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Persona 5 Futaba Sakura

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Well, if Volks won't give me one, I'll make one myself.

Hey friends! I'm at the end of my first P5 playthrough and I chose to romance Futaba. She is a character near and dear to my heart and I would love to have her in my collection, whether as an official character model or as a custom. All of this is to say I sort of planned her out already, though she will be a slow-going process as I pick up things for her.

The References



The Doll

For Futaba, I decided that a DDH-06 in Flesh skin on the DDS small bust body would be most accurate. I debated on putting her on the DDP, since it's shorter and probably aligns more with her canon height (read: tiny), but if my canonically 14-year-old IM@S Ranko gets a DDS, then so does Futaba. As of this moment, the wig and eyes are still TBD.



The Clothes

My goal would be to make Futaba's casual outfit. Lucky for me, Nine9Style already has some pieces that would work! The hard part would be finding or making a t-shirt to match her look and protecting her from staining with all that black. I'd also have to hunt down a convincingly close pair of glasses and headphones.


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I actually have a custom Futaba of my own.  It's funny, we picked the same headmold, although mine is on the Obitsu 50cm body because I already had one of those and hadn't bonded as much with the doll previously using it.

Here's a picture of her.  Just ignore the face-up quality, it was my first time painting a DD head.  Her wig is an 8-9 Monique Gold Geneva in carrot red, and her glasses are this pair from AC.  The eyes are Type-F Shikoku from Volks, and are not at all like the brown color they look online... I need to get her a new pair in the Sumire color, I think.

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