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Found 68 results

  1. mmmuguet

    ✿ Mmmuguet's Miscellany ✿

    (⸝⸝´◡`⸝⸝) Joining the fray and making a dump-zone here for my photo randoms, so I'm not totally cluttering up the Tinyfox discussion topic lol. Nothing fancy here, I'm too lazy to bust my DSLR out of storage and it's easier to just grab my phone for a drive-by photo haha. The majority of my crew is Tinyfox, I really love them! I'll have some MDDs joining the ranks soon though, just waiting (not so) patiently for Volks to ship my bodies. now to see if I'm uploading images via link properly uhhhh First things first, the current state of the 1/6 union from left to right: Copernicus (Perni), Crocus, Iskander (Issy), Cedar, Lariat, and Bishop 💕. They're all smushed on my desk for now, but there is a shelf in the works - they'll have breathing room eventually! I just got these outfits in the mail today, and basically wept at how cute they are together. Snapped after I popped Crocus' custom eyes in~ they came out even more perfect than I had hoped! Issy overseeing Lariat and Bishop on Perfume Rotation duty (because who ever has just one frivolous hobby). The bigger the bow, the more important the opinion on the matter at hand. And my lone 1/4 Tinyfox, Arlo, vibing until his replacement wig comes~
  2. Giallo_Gatta

    Ludovica Photo Thread

    Today is Ludovica's birthday! Well, the anniversary of her getting her faceup finished, anyway. 😅 On May 13, 2023, the first iteration of this character -that would be Chibi Ludo- was finished. She's now grown to encompass two dolls and two virtual characters, and I'm very proud. 🎉🎊🎂
  3. Giallo_Gatta

    A Reintroduction!

    Ludovica's new look.🧡 Between the faceup and the better positioned eyes, I think she looks so much better.💙
  4. Giallo_Gatta

    In Their New Room

    Moved my Ludo and her chibi form out of my doll cabinet so my BJD Lotus could use it to hide from the sun, and I think I like this new arrangement better. They're easier to get to now, and this shelf allows space to pose them! Anyway, here they are, taking advantage of their new space!
  5. SFSakana

    My first MDD - Cherry! (DDH22)

    Sharing my new girl, also my 1st MDD! Still can't decide her name yet, let me know if you have any ideas? 😊
  6. Sorry if this is a dumb question but I was wondering if a MDD could share clothes with Puyoo dolls? When looking at their heights it didn't seem like a drastic difference. If the skirts/dresses are shorter on the MDD then that's fine I'm just worried the clothes would be too tight. I figured since the Mochiashi MDD and Kumako are both bottom heavy it would be easy for them to share skirts and even easier for standard MDD to wear Kumako's dresses/skirts since their hips are more narrow. Again, sorry if this is a no brainer, I'm pretty bad with measurements haha. (if you have pictures comparing both please show them too ;-;)
  7. PlasticJester

    Valentine's Day Arrival!

    Even before my 1/4 Imomodoll arrived, I decided to fulfill a dream of mine and finally get a Mini Dollfie Dream! My first Volks doll!! I'm SO excited, and she even got here early! She's a DDH-22, I picked it due to its sweet smile and I kinda like its slightly oversized ears. Her name is Tramontane, or Monty for short! Still waiting on eyes and a wig to arrive, and then I need to think on clothes for her...but I'm already really in love with this doll!
  8. I've decided that I'm going to try and make a Pearl Fey costume for my Mini Dollfie Dream, and while I've figured out what I can do about her clothing and shoes, there's one thing I need to figure out: her wig. I'm thinking about getting a short pixie cut wig and styling the bangs, but I do not know how to do her hair loops in the back. Anyone have any advice on what might work? This is what Pearl Fey looks like: https://www.court-records.net/arts/OA - Pearl.jpg
  9. I'm working on putting together cute Japanese-style summer yukata sets for both my Smart Doll and Mini Dollfie Dream. I've got everything except for a parasol/umbrella which is called a "wagasa" I believe? This has just been such a pain since navigating taobao is difficult when you want something so specific. The yukata, fan, and sandals for both sets are from the Air Castle store on taobao, but it has been very hard to find a parasol for either of my dolls! It's not a make-or-break situation for the outfits, but I think a parasol would help to frame photos when I do the summertime photoshoot. I may take the dolls to the local 4th of July fireworks since that's the only time I get to see fireworks.
  10. I tried to do some research about if the Azone 45cm clothes (the ones made for the iris collect petit I believe) would fit on an MDD but I couldn't really find anything other than that some MDD and MSD clothes can fit on the Azone 45 cm doll. Does anyone know if the MDD can fit into any Azone 45 cm clothes? I am mainly looking at this one, the Petit Date set: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10784923 But would love to know if anyone else had any experience trying them on MDD Thanks!
  11. Giallo_Gatta

    Ludovica's New Outfit

    My girl got a new outfit today, her second overall and her first from Volks. 😉 It's the Bordeaux Suspender Set, plus a pair of frilled socks and brown loafers. The quality is actually even better than I expected, and she feels like a very put together (and expensive) doll while wearing it. 😁 She's also wearing the v.2 MDD bodysuit in Semi-White that I picked up at the same time. https://flic.kr/p/2pjDKx2 https://flic.kr/p/2pjFqC7
  12. GothicSkies

