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Found 58 results

  1. Since we talked pretty enough about interstellar blue it is time to give it its own topic. Yesterday there was a video from Danny across social media. Topic starts at 1:00 of video. I do not see semi real blue girls, but I see blue anime girl. (or I coud miss something) Also there is blue torso on the table. (0:04)
  2. Hello! I am Patmoose, aka Pammus, Moose, or just plain old Alec. I am the happy owner of a milk Felicity from Smart Doll. Her name is Gwenivere Gryphen, and she's a cute witch. I love collecting and making doll props. I hope someday I can get Gwen's wife, Odette, in doll form, and her daughter, Cindel (I've already picked out Azone Iris Collect Rino as a sculpt). I love taking doll pics, though recently I've been on hiatus for that. Take a look at my profile for links to my Insta and the discord server I run, the Vinyl Doll Academy, that is devoted to anime-style vinyl dolls and prop crafting, sewing, face-ups, and more! I look forward to meeting you all!
  3. Tierparkzone

    Tierparkzone's Doll Photos

    Instead of flooding the Photo Randoms thread, I guess it makes sense to create a new thread to put my photos. So to start off , here are a few nice shots I took a while back:
  4. bigpalebluejuice

    prototype sales garage

    Am I the only one that is really appalled by the concept of Smart Doll's prototype sales garage? I used to think it was really cool until I found out that the dolls listed on there are marked up considerably. For example, the super hero candidate adventurer 1 and 2 were each listed for 139000 JPY, or about a whopping 1282 USD. But why? I get that they're "one of a kind" but that price tag seems like one found on the after market, not an original listing. Why would you charge so much for a rough draft? If it was decided that the doll was not deemed good enough to be the master copy, why in the world would you charge so much more for it? Idk, but it honestly really upsets me.
  5. Hello everyone~ As I save up for my first dolls, I thought I might introduce my future girls: Min and Thys! I'm a ways away from getting them, but the good news is that gives me time to prepare outfits and accessories for them. To start, I wanted to introduce them with some illustrations I made. I chose to take a photo of the drawings instead of scan them to preserve that soft pencil effect; I find it gets lost in scans often times and I like the aesthetic of raw pencil. Thanks for stopping by and meeting my future dolls (*´∀`*) --- Minerva (or Min for short) Min is a book loving witch who would stay reading in her library for decades if she could. She's studying to become a master in arcane magic. Despite being the biggest of book-worms, she quite social and often teases her good friend Thys. Above all else, though, she believes in loyalty and doing the right thing. Min doesn't come from any particularly powerful witches bloodline, but as an apprentice she quickly rose past her classmates and graduated sooner than expected. She now lives in the woods, studying and making a living by selling scrolls, absorbing more books than she can keep up with, often to the demise of her wallet. Doll: She's going to be a Ruby SmD; Ruby's eyes and smile are so warm and kind I immediately fell in love with her. I'll likely get a couple different sets of eyes for her, I can't decide if the original ruby eyes or a different red, purple, or orange might look nice. Her original red wig suits her really well. Outfit: I'm planning on making the above shirt for her, from a stiffer textile and in a darker colour (I'll have to learn how to line clothing, yikes...) I haven't decide on bottoms and shoes for her, yet. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to see them! Accessories: Books. Definitely some books. I've made small notebooks in the past, so I'm excited to try something to Min's scale. Maybe I'll even try for a leather cover (´∀`) Then I have plans to make a small coffee table, a rug, and a bunch of pillows, too. She'll be sitting on a small shelf beside my desk so I want her space to feel comfy. I'll eventually make some jewelry, but that will likely happen last or after she comes home. Thysania (or Thys for short) Her name comes from the scientific name for the white witch moth, thysania agrippina. Thys comes from a long and very powerful line of witches who specialize in shapeshifting. Her family is especially gifted in transforming into moths and have passed down their gift through many generations. Unlike Min, Thys is passionate though lacked a stronger natural talent. Ever since she was little, she struggled to keep up with the other children in learning magic. As a result, she grew to often wear a scowl on her face as she concentrated. In later years, she found herself alone more often than not, but she didn't mind; this gave her more time to practice her alchemy and shapeshifting. This lead her to many nights spent in the library at school, where she and Min eventually became good friends by chance. Now living together, Min likes to tease Thys when she's wearing an especially deep scowl by saying "don't be such a thistle!" She might look annoyed on the outside, but she's very happy to have such a warm and loyal friend. She makes a living by selling alchemical brews of varying effect. Doll: I'm still deciding on Thys' doll and I'm not in a rush since I'll be getting Min first. However, I'm leaning towards SmD Moment. I think she would look so cute beside a Ruby! They contrast each other so much, their personalities seem so different but they still somehow suit each other. I'm definitely getting her green eyes, lighter ones that seem both alluring and warm. I think her wig will be a warm light grey, but I haven't started looking for one yet. Concept: I got the idea to make her moth themed after my favorite character from a game called Onmyoji. The character is Mushishi, and I especially love her awakened design that's full of beiges, gold, and off-whites. I've always loved moths to begin with, especially the big fluffy ones. Outfit: I don't have much planned yet since I'm working on Min first, but Thys' main feature will be a fluffy white shoulder wrap that mimics the fluff some moth species have around their necks. Like in the drawing, I'll probably make her a long cape, with slits on both sides where she can bring out her arms. Accessories: like Min, Thys will sit on a small shelf beside my desk, all to herself. I'm planning some small shelves for her glass jars full of dried plants and other alchemy goodies. She'll likely also get a fuzzy rug to sit on, and some pillows. --- If you made it this far, thank you so, so much for stopping by and reading about my future girls. I'm beyond excited to begin my BJD journey with lots of dress-ups and photoshoots. I can't really explain where I got the idea for them to be witches, or why, but it seems to suit them. I've always found charming witch stories like Little Witch Academia, Maria the Virgin Witch, and more comforting. And forest themed stories like Arriety and the Witch's Flower seem so cute. Thanks again, and I'll likely be posting progress photos in the coming months. Cheers~ (^v^)
  6. daydreammoment

