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Found 26 results

  1. BonBoop

    GremlinBon photo thread

    I saw someone else do this on the forum and thought hey, why not! A good way to share my photos without having to make a whole new thread. I figured I would start with a fan favourite of my group- Mayumi! she has to be one of my most known girls. She was one of the first mochi in NA and just kinda kept her popularity since then. I even had people message me upset when they thought I repainted her. Anyway, I hope this keeps me consistent with posting!
  2. BonBoop

    Family photo!

    with the arrival of snow Miku the other week, I decided it was time to do an updated “family photo” of my collection! Top Row, left to right: Sakura, Miku, Rin, Yuki Bottom Row, left to right: Mayumi, Nene, Chiyo, Bon, Rem, Rinko
  3. SFSakana

    My first MDD! (DDH22)

    Sharing my new girl, also my 1st MDD! Still can't decide her name yet, let me know if you have any ideas?
  4. [Chichi9521]

    My first MDD Rena!

    I got my first MDD today! I wanted to order Rena when I first saw her because she was super cute. I have never got myself a MDD because I did not like the dolls, but once I saw her I knew I had to have her. I have not styled her or anything, I literally just opened her and dressed her up so the wig looks scruffy but she is super cute I am so happy I have her! Need to get a body stocking before I put her main outfit on, those black socks look deadly.
  5. Orenjiina

    Orenjiina’s Photo Collection

    Hi there! I’m trying to be more active in the community and interact with my dolls more instead of just staring at them in awe everyday. So I thought I’d start trying to take more pictures of them. I am by no means a photographer and I know I’m in desperate need of some stands but I hope you’ll enjoy my little collection with me as we grow and evolve! Thanks! These are my Azone HAF Madoka Magica dolls. I bought both of these preowned through Surugaya. I only recently opened Sayaka and while she looks great, she was an absolute nightmare! Her plastic armor and shoes both had platicizer peak and the paint came off and stained everything. I had to use dream rescue on a few places on the doll and a stain pen to save her shirt, stockings, and cape. The blue of her outfit stained her arms too and I struggled to put her shoes on. On the other hand, Madoka was a dream! They’re both a bit big for me since I love the MDD size the best. Hence why I am shelling the PMMM girls as MDDs. I had previous shown Sayaka here. She’s pretty much done. I’m really happy with how she turned out. This is my first time showing Madoka though. Madoka needs a bit of work still. I want to update her faceup and trim and style her bangs. I also need to make or find a ring for her and paint her fingernail. Then she’ll be finished! Lastly, I have Mami but she’s far from finished. Her wig needs some love and I need to figure out how to make her spiral curls. Once I get a body for her I’ll be working on Homura as well and then a Kyoko further down the line. I also have more imminent plans for a Cardcaptor Sakura MDD as well. One day I’d like to tackle other magical girls too. MDDs are just the cutest!
  6. Singer Yuna

    Steampunk Ladies aka Time Force

    From the album: Steampunk Lovers

    Yosora’s Momo and Rin and my four bodies
  7. I made a very detailed YouTube video unboxing and dressing up of my Rena from the mystery horror anime When They Cry ( Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)! Additionally, I unpackaged her school uniform. Please enjoy!
  8. I apologize if this has already been asked. I have been looking at the Dolk's website and curious if their eyes of 20mm would work in a DDS, DD, or MDD? I think the iris may be too small, but hard to tell. The Dolk Tokyo store doesn't have 20mm or higher when we've gone. What would be the best iris size to eyeball size for a dollfie? I am looking for a more realistic eye or something with more sparkle to it. I just feel my Volks eyes are flat. Thank you.
  9. Hello! I was wondering if any of you knew where i can find cute accessories or travel props like a neck cushion? I am looking for something like this! I looked on etsy and other doll sites but i had no luck at all > < I’m also looking for those cute fluffy hairbands! if you know of any places that could sell that kind of accessories please recommend me some, i would love it! i’m really looking for lots of different accessories (wands, rements, floaters,..)
  10. foo

    All DD Body Sizes

    ...except DDdy which is the same height as DD so it doesn't count, I'm not saying this because I don't regret skipping the 2B preorder >_> DD, DDS, DDP, MDD, figma by bodolza, on Flickr From left to right, DD Miku, DDS Melty (on f3 body), DDP Iori Minase, MDD DDH-10, figma Megumin! for scale. Iori has a really small head. That wig kept falling off so I tried a silicone wig cap which worked great, except the fringe kind of floats in front of her face (generally a good thing) and ends up looking more like a bowl cut (generally not a good thing). I used just a touch of Volks' Wig Treatment stuff to try and style it; in person it looks pretty good but I'll spend more time later to see what I can do.
  11. At the tail end of last year I purchased this modded DDH-02 head that came with..... a lot of mouth pieces. The person I bought it from purchased it off YJA. This is my first modded head, and while I can guess what 1 or 2 of the other mouthpieces are, most of them I'm not sure of. Would anybody have any ideas/guesses for them? I mean, I really do love the fang mouth (though I think I need to fix it, again), but I'd like to know what everything else is for.
  12. Orenjiina

