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Found 14 results

  1. I love dollfie dream mariko head and face up but her body is white skin which is discontinued and I like dddy body more so I’m wondering if semi white body would work with a white skin head edit:I found out student version of mariko has semi white skin but I still wanna know how a white skin head looks on a semi white skin body
  2. How do I create a 60cm hybrid? (I am sorry about my odd wording and punctuation.) I have been looking online for guides and tips catered for creating Obitsu 60 hybrids. I have read guides for 50cm and smaller doll bodies, but I am not sure if the same rules would apply to a 60. It is difficult to find 60cm option parts as they have been discontinued or are out of stock. It seems like 50cm parts are still being released, so I was wondering if 50cm option parts would fit on a 60. If so, I would have more options than I originally had.
  3. From what I've seen, clothes staining a doll is quite common, and the most common practice to prevent it is using either a body suit or a body stocking. But are these the only option we have? Almost 5 years ago, I was really into Pullip dolls, and their clothes too would sometimes stain, but they had no body suits or stockings to prevent it, so people would wrap the dolls body parts that came in contact with the staining cloth in either plastic wrap or a light fabric. As the clothes would then go over the plastic wrap or fabric, it wouldn't be seen so it was all ok. What I am wondering is if these methods also work on DD dolls? I do not own a doll of my own yet, so I can't test it out and I don't have knowledge on how easily the vinyl skin of the dolls stain. So, if we take the DD Miku as an example, since I've heard her clothes can stain quite badly, if I were to wrap her legs in a plastic wrap or light fabric before putting her boots on, would it prevent them from staining? Might plastic wrap not be safe for the vinyl?
  4. Oliver


    So i didnt exactly knwo where this is suposed to go but as these are all craft related i thought this was the place. I have a few questions, some arent related to eachother but i really dont want to make multiple posts for these. 1. I want my doll to have a wig that has 3 colors. The bangs are pink, the side bits are blue and the back is purple. This wouldnt be a problem for my resindolls as id simply make a yarn wig. However i personally preffer vinyl dolls with synthetic hair. I have atempted multiple times in the past and failed every single time lol. I honestly dont wanna waste time on it again especially on such a large scale. I could either commission somebody or try and dye a wig. Now commissioning is great and easy however my family already gotten mad at me and until the whole pandemic is gone i cant buy outside of the EU and so far i have not found anyone that does custom synthetic wigs in the EU. Doing it myself sounds great as i love being crafty. I saw some yt videos on how to dye cosplay wigs with sharpies and rubbing alchohol. Obviously my doll would be wearing a lil net to protect her head from staining. But are there extra steps i can take? Would there be a way to "seal" the color? So it will definitly not stain my doll? 2. Im planing on getting another doll, her character is deaf and id like for her to have earingaids. Does those exist in doll size? Colour dosnt matter as id paint over it myself. Or is there some kind of DIY on it? 3. Im fairly new to the vinyl hobby. But im intrested in getting a male. The smart dolls arent my cup of tea, The parabox one seems great however i feel like it would make my character too childish and i want him to look more mature while im also used to msd size i dont want to sudenly won this giant doll. But Dollfie dream is a lil confusing me. Is there only 1 male size? And if so isnt Len suposed to be as big as Rin (who i think is 54cm?). If it would be DDS size (54cm?) it would be absolutly perfect! Or is there a compleatly flat bust or could i hybride that body with the male bust? I know its hard to get a male body but i like planing in advance in case it comes up second hand. 4. What kind of product should i use to remove face-ups on a vinyl head? For my bjds i use nailpolish remover without acetone. I lost the bottle tho so idk what else is written on it. For sealant i would use Citadel Munitorum Varnish spray. My friend uses it for her bjds and she says it works perfectly fine on them. Still wanted to make sure if its ok to use? Is there any paints to absolutly not use? 5. What clay is recomended to use on heads and posibly body parts? I love fantasy things and as there arent really alot of mythical creatures id like to mod some myself. Like a faun, mermaid, harpy, naga ect. 6. For resin you can hotboil the hands to reform the position. Is this posible with vinyl? Any info is dearly apreciated! I might add more questions lol
  5. marcecloud

    So my mom DROPPED Miku...