    DDH-27 Painting Test

    OH DEAR GOODNESS I FOUND OUT HOW TO POST IMAGES HERE YAYY!! I tested myself by using my digital artist program (IbisPaintX) to give myself my first attempt at making a face up. I did this by taking two image (One being from the official volks site and the other being from @F-15alice ) and then painted on a couple of layers I did give myself a couple rules to get it as close to painting an actual head as possible, No Liquify tool (Mostly), No symmetry tool, little to no opacity changes, and no transform tool to alter things. I also tried to separate the eyes a lil bit from the holes for added realism of the thickness of the head. Some things i'd change tho is trying not to use the ADD blending mode to the highlights, and doing better with the mouth cause i feel its too low on both.. but especially on the left. Similar to my last topic. Any tips to doing face ups in general or getting good yet cheap supplies, or just supplies in general is greatly appreciated.. PS. The face was directly referenced from Haku1923's Xera doll, not only cause i love the doll, but Link to the doll. Twitter: Haku1923's Xera Doll
  13. UsagiTeatime


    From the album: Dojima Nanako-chan

  14. UsagiTeatime

    Nanako in Twilight

    From the album: Dojima Nanako-chan

  15. 0bsequi0us

    DDH-21 custom faceup!

    I've never had an MDD, but I've been meaning to get one for a while! I happened to see this gal for sale secondhand, so I bit the bullet and got her. She came with a modified default faceup from the original owner, which I thought was very cute: I really wanted to do my own faceup, but to be honest this original faceup was so cute I put it off for a while. But I noticed that some of the sealant that the previous owner had used to make their additions was cracking a bit, so I used that as an excuse to wipe and repaint her. I still love how the original face looked, so I tried to incorporate some of the elements I liked into it, like the ^ shape of the extra blush over the nose that the previous owner added. Also I didn't realize this sculpt had such a prominent upper lip, but that gives the cute effect of it sorta looking like she's biting her lower lip when I added some tiny teeth in there. Overall I like how she came out! Not sure how I feel about this wig or these eyes yet, but these were "hand-me-downs" from my resin anime dolls. I also have a tan Kakuso torso, so she may be pulling a Ranma 1/2 sometime soon... we'll see. 😬
  16. babybluebunnyboy

    MDD in 1/3 clothing??

    Hihi!! I've asked this question before but I was curious if any fellow doll parents possibly could either try this out for me or already have photos of them doing so! I LOVE the baggy look of clothes on MDD's, and I will be getting both a regular MDD & MDD Mochi-Ashi and I would so deeply appreciate anyone that could show me photos of their MDD's in 1/3 / SD/DD Clothing! I want to see how far the baggy can go before its too much, and a little weird. There are some CUTE SD/DD clothes out there that my babies would look gorgeous in once I get them home, and I'd love to know if 1/3 sizing I can look into for them! (More specifically with: Shirts, sweaters, jackets, underwear - specifically boxers and panties (NOT bras, my dolls will be aged to be literally below 7 and 5 years), and socks) Thank you for any replies or photos!! :3c
  17. I finished my Mini Dollfie Dream's faceup today! I think she turned out really well. ☺️ Can't post photos yet, unfortunately, but I still wanted to share haha. 🤳
  18. Does anyone have some recommended sewing patterns (shirts, skirts, dresses, pants) for MDD/MSD dolls? preferably free lol
  19. babybluebunnyboy

    Recommendations for this? Best route?

    Heya! So, I'm looking for advice for 2 things A. Because these are fully articulated is it worth buying the standard vinyl/non posable hands for my boy MDD? B. These are for semi-white skin, severely yellowed. My MDD boy these will be on is Flesh toned! This photo is from the seller as they are currently on there way, and I don't have dolls atm to try them on! Left - Semi-white hand , Mid - The articulated hand I'm referencing , Right - Flesh toned hand If anyone has any advice on color matching the articulated hand to be fully flesh toned, I'd super appreciate it! I'll be de-wiring it and reconstructing it once I get my MDD's to color match it too! (I will be using acrylic paints and MSC as a sealant!) Also sorry the photo is pretty poor :,) I wasn't the one who took it!
  20. babybluebunnyboy

    MDD Mochi-Ashi with DDH27?

    Hi! I was curious if anyone possibly had photos of their MDD Mochi-ashi with a DDH27 head! I would especially appreciate it if it was in Flesh skin, but if not that's totally okay!! I'm having trouble picking the head right head shape/size for my babies I plan to get soon, and wanted to find the best head for chubby cheeks, and VERY little chin showing!
  21. Hello all! I hope this is the right place to ask this. I've been a little frustrated with the AP body, and was thinking of possibly trying to hybrid an AP head with an MDD body. I've never made a hybrid before, so I was wondering if it was possible and how would it look? Would it look okay or funky? I know there might be some size differences which I'm concerned about. Would I need an adaptor for the head?
  22. Hi I’m really hoping to find a face up artist to work on my two MDD heads that is located in North America (Canada or the US), is there a list somewhere? I tried to use the search tool but nothing came up.
  23. Hello I'm looking to commission someone who can make a full cosplay set for my MDD Aiko. I'm specifically looking to have Testament's outfit from Guilty Gear Strive. I feel like this is a big ask and I'm not sure what to expect but if you know someone send me their contact info.
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