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Making a Body out of the Option Parts?

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You absolutely can build one out of option parts, but it's not cheaper, it's actually around ¥2,000 more expensive than just the base body (For the F3: ¥31,680 for the base body, ¥33,990 for all needed option parts).  Also, there's always the possibility that the option parts can be from different batches of vinyl, so there could be slight color differences in body parts.  Nothing easily noticeable, but still there.  I don't know how shipping would be effected by this.  


But, it is a way to build it yourself, and learn the ins and outs of your new doll.  Plus you can spread out the cost if you don't buy them all at once, and you can choose a different chest size, and your hands if you don't like the default, but a second set of hands is ¥1,320.  So there are pros and cons.  It depends on how you want to approach the hobby I guess.  

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Posted (edited)

You only asked about MDD, but there is one exception to this. With DDP, you can build a body from the parts, except the DDP-specific hands aren't currently sold as separate items. Hopefully Volks will add those along with other hand types for DDP.

On the other side of that, with the soon-to-be-discontinued white skin, this was the only way to get a body as complete bodies were never sold in that color.

I agree with everything @DesertPhantom51 said.

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