    Moment gets a computer

    Oh my, I think she wants a friend... 103A1EB4-FBE5-4C27-9152-8381972A2A5A by Jane K, on Flickr
  7. daydreammoment

    Moment is Here!

    Moment is here! She is my first vinyl doll! E5ACC0CE-E1F1-4CAF-B59C-22EECF56A600_1_105_c by Jane K, on Flickr B59A565E-7171-4411-B3B4-F6C7ECB85451_1_105_c by Jane K, on Flickr And stuff I got for her from Fabric Friends and Dolls 1C8EF234-A41C-4D2C-8F65-D1B4E86591D7_1_105_c by Jane K, on Flickr Moment is here! 0F143BDB-6915-46F8-84B3-7DA61483383F_1_105_c by Jane K, on Flickr
  8. Cazzie_Bliss

    A Fourth Arrives!

    Haruhi - "I am the great and powerful Mrs. Kitty! Bow down to me, inferior cats!" Tsubaki - "No! We will not surrender to your ways any longer!" ---- Haruhi - "Then I sentence you to death by petting!" Tsubaki - "Noooooo!" ---- Setsuna - "Sorry for interrupting your play-time but... we have a guest." Haruhi - "Another one?!" Tsubaki - "Neat! Where is she?" ---- Setsuna - "Over by the Mandarake box. She was too shy to come and say hello. What do we do?" Tsubaki - "You stay here, I'll handle this." ---- Tsubaki - "Hi there." ??? - "Um... H-hello..." Tsubaki - "What's your name?" ??? - "Yūna." ---- Tsubaki - "That's a pretty name. I'm Tsubaki, but you can call me Tsu-chan." Yūna - "Tsu-chan..." Tsubaki - "We're all really very nice. Would you like to introduce yourself to the others?" Yūna - "Will you come with me?" ---- Tsubaki - "Of course ~ ! Even though I've been away, I am the eldest so if you ever have any problems, you can come to me. Understood?" Yūna - "Um... yes." ---- Tsubaki - "Guys! She came out!" Yūna - *hides* Setsuna - "Thank goodness." Haruhi - "I am the great and omnipotent Haruhi! Bow down before me, mortal!" ---- Yūna - *bows* Tsubaki - "Aww, Yūna, no..." ---- Setsuna - "Haruhi! That was bad, you'll scare her off again." Haruhi - "I'm sorry! It's muscle memory!" Setsuna - "That's not how speech works. Go and apologize" ---- Haruhi - "Um... are you ok?" Yūna - "Was my bow not good enough? I'm sorry..." Tsubaki - "..." ---- Haruhi - "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable." Yūna - "It's... It's ok. I shouldn't have taken you so literally." Tsubaki - "Haruhi is from another world so she's not quite familiar with our customs yet." Yūna - "I see..." ---- Haruhi - "I'm super sorry. Please come and play with us." Yūna - "Ok, Haruhi. That sounds like fun." Tsubaki - "That hug looks pretty nice..." ---- Setsuna - "Welcome to the family ~ I'm Setsuna." Yūna - "I'm Yūna." Tsubaki - "It's... it's a massacre." Haruhi - "I warned you." ------- Number 4 has joined the family! They multiplied rather rapidly these past few months. Yūna is a Dollfie Dream Dynamite with an S bust modded on. I was told it was a DDII bust but I'm started to think it's actually a DDS bust. However, I feel a quiet girl is exactly what we needed to balance out this party. Below are two snaps I took of Yūna before I let her run loose with her sisters: ---- I think that's me done for the year in terms of new family members ~ but never say never
  9. I was very nervous to wipe her default faceup (even if I have a specific idea for a doll, I feel so bad wiping someone else's work), but I'm really happy with how she ultimately turned out. In general, I tend towards more stylized faceups anyway, but this was my first time doing one this anime-esque. 20200815_014929 by Manaphyyy, on Flickr This was the first attempt, which I wiped pretty quickly. The way I did her eyes made them look pretty far apart and her smile was a bit too flat/wide. I also tried giving her nostrils to try and have her fit in more with my resin girls, but it looked a bit uncanny so I ended up not doing that the second time. 20200817_004627 by Manaphyyy, on Flickr 20200818_214632 by Manaphyyy, on Flickr After looking for a few more examples closer to what I wanted, I started again, and this is what I ended up with. I'm not 100% satisfied with the eyebrows, but they're mostly hidden so it's not the end of the world (she'll probably get a new faceup again eventually anyway). I'm always learning with faceups, and I'm glad Celia looks more like I want her to now. Bonus silly headless shot:
  10. Cazzie_Bliss

