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Found 39 results

  1. luna_Lillie

    Did i do something wrong?

    Not as dramatic as the title makes it seem😂. Just something non-consequential & silly that i've been in my head about. I wanted to order some anti-staining clothing from Taobao. I found out that New Clover Singing offers a proxy service. I wanted to try since I might as well, they'll understand skin tones, doll terms and so on. It took a while to receive a reply. In the end, I was told the seller did not reply to their questions and since their items were strange, it couldn't proceed. So of course, I worried If the BJD-focused proxy couldn't order. I may have trouble elsewhere. so I went to Superbuy expecting to have trouble- but it went fine and now all the pieces are in my storage. So basically my question is: did I ask for too much from NCS ? I heard it's run by one person, i'm worried my request was inappropriate (due to the amount of needing around 20 pieces). Meaning i should be mindful in the future 😅
  2. So I just ordered my first doll yesterday, a vinyl Smart Doll Kanata (Alternate).While waiting for her to arrive I have some questions to ask you guys.General1. What to look out for? Any common beginner mistakes?2. What is your doll care routine?3. Any shop recommendations for doll clothes?Wig Care4. How to maintain the wig? (Come from figure collecting, no experience with wigs XD)Stains5. Do all colored materials stain? or only dark colored ones?6. Do stain prevention garments stop staining or only make it harder to stain? (Have a few dark colored clothes)7. Are there any materials that don't stain/high risk of staining?Thanks!
  3. Till Troll

    Volks 1/6 elegant bodies

    Hello. Does anyone know where I can find a picture of the internal frame of the seamless Volks Elegant body series? I’ve picked up some from MANDARAKE (custom Dragon Half Mink and Slayers Naga incoming) and I don’t want to break them. I’ve checked most of my old doll magazines and although I found an announcement of the bodies, no such luck with a picture of the internal frame.
  4. I’m assuming they do as theres only one option. Can I put the “normal” hands on the original base body (the one I have)? Will they fit? The hands I took off are large and the ones I want to buy are the smaller size. Just scared the normal ones won’t fit…
  5. Hi all, sorry for immediately rushing to the forum when something goes odd with my first vinyl, but I'm a bit puzzled. I got an Imomodoll Canis head in tan secondhand, and it came with a faceup already applied. I removed the faceup with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol, but the alcohol left behind a sort of....powdery pale finish onto the vinyl? It goes away temporarily with water, only to show again when the head dries. This isn't my customizing rodeo, but I'm used to playline fashion dolls and acetone, so I'm a bit puzzled. Should I try another round with acetone to remove it, or am I missing something?
  6. Hiya! I was planning on getting my first BJD/MJD, a Tinyfox, and i am just curious on how yall felt getting your first How i think ima react? In summary, Given i have wanted anime type BJDs for almost 3 years now, imagined myself getting one and even dreamed about getting one multiple times.. I will not be surprised at all if i dont just get excited but i cry happy tears too. XD
  7. teddyboy1der

    1/6 Doll w/ 2-Part Torso?

    Hello all! I come to you with a query; I have a 1/6 Imomo doll intended for a halfling-esque statured character to go with a handful of resin dolls in similar proportions, and ideally I want to increase their chest size so they resemble a more mature figure. However, the Imomo doll's shoulders are more narrow than the other dolls I have in this scale, and I think that adding her 'assets' won't look or work amazing given the size. Therefore I was wondering if there were other dolls within similar proportions as the Imomo doll perhaps with a 2-part torso? Then I could swap out the top part for one either already with breasts, or at least with a wider shoulder base to fit the mods I'll do. I don't mind hybriding or experimenting lmao, or maybe even branching out to a 1/4 bust part (providing I can find a 1/6 2-part torso for a base), as the character in mind is also a little thicker anyway XD Thanks in advance!
  8. cinnabunroll

