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Sunday Afternoon At Our Place.

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A Little fun time for my little ones Last Sunday Afternoon, especially after hearing some bad news about my uncle Bruce Passing away :( 

So I kinda needed a little pick-me-up myself, and my girls, especially my little ones, tend to really bring a smile to my face, and I hope they do for you too! :)

So, without further ado, here we go.

51575200849_bf406f3d04_k.jpgIMG_3125 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr

Looks like this bunch is having a good time...

51575200484_06aecb9e3d_k.jpgIMG_3126 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr

"How's everyone doing here girls?"

Noumi - Great daddy! Just great! Wow! you got the WHOLE living room decorated for Halloween!"

51574756638_5e52dc208d_k.jpgIMG_3127 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr

Konomi - Wow daddy, do you think we'll have trick-or-treaters this year?

Illya - Would be nice! Though we didn't have any last year...

Lilliru - Daddy are you SURE it's okay for us to have these? I know you and Grandpa are on a diet though....

"Yes, it's fine Lilliru, don't worry about it."

51574517846_0057de9465_k.jpgIMG_3128 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr

Noumi - YAY! This cake is really yummy daddy! Thanks for the sweets!

"You're welcome dear, I'm glad you're all having a good time."

Konomi - Ya! Plus we gotta do our planning for our club too!

51575199129_795adbdfc3_k.jpgIMG_3129 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr

Lilyanne - KONOMI! Hush! Uncle Tim doesn't need to KNOW about that!

Konomi - But Daddy doesn't care! Besides, we never do anything dangerous do we?

(there's suddenly silence)

"Fine you girls keep your secrets, just don't do anything dangerous."

Illya - Don't worry daddy, we won't. We promise!

51574755273_9ccc7b03ec_k.jpgIMG_3130 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr

Maria - So when are we gonna tells daddy about the new peoples we found?

Yumi - We'll tell him soon Mari-chan, I promise!

Rena - Better tell daddy and tell him soon...

Sarah - We will, we just gotta find the right time okay?

Louise - Booooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring...

51575198219_c6c8b218ab_k.jpgIMG_3131 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr

"Louise, aren't you cold?"

Louise - Are you kidding!? It's hot in here! I'm just NOW getting some relief especially from that fan of yours...if you'd let me use my wand I could conjure up a cooling spell lickety split!

"You know the rules young lady, after the stunt you pulled you're grounded, NO wand for you until I say so got it?"

Louise - Grrrrrrrr alright, fine...

51575437595_283f4d6fa4_k.jpgIMG_3132 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr

"So what's this about new people?"

Maria - We can't tell you now daddy, but we'll be able to tell you soon, we promise!

Yumi - Cross our hearts hope to fly stick a cupcake in our eye.

51573708302_102fdf011d_k.jpgIMG_3133 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr

Rena - Daddy?

"Yes Rena?"

Rena - I heard from Yukino about whut happened, are you okay?

"Yes, I'll be okay Rena, I promise, it's just going to take a bit. it hurts when you lose family especially ones you really care about. But I'll be okay soon."

Rena nods.

51575436685_884c1d8ac0_k.jpgIMG_3134 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr

Tori - Come on get him get him!!!

Natalie - Wow and I thought Rugby was tough!

51573707442_6acd495a2d_k.jpgIMG_3135 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr

Tori - Daddy! Why didn't you tell me the Cowboys were playing today!?

"Well I'm sorry my dear, heh, let me guess, you're a Dallas Cowboys fan huh?"

Tori - Absolutely! They have my favorite colors! Silver and Blue!

51575196124_464d61886a_k.jpgIMG_3136 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr

Natalie - So tell me again? Why don't these football players use their feet?

51575195794_e16f1b333e_k.jpgIMG_3137 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr

Tori - It's the kicker who uses his feet to either punt the ball or kick a field goal or extra point.

Natalie - Umm okay I still don't get it...

"That's okay Natalie, football isn't for everyone."

51574751613_9352dbd71f_k.jpgIMG_3138 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr

"And what are my twins up to?"

51575433925_97383238b4_k.jpgIMG_3141 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr

Mika - Hi daddy!

Miaka - Hi daddy!

M and M - We were just watching the outside, it's getting really cloudy outside and breezy!

"I know, we're supposed to have rain tonight too! But why are you two so separated from the others?"

Mika - We just wanted to be alone for awhile...

Miaka - We've been spending time with the others a lot, just like you suggested we do.

"Well how bout you two come back and join the others?"

Both - Ya we don't want to miss the sweets too!

"Yeeeees those too."

51574750258_28902e2793_k.jpgIMG_3142 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr

That's more like it! And Mika and Miaka even split up to be with other girls too.

51574511436_6c384e73f9_k.jpgIMG_3143 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr

51575432600_44df00fc14_k.jpgIMG_3144 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr

Well that's all for now...will try and post some more later...after all, who are the "new peoples"? Maria talked about?

Thanks for looking! See you soon!


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Sorry to hear about your Uncle...

Terrific photos, though! Absolutely love the twins! 

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I love how they all have their own little stuffies, how adorable!

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