    My First Returns ~ !

    ??? - "Hello? Is anyone here? Mama?" ---- ??? - "It was such a long trip too, I thought someone might come to greet me after all of this time away." ---- Setsuna/Haruhi - "SURPRISE!!!" ??? - "Ahh!" ---- Welcome home, Tsubaki. ---- Setsuna - "Yes, welcome home. I'm fairly new here but I've heard a lot about you." Haruhi - "Yeah! Mama has been talking about you all week! So we came up with a plan to throw a celebration party for you." Setsuna - "We had planned to get a cake but... it didn't work out." ---- Tsubaki - "I've heard about Haruhi, but you seem to have arrived while I was on the flight here." Setsuna - "Oh! I'm Setsuna. I came from Belgium so I know how bad flights can be. You came from America, right?" Tsubaki - "Yep, that's right! I've been living with Papa Billy during my studies, however, we felt it was time that I returned to Mama." ---- And I am forever grateful that you were able to come back to England, Tsu-chan. Was the flight okay? Tsubaki - "It was fine ~ I had all of my Hello Kitty friends to keep me company and I was insta messaging Mamimi the whole time." ---- Haruhi - "You've been studying abroad for 7 years, right Tsu-chan?" Setsuna - "You really catch on quick to nicknames, Haruhi..." Tsubaki - "Indeed. I left England back in 2013, so, this makes me your big sister! I also have the oppai to prove it." ---- Haruhi - "Is that how aging works in this world? But I'm over 200 years old... this can't be right." ---- I'll leave you girls alone to get to know each other. I'm sure Tsubaki is tired from her journey here. Tsubaki - "You're leaving already, Mama?" I have a present for you later, Tsu-chan. Since it's a welcome home gift, I'd love for it to just be us two. ---- Tsubaki - "Oooh! A present! I'll be looking forward to it." Play nice, children ~ ---- Some Time Later: ---- Tsubaki - "So how long have you both been staying at Mama's?" Setsuna - "It's been about a week for me." Haruhi - "And just over a month for me." ---- Tsubaki - "Well, I'm glad that I've come home to you two. Before it was just me and Mama, which was nice, but sometimes it was a little lonely." Haruhi - "You won't be lonely with us around! Isn't that right Se-chan?" Setsuna - "Of course ~ we're your family now. Did you have any sisters during your time in America?" ---- Tsubaki - "Oh man, yes! It started with about 14 of us and now there's over 100! It was fun to meet them all. However, it's really nice to be back here too. It's a lot more pink than I remember though." Haruhi - "Isn't it great? I really like it." ---- Tsubaki - "Oh, do you guys like Hello Kitty?" Haruhi - "The cat on Mama's curtains?" ---- Tsubaki - "Yeah. I used to collect these, perhaps you two could help me collect more." Setsuna - "These are cute." ---- Haruhi - "What if I started an even bigger collection than you!" Setsuna - "Haruhi, this isn't a competition." Tsubaki - "I appreciate the spirit ~ but we can share these now." ---- Okay, my errands are complete. Are you all getting along? Haruhi hasn't cast any spells or summoned 50 more girls to make Tsu-chan feel more at home? Haruhi - "That's a good idea..." Setsuna - "Haruhi, please don't." Tsubaki - "We've been getting along swimmingly, Mama! I think we'll be thick as thieves faster than you can say meow." That's good to hear. Once again, I'm really happy to have you back with us Tsu-chan, I hope you won't get too home-sick. ---- Tsubaki - "Aww, Mama. I'll miss everyone so much, that goes without saying, but my home is here. I've missed you as well." How about a group photo to commemorate this special day of Tsubaki's return to us? ---- Setsuna - "That sounds like a lovely idea." Haruhi - "Let's do it!" ---- Welcome home, Tsubaki. ---- ---- ---- And because words can't describe how grateful I am that Tsubaki was able to return ~ here's a selfie of us together! Here's to many more shenanigans, these girls are growing in number fast.
  11. Cazzie_Bliss