    I cannot catch a break with wigs! I made the mistake in July of letting my cousin’s girlfriend brush Miku’s original wig- she used the tail brush on her bangs and thus super messed up the tails. The only way to fix them would be to undo them and redo them with a new band, but I’m not good with my hands (I’m on the spectrum and can’t tie my own shoes) and I know no one that’s confident enough to try. So a month later my dream Miku outfit suddenly appears on eBay- and for $100 less than what it would be if Mandarake had it in stock! I buy it glad that I can replace her wig with one that’s less sad to look at. The outfit was never used but the wig had been through a repair already (probably why it was cheaper, but it’s not like any others were/are available for sale). The repair job was really good, you really couldn’t tell without knowing. And then she fell... and part of it got undone. How would I go about getting this fixed? Since no one I know feels even comfortable messing with these wigs is there somewhere I could send it to? I’d prefer going to someone in person so I don’t accidentally mess it up while trying to get the wig back on. I live in rural northeast PA, but since I have family in north NJ if there’s a place in NJ or NY I can actually go there. Like are doll hospitals a thing that I can even take this (and honestly the original wig too) to? At this point I’ve learned absolutely NO ONE can touch her except for me, but I’d really like this fixed so I have something truly worth fiercely defending. tl;dr My mom dropped Miku and her already once repaired wig got somewhat messed up. How do I, someone with no skills that knows no one with any skills, fix it? It’s not particularly noticeable from the front as you can see here so I have some relief, but gah does it bug my inner need for it to be just right.
  6. Gwandak