    Mods for DDb

    Hi all! I know I don't post or comment on here very often, but hopefully this doll project will change that? I'm gonna try my hand at shelling a character I really like in DDb form; but I have an issue, because the character has 4 arms. I have a rough idea of how I want to do this, but I'm not gonna lie, I'm not confident. My initial idea was to take an extra set of arms and (carefully) cut arm holes out of his waist area, then mod the arm pegs so that I could drill some of those little o-ring screws (I guess they're called Screw Eyes?) into them and use some elastic to hold them in place. After thinking about that for a bit, though, I realized that there might not be enough room in the abdominal area of these dolls for that (though maybe I could cut the pegs down a few mm). So my next best idea is to 3d print something for them to sit in, like the shoulder sockets they come with, but a cylinder. The problem with *that* is that I don't know how 3d printing works. I mean, I have access to a 3d pinter at my local library (woo), but again, I have no idea how it works or how to design stuff to print out... so I'd need to commission someone to make me that cylinder thing, then send me the file to print. I might end up making a new topic post when he arrives, at which point I'll also tell everyone which character I'm making. I'm not keeping his identity secret out of shame or anything, I just don't want to jinx myself and end up being unable to do this project by telling everyone my exact plans. The only reason I'm making *this* topic post is because I was hoping to hear some ideas, or potentially cast a net and find someone who is good at 3d print/design so I can shove money at them and beg for help lol Anyway, have a lovely day!
  9. Hey yall.. ima be honest i need help.. Im in a BJD server, and im starting to get stressed out for searching for anything for the doll.. The reason is cause of fear of the seller being a recast seller... Cause they say that even if you buy something else from them thats not a doll.. it would basically say "You can sell recasts, i wont buy it but you can sell them.." And its stressing me out.. especially given i am the type that would buy something that has good reviews and looks good.. but reviews cannot be depended on for telling.. you'd need to look through the entire shop before buying one item.. and again.. it is stressing me out.. So.. I beg of yall.. do you have any shops that you frequent for BJD clothes or accessories.. that are not recast sellers to your knowledge.. An extra question.. how can you tell if you found a recast seller or not, or even better, how to tell if a shop is secretly selling recasts behind the scenes.. (Like SophiesToyParadise on Etsy for example)... so when I'm looking on my own, I can notice and avoid them..
  10. I have a couple questions in regards to dolls aaand.. drawing?? alright i'll get to it in a minute lol. My first question is kind of simple.. If the doll you are getting has a name already.. is it ok to rename them? I figure you could.. cause it would be kinda odd to have a restriction on renaming your dolls lol.. buuut just asking for the lolz.. The second question.. is.. If the drawings are related to dolls in question.. is it ok to post them here?? Cause I occasionally draw dolls i like, especially the one im currently after, having sketched her several times.. Since im uncertain on if i can post said drawings here, i thought to ask. THe final question i wanna ask is simple.. What sizes for body suits and wig caps are best for 1/6 Tinyfox dolls? I just wanna be sure.. ;w; Oh and tiny updates on me. Found out that the original site the doll im after is on is actually cheaper.. and that there is not exactly an extreme time limit.. if there is one.. its around 9 months.. aaand given this baby has been announced 4 weeks ago.. i think i got a bit of time.. Aaand i started my commissions!
  11. Shirayuridolls

    Sending faceups in Winter - MSC

    Hello everyone, I would like to address a topic, and I hope not to repeat it in the forum. I woke up this morning with a very stressful idea in my head. I sent my doll head to the buyer, but it's extremely cold outside in this period of the year, and I'm worried that the MSC sealant could be damaged. Even though I've protected the head well, the cold would maybe still reach it. How do you usually handle this? I’m curious about your experiences and any advise to handle this situation. Auctions and make-up comissions don’t stop in the winter and artists still send their heads to people … I'm really concerned about this issue! I appreciate any insights or suggestions you may have in this matter. Thank you all
  12. Calyps0Kitt3n

    Help re-styling Kagamine Len wig?

    My Len's wig was looking a tad rough, so I wanted to try and fix it up just a bit. I took out the rubber band on the wig to try redoing it, but couldn't seem to get it right. Kept ending up looking about the same, just with less stray hair strands poking out. The ponytail always just ends up curling heavily to the left, right or even under itself. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on how to get his wig looking more like the official images? How would I go about making the ponytail more centered, so it doesn't heavily lean to one side of his head? I'd be happy with most any wig styling tips to be honest, I'm just having a difficult time with that ponytail. I've fixed/redone my Miku's wigs quite a few times, but this one has been so much harder. Did I make a mistake by even removing the band at all? 😓 I have a feeling I should probably get some kinda hairspray or gel, but wanted to ask around here first to see what anyone might suggest. Don't think I've unlocked the picture uploading feature here yet, so I hope I'm getting things across well with just my words. Thanks in advance for any help!
  13. hello everyone ^_^ I'm still new to this forum and to doll collecting in general, so I apologize for any mistakes. Recently I found a legit bjd shop called mydollection.com, and there I saw an Imomodoll Fuwamo (1/6) doll for $39.99 (I was looking for vinyl dolls on the cheaper side). While Imomodoll is thorough with its measurements: I'm confused about some of them. 1 - I assumed that since it's an anime style doll in the 1/6 size it would have bigger eyes (14mm/16mm), but I still want to be cautious and ask you guys. 2 - The wig size is also weird for me, it looks like the head is pretty big so maybe an MSD wig would fit? But since it's listed as a 1/6 doll, maybe I should just go with the standard YOSD wig fit (6-7 in.)? 3 - The thighs are really thick so I'm pretty sure that stretchy MSD pants would fit, but the doll itself is just 27 cm/10.6 in. So again, I'm not sure if I should go with MSD or YOSD pants) thanks everyone!
  14. hi! i’m very new to dollfie dreams and i am expecting my DD kaito to arrive very soon! i have bought a lot in preparation such as a bodysuit and wig cap, but i have yet to purchase any extra clothes for him! with that being said, what doll clothing sizes fit best on DDB bodies? do SD clothes fit DDB? what about smart doll clothes? i appreciate any insight! i was thinking of waiting for kaito to arrive and measure him to double-check, but i really wanna have some clothes for him upon arrival ;w;
  15. Hello there! I haven't made a topic in quite some time so bare with me if this is in the wrong place or something. I'm currently working on an (extensively) modded Obitsu 50 which is my first vinyl doll. I have a specific body type in mind that I'd like her to have, which is going really great so far (!!) except for her shoulders, which are too wide for my idea... Her current set up is the Obitsu 50cm chest skeleton with the 50cm L bust from Parabox. Is there a way I could cut out some of the vinyl around the arm holes so the shoulders would be less wide? Alternatively, I also read that MDD busts can fit the Obitsu45. Since that shares the same chest skeleton part, could I buy an MDD bust and use that instead of modding the 50cm L bust? Would that even fit? I know I'd have to modify the neck hole for the Obitsu neck peg but that's doable for me! Any help is appreciated and I hope I was able to explain myself clearly! If you need any more information or clarification please let me know haha Thank you! 😄
  16. Hello! I was wondering if it's possible to have a Dollfie dream faceup that, while still anime, Is more realistic? I guess something like the Dollfie icon look but on a dream sculpt.
  17. Hello all! I hope this is the right place to ask this. I've been a little frustrated with the AP body, and was thinking of possibly trying to hybrid an AP head with an MDD body. I've never made a hybrid before, so I was wondering if it was possible and how would it look? Would it look okay or funky? I know there might be some size differences which I'm concerned about. Would I need an adaptor for the head?
  18. SonataAvalon