    Haruhi Gains a Sister!

    First off I will apologise for the lighting - I really need to get a lamp or something! Will work on it for next time ~ x But for now - please enjoy! ---------- Haruhi - "Ok, the summoning circle is complete. Now I can return home." --- Haruhi - "Although, I do think Mama has grown attached to my presence, just as I predicted. Do I really want to leave?" --- Haruhi - "I'll go get a snack to help me decide." --- ??? - "This was the way... right?" --- Haruhi - "That was a good cookie." ??? - "..." --- Haruhi - "What! What?! Who are you?! I demand you tell the Great and Omnipotent Haruhi who you are!" --- ??? - "Nice to meet you Haruhi, my name is Setsuna. Could you kindly tell me where I am? I was just about to go to bed..." --- Haruhi - "What realm are you from?" --- Setsuna - "I was living in Belgium before I came here, and Japan before that. So... this realm?" --- Haruhi - "They have my kin in this world too? I see..." Setsuna - "Sorry, what are you mumbling about? I can't hear you." --- Haruhi - "Setsuna! You are in the realm of Mama's house ~ it's warm here and pleasantly pink!" Setsuna - ".... Mama's... house?" Haruhi - "Exactly! She summoned me by accident and allowed me to stay." --- Haruhi - "However ~ I was working on heading back home and you shew up instead. My calculations couldn't be wrong a second time. Are you a familiar?" --- Setsuna - "No, I'm just Setsuna. I'm sorry for disappointing you, Haruhi. Is this a dream?" --- Haruhi - "I'm afraid this is very real, Se-chan." Setsuna - "Already so casual." --- Haruhi. I see you've found our guest? Haruhi - "You knew about her?" I'm afraid so, and I know about your plans to return to Audenn. Nothing slips by my nose. --- Setsuna - "I'm afraid Ms. Cazzie asked me to pretend that I had been summoned. I think I broke your circle when I went to sit on it. I've actually been planning on moving here for a couple of months now." --- Haruhi - "Mama! You played a cruel joke on me..." I did it for your own good. Do you really want to leave, Haruhi? I treat you well and give you free food and clothes. I was hoping with the addition of Setsuna, you would be happy to no longer be alone and stop trying to run away. --- Haruhi - "I... I wasn't really going to run away..." Then what were you trying to do? --- Haruhi - "I just wanted to prove to myself that I really was omnipotent. I wouldn't actually leave you, Mama. I really like it here." I'm glad to hear it, and now Setsuna can keep you company. --- Setsuna - "That's if you don't mind having me around, Haruhi. Ms. Cazzie asked me to move here as your sister, I would hate to be the one to end up alone." --- Haruhi - "I'm sorry for being so selfish, Mama. Bringing Se-chan here was really nice of you. The Great Haruhi will accept your gift." I'm not sure you should call Setsuna a gift. She doesn't belong to you. --- Setsuna - "I'm fine with it, Ms. Cazzie." Haruhi - "No! You need to call her Mama, Se-Chan. She says she doesn't like it but she actually really does." Excuse me? Who told you that. --- Setsuna - "Mama it is. Thank you for welcoming me into your home after two months of arrangements." Haruhi - "Yes, thank you, Mama! Now I get to know what having a sister feels like ~ " Well, you'll be gaining a new sister very soon, so enjoy Setsuna while you can. --- Haruhi/Setsuna - "What?"
  12. monkeypizzasonic

    New Official Anime Characters

    (Because I like having general news threads for things.) Naruto prototype is here! He looks a bit oddly skinny in the fullshot, but I love that smirk!
  13. Meowjima

    The girls got new outfits.

