took back with me. I know that some of my girls want to play the guitar. So I bought a few. Shisha demanded cigarettes because every succesful celebrity and artist has her unhealthy addictions after succes. So in other words: She was trying to came up with an excuse for starting smoking. Also there was a Photo Booth that resulted in some souvenir photo’s. They even had a Polaroid. Last there was an interesting Smartdoll girl up for adopting. I adopted The Mandalorian and Blurrg yesterday so she has to wait. This is the way…………… ….. to end this blogpost. Seeya next time. Rajke
  14. Rajke

    Welcome Ritz

    Hi all, I recently posted here a photo of my new girl. I really love the cocoa skintone and I don’t think this will be the last one. Meet Ritz Busephalandra. She is not vampire because she doesn’t drink blood. Some of my girls had the guts to ask if she is a vampire and I could here her mumbling something like ‘dolls don’t need blood’. She is a bount. Instead of stealing blood, she can steal your soul. She’s nice so nothing to worry about. She arrived in a very cool signed bag (really happy with that). She was a bit shy in the beginning but looks can be deceiving. Also she has a very expressive face. Making photo’s is fun to do. Greetz, Rajke
  15. Oculae

    Oculae's Hybrid Lab!

    My collection is pretty eclectic, but it's one I'm very proud of! Almost all of my dolls and parts are secondhand, with a couple of very rare exceptions that I'll point out as part of the doll's introduction! And every single one uses parts from other companies. First up is Eiran, my #1 favorite boy! He's a Smartdoll Eiji head in Milk, with a factory faceup that I added to slightly. An extremely lucky secondhand find from a collector on Instagram, who had originally got him directly from the outlet store from what Danny now calls the Chaos section! This head is currently with Synthetic Ephemera for a resin wig commission, so for the time being I'm using an unmodified Suzaku head for him: He was originally on an Obitsu 50 boy body, but another lucky secondhand find let me snag a like-new 55 body from the owner of a closed-down French toy store, which I then added 60cm arms and legs to in order to make a 60 boy. He uses Dollfie Dream, Smartdoll, and Obitsu 65 hands interchangeably depending on what hand pose I want, so depending on which hands he's using, he often reps all 3 major vinyl companies at once! Second is my oldest and most sentimental vinyl, Olive! She is a Gretel47 head (a rare purchase directly from Parabox) with an Azone frankendoll body consisting of the lower half of an AZM3 body, an Azone G bust, and Angel Philia B type arms. The AZM3 abs and the B's buff arms really give her a muscular, outdoorsy look that I love, a vast improvement from the stock Obitsu 50 body I had her on originally. The faceup is my own work, and if she looks a little like Smartdoll's Resilient, that's intentional! I bought her as my first specifically because I really wanted Resilient at the time, but she just financially wasn't doable for me, so I referenced her faceup to make my own! I like Olive a lot more than her inspiration now. ^^ Next is Erato, my demon girl! She's a DDH-01 custom on an Obitsu 50 body! As you can see, she uses DD hands as well. She's a nice low-budget alternative to a DDP, and wears the same size clothing! She's also the first and only resin character I had that I completely reshelled into vinyl when I switched over. Next is Ambrosia, the real owner of that Suzaku head Eiran's borrowing! He's another old character of mine shelled as a doll, and is on what I call my "desperation hybrid" body. When you find an Obitsu 65 torso on Mandarake but only have 60cm limbs available, you make do! I plan on seeing if I can get DD Dynamite thighs to work with the rest of his parts, their thickness would probably save him a bit from his sad "skinny legs" look. Poppy is next, and notable for being my first foray into modding my own heads! I bet you can guess what I did to her. 😉 She's a custom Gretel47 on an Obitsu 40 body with an Angel Philia flat bust. The head and body were purchased direct from Parabox, but the bust wasn't! Last, but certainly not least, is Euphemia, a hybrid with a resin head! She is a Doll Chateau Snowborn head on the old 3-part Obitsu 60 body before they switched over to the ball jointed version. She was another new purchase, and I'm extremely grateful Denver Doll Emporium had the head in stock after Snowborn was discontinued by the ccompany. Her body is secondhand from a collector on Ebay. I color matched her blushing and did her faceup myself, it was a real labor of love. If any other resin catches my eye, this is absolutely what I'm going to do with them, because the whole reason I went to vinyl was because of its rock solid posing! I have a few other dolls, but they're either in pieces and not in a good state for photographs, or in storage and not in a good state for photographs. I'll share them as they're made presentable again. I hope you enjoy my collection! 😄
  16. Lottiesagelesslands