    New to this hobby

    Hello there. I'm just creating this thread because I am looking into this hobby a little bit and I wanted to know more about it before committing anything. You can skip this paragraph if you really don't care to know my backstory. A little bit of my background and experience with dolls is that I have been into 1/6 figures for a long time and I probably started collecting them when I was around 16. As I'm sure I'm not alone here, I struggled to make actual human friends because I was rather shy and antisocial, so I turned to something else for friendship and company; Dolls. I have many different 1/6 figures from various different companies. Because of this I have dealt with a lot of different materials that some companies use to make their bodies out of, so I am at least a little acquainted with these things. The hobby has kind of died down to me for a while now, but back when I was really into the hobby I had come across the smart dolls. It peaked an interest in my mind and I began to look into them more and more. Eventually I found Dollfie as well. I never got a doll from either company mainly because of how expensive they were, it was hard to try and talk myself into it. At the time I didn't realize that they were also so big (I thought they were of the 1/6 scale variety). I always meant to get one someday and I kept telling myself I would, but never got around to it. I never really lost interest in the hobby because I stopped liking them or anything, but instead it was because I had met my wife and she actually finds it to be quite weird that a male has taken an interest in dolls... so, for her sake I kind of gave the hobby up. Anyway, recently I've been very interested in drawing and art. I created my own character that I really fell in love with, which is actually the reason I started my art journey in the first place. It got me thinking that I wanted to bring her to life for real. Immediately I thought of Dollfie and Smart Doll. She could be my art model and reference if I needed her to be. Now my interest in these dolls has once again peaked because I have been looking at them again. Me and my wife have been together for a couple years now and she's not as uncomfortable with the doll thing and the ones I still currently have like she used to be. Although the topic of me purchasing a smart doll about a year ago didn't really sit well with her, mainly because of the size difference between the 1/6 figures I currently possess and the larger Dollfie sizes. Even when I think about how large 2 feet is, it does seem like a lot of doll. More so than anything I've ever had in the past. Nonetheless, I'm still very interested in acquiring one of these dolls. There's just a couple of questions I'd like to ask for those of you with the knowledge to share with me. How durable are these dolls? What is the maintenance like on them (i.e. do you need to be concerned with oily fingers, special way to wash or care for them, etc.)? I know that with my 1/6 figures you have to be wary of ink leaking from the clothing and staining the body; I'm assuming it can be said that this could happen to these dolls as well? What brand could be classified as the best (quality, pricing, customer support, etc.)? I got in contact with the company that produces the smart doll and they said they don't make custom dolls, but that doesn't mean I couldn't customize her myself correct? At this point in time I'm currently leaning towards DD more because it seems as though there is more customization. If there is any other basic information you can provide to me would be much appreciated! Also, if there's any advice on what type of body, head, clothing websites, etc. I would appreciate that very much also! Here's my character. I couldn't figure out how to upload to the website, so here's the direct link to the pictures. https://www.deviantart.com/gwandak/gallery
  7. I wanted to get outfit sets for my dolls and liked some of the outfits on these sites. Idk if they are genuine. I m concerned about the quality of the items. But I really need some good outfits for my angels Alice’s collection http://www.acbjd.com Cheery dolls http://m.cheerydoll.com Dollremi https://www.dollremi.store I would appreciate suggestions and recommendations about buying outfits. Im new to the hobby , are there things to look out for before buying and outfit ?
  8. I was curious as to how long you all have waited when you sent a question or questions via the "Contact Us" form on the Smart Doll website. For me, I've already been waiting a week and 3 days. Have you had them never respond to your queries or waited months, etc? Let me know! Would definitely like to know what is the more normal, expected time of waiting for their response (other than the 3 business days that the automated response told me). (Update 02/2020: Yeah, they never answered that certain question but others they ended up answering so, it's whatever)
  9. So I just ordered my first doll yesterday, a vinyl Smart Doll Kanata (Alternate).While waiting for her to arrive I have some questions to ask you guys.General1. What to look out for? Any common beginner mistakes?2. What is your doll care routine?3. Any shop recommendations for doll clothes?Wig Care4. How to maintain the wig? (Come from figure collecting, no experience with wigs XD)Stains5. Do all colored materials stain? or only dark colored ones?6. Do stain prevention garments stop staining or only make it harder to stain? (Have a few dark colored clothes)7. Are there any materials that don't stain/high risk of staining?Thanks!
  10. I've been looking at this forum and the Smartdoll website and I couldn't find an answer to this, so I'm just going to ask here: is there a weight difference between the cortex and the vinyl dolls? It sounds silly, but part of the reason I've started seriously looking into getting a Smartdoll is that I am a tiny person and while I love my SD resin babies they're a lot harder to bring places than my Dollfie Dream girl, so I would like to stick to vinyl for any BJDs above MSD size for now. With cortex I don't really mind the seam lines or anything, and I like that it's less expensive, but I'm just worried that since it's a harder material it'll be heavier (not as heavy as resin I assume). Anyone who has or has handled both types of materials, is there a significant difference in weight between them?
  11. Hello everyone!! So, i’ve been going through this questions & answers thingy for days and collecting lots of information for my mdd who is not ready to arrive yet!! and i was wondering if there’s any store list for mdd clothes and shoes, i haven’t find anything like that here but maybe i didn’t look at the right place though > < i’m curious about shops or sellers other than volks where i could buy really cute well made sets, that kind of things! please help me out ♡
  12. Hello, I have a kind of weird Question, i guess. Theoretically speaking, isn't it possible to make a MDD Body from the Option Parts? (https://www.dollfiedream.tokyo/dd_en/item/op_parts_mdd/) and wouldn't it be Cheaper?
  13. Ohana

    what size?

    hello me again, sorry for all the questions. but lately i have seen violin's and guitars, and i wondered what size they are.i want to get one for my coming ram, but i couldn't find one for smart dolls or dollfie dream, any idea what size i need then ( i'll buy a miniature i think)? thanks. Hana
  14. Yuichan


    Heya! I'm Yui, but i'm fine with every Name. I love Vinyl BJD's, but i never really got into it because i was always on the Resin-Side of the Hobby. I dont really know much about Vinyl BJD's, and i want to Change that since i want to Customize my own Mini Dolfie Dream Wohoo! And i just feel like this is the right place for asking Question and Sharing my Journey. I also have a DOA Account, where i speak about my Resin Dolls, but i felt that Den Of Angels isnt the right place to speak about MDD's. I'm also collecting Anime Figures and Manga. After i get some Resin BJD's that are on my List i'll Hopefully get my First Smartdoll! I Actually would prefer buying my MMD before a Smart Doll, but like i said i dont really know much and im a little bi insecure about it. Anyways, Thank you for Reading! I always like to meet new People, especially in this hobby, since i dont have really Friends who share the Hobby with me, so feel free to Message me Anytime! Also, on a little Sidenote; Is it normal that the Profile Picture is blurry and pixilated? I tried it with some really High Res Pictures but nothing seems to work.
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