    I'm working on creating a set for them/the others. I have a feeling I might have to buy one more than originally planed in about a month.
  14. I was looking through the SMD site just now and updating my onsite wish list (I find it easier to keep track of what I actually want, so I was clearing out some things I wasn't as interested in and adding others), and I came across Justice's product page. She still has a story up, in particular one of the ones about "Forging Force". I remember back when I was first reading all these I could somewhat understand why people would call them "bad fanfiction" writing-wise (though I did like them somewhat, I was embarrassed about it, also that was when it first started being "unfashionable" to like Smart Doll), but I was caught off guard by this one and it made me smile and feel pretty good. I miss that. Nowadays Danny seems to churn out dolls and new designs, which is great because innovation and cute dolls, and Not Great because it's harder to get specific dolls if there isn't much warning, or conversely, a delay while several of the previous dolls are in production, or even demoted to the prototype garage... but also because it doesn't seem like he puts much thought into any specific character anymore. I like some of the stuff like with Moment, but I really miss some of the early stuff. If too many dolls are released around the same time I understand why a story/character write up for every single one would be difficult. But I miss that. I hope I'm wrong and I'm just not noticing as much for some other reason. I get that he's super busy releasing all those dolls and I don't want to complain that he doesn't force himself to overwork more or anything like that! And yeah I know people reacted really negatively to the stories so that's probably why he hasn't done them so much (not to mention he doesn't always seem to follow that advice he gives in the stories- "stay strong by not letting the haters get to you" indeed-- and I don't mean this in a mean way, I really wish I could suggest it to the man himself, out of concern/wishing that things were better for everyone, but I don't want to get in trouble in Smart Doll Land... and if this is too related to personal stuff for Danny, mods feel free to edit it out), but reading the old stories has made me more nostalgic and I wish that there hadn't been such backlash over them, only because it seems like a lot of the spirit of SMD seems to now be spent... elsewhere. I hope I don't get banned for saying that since I love the dolls and the innovation and I still do even now. I'm hoping to get more SMDs someday when I have the funds and I still stalk the new clothing releases because they usually look pretty cool. Cinnamon Infinity is gorgeous and I'm seeing more things I like about the Cocoa dolls... bleh I need money xD But anyway! If you remember a story you particularly liked, do you wish he still did stories like that? Or do you think the stories were extra/unnecessary? Or something in between? What do you think of the "Forging Force" idea, if you've seen those stories(Unity, Trinity, Justice and maybe others I'm forgetting were involved)? Do you think it was cheesy or hopeful? At the risk of seeming too political(and this doesn't have to be discussed in length, just a thought I had), how do you feel about how some of the stories reflect the "you can achieve anything if you just put your heart into it" mindset that some figure is too privileged? Because I want to believe things like that, but I also recognize that I have a lot of privilege... but I like the idea of being able to do things if I just "apply myself" and "ignore the haters". I liked the new Kizuna's story in particular but I doubt someone these days could just get a job working as a waitress or whatever it was so easily and be financially stable, even putting a ton of effort into the job itself. But honestly IDK ok. ramble over. stories. like 'em or leave 'em? it's 4 am and I've been up all night so I'm sorry this isn't super coherent ^^'
  15. Hey! I'm manaphyyy and I live in Oregon. I've been collecting dolls for almost 3 years now, but mostly stuck to the resin bjd side of things. However I'm really getting into vinyl dolls lately and wanted to get to know more of this side of the doll hobby. Currently, I have a DD Hatsune Miku and a SmD Genesis (shown below), and I've been really eyeing one of the new MDD Mochi Ashi girls I'm excited to be here and happy to meet everyone!
  16. KingyoNingyo

    My First Smart Doll - Entropy!