    *A Magical Addition* - Miki Sayaka

    I didn’t think I’d be posting again so soon but I was lucky enough to find a good deal on a MDD body for a floating head I had on YAJ! I wasn’t sure what I would do with her at first but then I got the idea to shell her as one of my favorite characters from Madoka Magica! I recently saw someone’s adorable Cardcaptor Sakura doll and wanted my own magical girl. I also tried my hand at modding my floating head’s face up. I’m not thrilled so I may try again. I have a few other changes to make but I’m rather happy at how she turned out. I hope you enjoy!
  13. Hi there! This is actually my first post that isn’t just a reply. I’m super excited as I received my first MDD about 2 weeks ago and I’ve finally started putting his look together. I ended up ordering him as a Full Choice from Japan Doll Direct, who were amazing by the way! I chose the DCH-12 head because I liked the pointy nose but flat mouth. The make-up turned out really cute and light which was good because I worried it would be too feminine for him. I got most of his clothes on Etsy but I’m waiting on a few things to really make him complete. He just got his little horns over the weekend so he couldn’t contain himself any longer and wanted to be introduced. I hope you enjoy! Thanks!
  14. ~ Singer Yuna's Fashion Monsters ~ And the girls made chibi using a picrew generator: Rin Kagamine 2B / Lirean Mint Hanayo Koizumi Maki Nishikino Anzu Futaba Nagi Hisakawa Kaede Takagaki Sacra Siesta Sayu Takamura Mayu Takamura Mayu Tamano Ariel Daytona Raposa Fontioso Catra Nekochan Blanca Eólica Pri Precious Aoi Koizume Alessandra Sarja sales-chan sales-chan Junko Enoshima Magic edition Rise Shiburin Anastasia Kaede Saber Alter v.2 Yuki 2B Minako Aurora Sacra Mint Ofelia Mayu Tamano Raposa Ariel Hime Ane Pri Precious Aoi Koizumi
  15. I'm going to show you how I made a boy Mini Dollfie Dream body using Obitsu torso parts! Required parts: Volks MDD body in Semi-White Parabox/Obitsu 45cm male torso shell (upper and lower soft vinyl parts) in White Process: Remove the arms and legs from the MDD body. Detach the MDD upper torso skeleton part from the lower torso skeleton part. Remove the lower torso skeleton part through one of the leg holes in the vinyl MDD shell. Cut out a 2cm deep wedge on each side of the Obitsu male lower torso shell. Slide the MDD lower torso skeleton into the Obitsu shell from the top opening. The Obitsu/Parabox shell is really soft and flexible. Although the male upper body is wider than the MDD, it can be squished to allow the arms to sit securely in the sockets. The neck has a better range of movement, too! If you want to use an Obitsu/Parabox head on the MDD skeleton, make a stopper from EVA (craft) foam and slip it on the neck peg. Now you have a boy 45cm vinyl fashion doll! He will fit in regular MSD size clothing, and can use the 45cm stain-prevention bodysuit from Parabox.
  16. Hello!! It’s me again- i have an existential question.. which one is better between the volks body stocking and the volks body suit?? As a recent DD collector, i of course get very worried about clothes staining my dolls.. i have not use anything to protect my MDD yet as i only let her wear white and pastel clothing until now! But for my DDP i’m really considering getting one because she will have pop colored clothes sometimes(?) i guess.. i’m not ready to let them wear black, red, navy clothes yet though and i actually like the body stocking more because it’s more discrete and can be hidden well but does it protect from staining as well as the body suit?? i really don’t like the kinda turtle neck and sleeves on the body suit.. but if it works better i might as well take that and maybe modify it please give me some advice! ^ ^
  17. Hello! i was curious were most of you get cute jewelries for your dolls? I own MDD and DDP girls and i would love to have them wear cute jewellery. I know some are part of sets, i own a choker from a volks set but i was wondering if any shops/retailers also just sell bracelets/chokers by themselves! The only one i found was a a cute lotta mimi choker but i sadly lost the auction and there was no other listings like it ever since
  18. BonBoop

    Bon and her tiny pumpkin! (DDH-01)

    I brought Bon out for her first photo shoot!
  19. cinnabunroll

    Hello from Montana!!