    Pros and Cons

    I need pros and cons about buying these dolls. (This part is for a video) Give me five pros and five cons. You’ll get a virtual cookie for obeying
  19. RyuichiSakuma13

    I Have Some Questions....

    I'm new to the world of vinyl dolls, and I just got Hatsune Miku, my first Dollfie on December 28th. I have some newbie questions, I hope that you all don't mind answering. Are Dollfie faceups sealed? Is there some substance I should avoid, like isopropyl alcohol or nail polish? If they touch her, will she melt? I'm asking that because I would like to give Miku her classic bangs, and I was considering using hair gel, but not if it'll melt her face! I'm really reluctant to take her wig off, since it was a fight to get it on her head. Should I use white glue instead? I was told that vinyl dolls don't yellow even in the sun, is that true? Do they have a low temperature range I should avoid? I'd love to take her out and do a photoshoot in the snow...when we get some. (Climate change sucks!) Is there a top heat range I should also worry about? I'm guessing leaving her in a hot car is also a no-no. I know that there are high and low temp limits with resin BJDs, but I've taken mine out in the snow and on a sunny summer beach with no problems. How often will I need to take her apart and tighten her? I play with her pretty often, right now she's sitting next to me watching me type and watching music videos. I often watch TV/movies with my BJDs as well, especially late at night. I'm sure I'll think of other questions, and when I do, I'll probably ask them in this thread. Feel free to link me to threads that may answer my many questions. Thank you everyone! Ryu
  20. Hi i’m just wondering if Parabox 45cm bodies can hybrid with angel philia or will it look weird?
  21. Greta

    DDH and obitsu Hybrid?

    Hi i’m VERY new in vinyl dolls i purchased 2 ddh heads recently and planned on buying an obitsu body soon, but i have read that doing the trick where you unscrew the neck piece and inserted the base into the head without the spring and put the top part against it can result in cracks.. Is there any good neck adapters ? i was thinking of getting this one https://www.shapeways.com/product/76VWLL36J/obitsu-to-dd-neck-post?optionId=66623972 but i don’t know if it poses any good.. I would like to buy one that can pose good but i can’t find any reviews on the shapeways neck adapter ;( Also is there anyone living in sweden that has any other better option than buying from japan for a obitsu body? The customs in sweden is killing my wallet so i don’t know if there is maybe a store in europe selling obitsu bodies? I found one in french i think but they only sold 20cm bodies or it was obitsu heads they only sell i don’t remember :p
  22. hi all :] I recently bought an imomodoll doll but I still need to find a faceup artist to commission. I'm looking for an artist who can do anime style faceups on vinyl dolls. If you've had any good experiences with a faceup artist or you are one yourself, please respond! Thanks < 3
  23. Hello everyone, Just now when I was working, I noticed that sunlight hits my dolls every day (for about an hour or so) since I've got them on my desk. I don't really have anywhere else to keep them, so I was wondering just how worried I should be about sunlight from outside hitting them every day.
  24. Hello everyone! I've really wanted an MDD for a long time now, but I didn't want to commit $500+ to one either. Then I found this blog post where someone put a Dollfie Dream head on 1/3 & 1/4 Dream Fairy bodies with good results. After going to the DBS official AliExpress store (they aren't recast, they make their own original dolls), I found that they have anime style dolls too. I was wondering if this body: Would fit with a Dollfie Dream head. Thanks!
  25. So I'm kind of new, have had two dolls (one vinyl one resin, both 1/3 scale) in the past but didn't do much with them. They were just too big for me. Anyways, my question is this: is Taobao worth looking into? Can I find legitimate vinyl heads on the 1/6 scale there? If so, any pointers on how to find them? Thanks so much for any and all help! Dolorre
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