    I'd never ordered a Smart Doll before, only a Volks DDP, so I was really looking forward to seeing how they compare. I was really shocked by just HOW much larger she is than Yoko. Despite being a couple of inches shorter, Yoko is noticeably heavier and feels more solid. With Entropy, it feels like ALL of her structural stability is in the frame, and that the vinyl body is not an integral part of what holds her up. Also her hips and butt seem HUGE in comparison! As much as I love green eyes, I changed them out for the semi-realistic purple ones. They came LOADED with eye putty which was excellent. Overall though, I'm really excited to have her in my life. Now I've got someone new to sew for, who won't require any pattern adjustments!!
  17. AceHart

    New Girls Coming!

    I just ordered my very first smart dolls for my birthday, May 21st, and they're apparently going to arrive tomorrow! I'm ecstatic! I can't wait to post photos to share with you all!
  18. PrinceWolfe

    Little Luna!

    Here's another pic of my beautiful little Luna~ I took it tonight. I love her so much already, she's so cute! She's an elven vampire~ Also happy Felicity Friday! I have more on my Insta: Little.PrinceWolfe
  19. monkeypizzasonic

    Smart Doll x "Disney" (Star Wars and Marvel)

    Looks like we might be getting those SmD Star Wars dolls, and possibly Marvel dolls as well! Which would you want to see? (Some people on instagram are asking for Disney princesses as well, but I assume since Volks is already doing that and he didn't mention doing normal Disney characters that's off the table for now.)
  20. UnderOrange

    Ch-ch-ch-chaaaanges (Updated 4/2)

    There's gonna have to be a different man Don't tell them to grow up and out of it to be continued ~~
  21. Hi everyone, I'm on the search for a neat outfit for Eiji, who is currently on the way to me. The problem is: I adore high quality and elegant clothing, especially if it would be im a medieval nobleman style or smth. similar. A handsome vampire outfit, would be cool, too. xD The smart doll shop, on the other hand, has casual clothes only. -.- Do you know if there are any webshops for SD13 male outfits which might be interesting for me? Or are there websites of seamstresses who would take commissions? (I'm super picky, sadly. I don't really care that much about the price if I know the result would be AMAZING ;-; In my opinion Volks has one of the most amazing clothes and would love to find someone whose work is similar with the looks)
  22. Error-Chan

    My Smd Twilight called Isolda

    This is my Smart Doll Twilight Isolda. she is the discontinued sculpt from Sad but I love her! Isodla is an OC from Naruto. shes had a few dolls in her time but this doll was perfect for her so here she is! I bought her a week before they stopped making them too so I am lucky to have her.
  23. Nemu

    Gortys reporting for duty!

    So I recently paid off my cortex Mirai hybrid, and she arrived yesterday! I’m a big borderlands fan, so I made her into a humanized version of the peppy Atlas robot Gortys! She’s cortex all over with a vinyl smooth bust and vinyl thighs and I was surprised how sturdy the cortex parts are. She’s ready to help you hunt down those vaults!
  24. when is the next male smart doll release date? I'm desperate for one.
  25. 4/17/2020 Update: Anime Expo is now officially cancelled for this year. http://www.anime-expo.org/2020/04/17/anime-expo-return-los-angeles-2021/ Sadly, Anime Expo has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 situation. Conventions have been shown to be a source of several outbreaks of the virus, so it's better that we all stay safe, rather than overwhelm our hospitals. Hopefully things will improve in the months to come, but I'm pretty sure that Los Angeles will still be under social distancing orders in July. Take care, and stay healthy everyone! Note: Increasingly it looks like we may not have Anime Expo this year. Nothing is confirmed, and it's still on the schedule, but things aren't looking good. The LA Convention Center is currently setup as a Federal Field Hospital to help handle any potential surge in Coronavirus patients. The Barbershop Harmony Society, which had a convention scheduled at the same time as AX, utilizing the Microsoft Theater, JW Marriott, & L.A. Live, was cancelled. Los Angeles, as well as the entire state of California, remain under a Stay-at-Home order until further notice. Anime Expo 2020 (July 2-5) This year, Anime Expo will be held July 2-5, 2020 (Thursday-Sunday). I'm not trying to organize the meetups myself, but I wanted to make a master list for all doll meetups that may be happening. Meetups are a community effort, so I encourage everyone to comment and make suggestions. I will try to add any relevant information as it appears. People are encouraged to hold their own meetups. It's a huge con. It deserves more than 1 meetup. Day 1: Thursday, July 2 Day 2: Friday, July 3 Besides a weekend meetup in the convention lobby, we might also consider using the cosplay backdrop sets for photos. Day 3: Saturday, July 4 Likely meetup on Saturday We shall see if Volks USA participates in AX this year. Day 4: Sunday, July 5
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