    Free Smart doll Pattern Spreadsheet!

    Hey Guys I have made a spreadsheet to help people find free patterns. I hope this can be useful! I originally made it so I could print out all of the patterns easily when I went to a place with a printer and thought I might as well share it with others. I will add to it as I find new smart doll patterns. Feel free to let me know if you know of other patterns so I can add them too! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hu14aooOT90UyKq_g4YFKlRQVC0NxGY0GN_Tff2O9RQ/edit?usp=sharing
  17. Hi DD members, Not long ago my DDS Saber arrived and a funny thing in comparison to Smart Doll is that they are always nude. Also my Smart Doll girl Shisha is not happy with the attitude of the newcomer. Disclaimer: NSFW because of doll nudity. -If your eyes are going blind, not my fault. -Are your dolls jealous of you looking at other dolls, not my fault. -If your dolls trying to kill you for seeing this post, not my fault. and the rest is also not my fault. Enjoy.
  18. DollBound

    Fall's getting closer...

    And that means it's once again time to dress my girls up for the season... Does any one have any ideas? I can't sew so I'd have to end up commissioning but at this point I'm not sure what I want them to be. Same deal when winter rolls around but one thing at a time XD
  19. Cinnamon

    Super Sonico (Smart Doll Journey)

    Here is my Smart Doll Journey in Milk. She is my only Smart Doll, I had trouble bonding with her because a Smart Doll's identity/character already feels so distinct when you purchase them. I usually prefer to create original characters for my dolls but I also enjoy some licensed character dolls. Since I was struggling to find an identity for Journey, I decided to restyle her to look like Super Sonico since I pine for the official Sonico dolls. I enjoy her so much more now!
  20. ateliervanilla

    Custom painted and modded Lelouch head

    Knowing Lelouch was such a rare sculpt, I hesitated to repaint the head. But then, I felt like there was something more to this sculpt so I went ahead and did my customization. I modded the lips to appear smaller, and made the chin less sharp. I also made the faceup with a softer look. I like the fact that watercolor pencils adhere to Smart Doll vinyl better, so I only used watercolor pencils and pastels for this faceup. I feel like he kind of looks more similar to Smart Doll Eiji with this look.
  21. bubblysoda

    Fortitude with custom faceup

    This is my Fortitude anime version, I sent her to get a custom faceup awhile back. Her faceup and follow me eyes are by deep_.forest._dolls on Instagram
  22. LaRosePetite

    A Price Question

    I have finally decided to take the plunge and get a Smart Doll- that is when they return in May. Can anyone give me some information on navigating United States customs? I’ve ordered from Japan in the past and I don’t remember having any problems or charges. I’ve ordered Blythe dolls that were in the $250- $300 range and didn’t have any trouble. I’ve also ordered less expensive, smaller dolls from Mandarake. However, I know Smart Dolls are worth more and come in larger boxes. Any tips or tricks are needed!
  23. PolitelyNefarious


