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Found 9 results

  1. Hello members, I recently acquired an Obitsu 60cm body along with a head I've been searching for. Unfortunately, the seller insisted on selling the head and body together, leaving me with no choice but to purchase the entire set. The part that allows for attaching a Volks head is broken, and I'm in need of guidance on where to find a suitable replacement. If anyone has suggestions or knows where I can acquire a new neck peg, I would be immensely grateful. I don’t know anything about Obitsu bodies and I might sell it fast but if I can replace the neck peg easily I will maybe keep if after all. Thank you 🙏🏻✨
  2. Chocola

    Tea skin color match ?

    Bought a smart doll head to practice faceups, in color tea. If I end up liking her face I will probably want to get a body for her. But smartdoll doesn’t sell single bodies ! They sometimes do chaos things but under the conditions that you’ve bought 2 separate times from the site, and I haven’t bought anything from their site. Where can I find a body that will match smart doll color tea ? Any type is fine, even resin.
  3. Warning, this topic could be NSFW a little bit for some people. Finally my doll goal of the year is done. After A LOT of difficulties, months of waiting and of course, my wallets death, I finally got an Adykadoll flex body. After some hours of playing with it, I thought it may be useful to share my opinion in case you weren't sure on acquiring one. Something to notice before I begin is that this body fits both SmD and DD (for this you need some pegs you can buy in the official website for the neck), which means it has the same shape and posability for both brands. Unfortunately, afaik, adykadoll body is not available for the classic SmD skin tones anymore (at least for now) and it will only be available in blue in the future. So, if you're looking for one, right now you will only find DD bodies from the official site. Anyway, let's begin. For this topic I will need help of the most beautiful and angelic SmD that exists (IMO). Her name Is Entropy but she prefers to be called "Enty". She's the discontinued semi real style version 1 Entropy, released some time ago. As you can see, she's using her new body. Now, excluding the silicone, what's the difference between the SmD vynil body and this one? More posability for the legs and a curvier shape that (IMO) looks much better than the original body. For posability purposes, more photos below. Starting with the torso: No posability differences here compared with the original vynil body. Even the big gap that allows to see the inner frame between the bust and the torso is the same. Talking about the inner frame, the torso section is metal-made. I couldn't visually confirm this with the tighs or shins, but, judging by the feel when you squeze the silicone, I'm almost sure is made of metal as well. For the legs articulation, I still need to get used to the body so i can update this topic. For now that's all. Hope it helps you in some way and if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask!
  4. The_Folktale_Fox

    Androgynous body

    hey everyone! I'm currently contemplating trying to make one of my own characters into a vinyl doll. I only own an angelphilia at this moment. I love her so much but I am happy to branch out to other brands/sculpts. I am looking for a more androgynous looking body. The actual gender of the body isn't relevant as long as it has a flat chest (ish doesn't need to be perfect flat). The aim is for it to look genderfluid/androgynous underneath clothes. Any help or redirection to pages would be wonderful! I tried looking for this topic but I am still learning about this forum 😅 Thanks! PS if you have a doll like this feel free to add pictures! I love seeing other people's dolls. Edit: I forgot to mention that I prefer something 50cm + somewhere around the 60cm would be perfect.
  5. I'm going to show you how I made a boy Mini Dollfie Dream body using Obitsu torso parts! Required parts: Volks MDD body in Semi-White Parabox/Obitsu 45cm male torso shell (upper and lower soft vinyl parts) in White Process: Remove the arms and legs from the MDD body. Detach the MDD upper torso skeleton part from the lower torso skeleton part. Remove the lower torso skeleton part through one of the leg holes in the vinyl MDD shell. Cut out a 2cm deep wedge on each side of the Obitsu male lower torso shell. Slide the MDD lower torso skeleton into the Obitsu shell from the top opening. The Obitsu/Parabox shell is really soft and flexible. Although the male upper body is wider than the MDD, it can be squished to allow the arms to sit securely in the sockets. The neck has a better range of movement, too! If you want to use an Obitsu/Parabox head on the MDD skeleton, make a stopper from EVA (craft) foam and slip it on the neck peg. Now you have a boy 45cm vinyl fashion doll! He will fit in regular MSD size clothing, and can use the 45cm stain-prevention bodysuit from Parabox.
  6. So i was possing my doll for a picture today, and this was the second time ive ever taken her out of the box let alone pose her for a picture, and i noticed that her left thigh came off, i didnt think much of it since you can push the it back on, but i noticed that the piece that came off wouldnt go back on... then i look even closer and it looks broken. (i dont know i could be wrong since im a noob to vinyl dolls) could anyone help please?? if she is broken do they sell these pieces separately or would i have to buy a whole internal skeleton ?? (https://ibb.co/PjW3HZ6) thats the link to the image
  7. Animaster888

    dollfie dream bodies

    So, I was curious. What is the most basic/common dollfie dream body out there? I want to get one one day but I'm curious on the different types. but I want one that is common because ill be selling clothes for them one day
  8. BiscuitBoxx

    DDP body Stocking?

    So I’ve ordered a Dollfie Dream Pretty, and I understand that their smaller but not as small as the minis. Do they have their own body stockings? What would be compatible? Other options for protecting the vinyl?
  9. Hello, I have a kind of weird Question, i guess. Theoretically speaking, isn't it possible to make a MDD Body from the Option Parts? (https://www.dollfiedream.tokyo/dd_en/item/op_parts_mdd/) and wouldn't it be Cheaper?
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