    I am so excited to finally be rejoining the Volks portion of the community. I used to have a Dollfie Dream, but I ended up selling her because she wasn’t really the kind of doll I wanted, y’know? Well, I bought myself an MDD Liliru yesterday!! I’m really really excited, I really can’t wait to take a million pictures of her and plaster them all over my Instagram! I sold my SmD Starlight to buy her, and now I’m patiently waiting for her arrival (and by patient, I mean vibrating with anticipation)!! Oh, and you can all call me Heather. It’s nice to meet you!
  20. naniibanani

    newbie hello and first MDD!!

    Hi there! I just wanted to share my first MDD -- or first doll ever-- Saku! I joined in hopes of making some friends, so I hope you like her! She's a bit spooky right now as I'm waiting on her eyes to arrive! She took a whole month to put together, so hope you guys love her ❤ Will update when her eyes come!
  21. ShadowXM1

    Snow Day

    It's late this year in Oklahoma, but finally, the snow has really come and come BIG! It started snowing last night and my dad informed me that OSUIT Okmulgee would be closed Wednesday, and from the looks of things and how hard the snow is still coming down, tomorrow may also be closed too! We'll have to see. Well seeing as I almost forgot that I have a brand new HDDC, I decided to take some quick pics of outside while the flakes were coming down, before it got dark. Ilya decided to come with me, because she didn't think it was actually snowing outside, until she saw outside my window! IMG_2974 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr IMG_2975 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr IMG_2976 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr IMG_2977 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr IMG_2978 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr IMG_2979 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr Ilya outside facing the open garage door... IMG_2980 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr hey Ilya, you okay sweetie? IMG_2981 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr "Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Yeah, but it's really cold out here!" Indeed it is! Note to self I need to get a coat for you, or make you one at least! IMG_2982 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr I - "Does it usually get this cold around here and does the snow get this deep?" Actually no, It's gotten colder here, and the snow has gotten deeper in the past, but that's been awhile. IMG_2983 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr We still have some light left, you wanna go out and play in the snow? WHOA!!! IMG_2984 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr I- "EEEK! No way! It's too cold! Let's go back inside where it's warm!" Heh, deal honey, deal! IMG_2985 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr I- "Wow! It's still coming down!" I know! I haven't seen snowfall like this in a LONG time! IMG_2986 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr Ready to go back inside? I- "Absolutely! I'll never doubt you again daddy! And daddy?" Yeeeeeeeess? IMG_2987 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr I - "Up daddy up! Pleeeeeaaaaaaase! it's cold out here and you're WARM!" Heh okay, okay I think I can definitely grant that wish. I- "YAY!" More to come soon!
  22. This is my first post so I apologize if this has been asked before, I tried looking for a topic on this and couldn't find much. I recently purchased a MDD body at a good price because of it's age and loose joints. I'm always up for a project and at it's price, I wasn't going to pass up my chance at finally getting into vinyl dolls. (I've been in the resin BJD hobby for years now) The joints that seem to be loose are...everywhere. It's not terrible at the shoulders and hips, but the knees buckle very easily and the ankles are very floppy. I was told the hips could probably be fixed with some clear nail polish, but the knees and ankles would be a different problem altogether. Basically there's a few things I would like to know: 1.) If there's an easy fix to any of these, please let me know. 2.) It seems that Volks is only selling MDDIII and MDDf3 frame parts now. Is there any compatibility between the parts? 3.) Is there any parts that may replace the mechanisms that aren't from Volks but are meant to fix body issues? (Kind of like the replacement neck piece that coolcat has)
  23. Hello everyone! Well, i am Blossom!! And like i’ve wrote on my profile i actually fell in love with dollfie dreams while i was in holidays in Tokyo! After thinking a lot whether i was ready to pay that much for dolls i got weak and decided to collect those adorable MDD!! So now I’m patiently or not so patiently- waiting for my first MDD, a liliru that i decided to name Ichigo! And of course i’m really happy about Arle’s re-release because i really wanted to get her! So i hope i can get her when she’s re-released and.. that’s about all i think!! oh, i forgot to say that i used to collect Pullip dolls and i have one paradoll as well! byebye
  24. Hello everyone!! So, i’ve been going through this questions & answers thingy for days and collecting lots of information for my mdd who is not ready to arrive yet!! and i was wondering if there’s any store list for mdd clothes and shoes, i haven’t find anything like that here but maybe i didn’t look at the right place though > < i’m curious about shops or sellers other than volks where i could buy really cute well made sets, that kind of things! please help me out ♡
  25. Singer Yuna

    My second Mini is here!!

    Aurora Siesta has a sister! Meet Sacra Siesta! The pastel one! She arrived with a bunch of MDD clothing and I’m planning to do a wig test with almost all my wigs! I will add the photos little by little in her album Thanks for looking!
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