    ...I couldn't come up with a 'suck' pun that didn't accidentally double as NSFW. 😅 Her ears are in transit, her eyes and horns and wardrobe all need to be purchased, but she's here. I try not to document every doll I buy in a thread, as that would crowd the subforum. But for her I make an exception. Meet Ventyri. Anyone who's familiar with Smart Doll knows that a lot of interesting projects can get left on the cutting room floor. They're typically reduced to one-off prototypes that are then resold in the Chaos section and seldom seen again. But the M01 sculpt was one of the lucky ones- whether by social media buzz, or Danny / Team whim, she got a full production run in 2022 to the delight of many. She might have been my first purchase from Culture Japan. But she sold out fast, as is the tradition with everything Smart Doll I pursue. (RIP Eiji/Crimson) I chalk that up less as a fault with the team and their production and more with my inability to keep up with drop times. Still. It's frustrating. I tried to get ahold of this girl's head secondhand for months, but she sold out just as fast every time. Especially in the colour I wanted. On a whim one November night, I perused Fabric and Friends looking for something else, and there she was. ...Not her. Her. She. In the flesh. Iris kindly allowed me to do a layaway, and five months later, she arrived. Often I prefer secondhand dolls due to their pre-loved history, but this is one of those rare times where a brand-new doll feels special. She was the only one, almost as though she were made specifically for me. Outside of Angel Philia there aren't many vinyl dolls with a shoujo aesthetic. While shoujo isn't a genre I pursue, the art itself is one of my favorite manga styles. It's unique unto itself, and elicits a sense of dreaminess and surrealism. Having a DD-scale girl in that style, and a tan girl no less, was an impossible dream. So here she is. My dream girl. She doesn't have the right anything except for her wig, but she still looks incredible. First impressions: Her hips, knees, and ankles are all crazy-tight out of the box, while her elbows are perfect, which is the inverse of my pre-loved SMDs. Interesting. Her face is flawless, her grace sublime. I regret that I still haven't figured out a good way to photograph them well; many of my best doll photos are outside, or with sets I no longer have the space to build. But once I get her relatively complete, she will need many pictures. She makes me want to sell a couple of faces by sheer volume of presence. Unfortunately I had no way to tame the wig frizz. But look at that face! The eyebrows are a little less fierce in person, but this isn't a bad thing, as her expression flexes depending on the angle. Ventyri is a mercenary and part-time pitfighter who happens to be a succubus. But she is less likely to seduce you and drink your blood than to use her superhuman speed to jump you from behind with a blade to your back. Known as 'The Iron Scorpion' in the ring, she's a force to be reckoned with, and the strong, stoic type... until you annoy her. ...I did mention that I don't read shoujo. Fluffy love dramas with minimal action aren't for me. But the idea of that idyllic, ethereal girl smashing faces and kicking in combat boots was amusing. Like a more mature version of the chibi gremlin. However, she won't be doing any smashing just yet... ...Because as soon as I popped his head on, I noticed hairline cracks in the neckhole. That older, hard vinyl doesn't hold up as well. It's nothing that can't be dabbed over with superglue, but it makes me nervous. So Llewyr will be borrowing the body while I find Ventyri some clothes. It's not a perfect solution, but with the XS bust you can kill two birds with one stone and make a passable guy if a male body is out of reach. Having Llewyr in one piece at last is like the cherry on top, even if he is unfinished. It feels good to finally be able to post pictures of some of these dolls. And with that I only have one more body to go before every floating head will be able to share. Yes; the work is almost done. ...Who am I kidding. Vinyl multiplies like rabbits.
  24. Chocola

    Tea skin color match ?

    Bought a smart doll head to practice faceups, in color tea. If I end up liking her face I will probably want to get a body for her. But smartdoll doesn’t sell single bodies ! They sometimes do chaos things but under the conditions that you’ve bought 2 separate times from the site, and I haven’t bought anything from their site. Where can I find a body that will match smart doll color tea ? Any type is fine, even resin.
  25. samseramsamsam

    Frameless Cortex

    Thanks to a lovely mod for restoring my password 😉 I'm back on my dolly shenanigans! Scored this lovely project doll on classified ads in my country. It's a Cortex shell, but without the frame (skeleton)! First owner did such a great job with the faceup and made clay joints pearls in order to string the shell like a bjd. I added a wire frame (about 2m of different sizes) for stability. Once she's wearing long sleeves, you won't see the difference. Of course, she cannot pose as stable as a "complete" Smart Doll. But for a fraction of the price, I'll accept a fraction of the stability 😉
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