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Found 44 results

  1. chantelle

    Mio Honda on MDD

    I tried the Mio Honda head on the MDD body just for fun and thought I'd share for anyone who's curious! Personally I think the head feels a little too mature for the body. Some might think it's more do-able with a wig though. The head also literally doesn't fit the body. The neck is way too loose. At the slightest movement it spins around like there's no tomorrow. I feel like you could stabilize the head with a cork or something but I didn't try it out. I think the head might look cute on a DDP or Obi50 body. I might try it out when I receive my DDP!
  2. SFSakana

    New MDD Boy (DDH27)

    Introducing my new boy DDH27, but yet to decide a name for him. Any suggestion is welcomed!
  3. CalicoCollection

    MDD wrist joints

    So I'm new to Dolfie dream dolls and I just got my first MDD, I bought them knowing one of the wrist joints was wonky, I managed to get it out and sanded the peg to be slimmer so now it goes into the arm socket and stays put but I can pull it out and twist it much easier. I decided to mod the other wrist this same way but I can't get the wrist peg out. My question is is it normal for MDD wrists to be super difficult to remove or even turn in the socket? I've also had my partner try to pull it out since they have more hand strength and they couldn't get it all the way out either. I'm going to continue trying to get it to move without damaging the arm joint or lower arm casing but definitely struggling. Any and all tips are welcome.
  4. SFSakana

    My first MDD - Cherry! (DDH22)

    Sharing my new girl, also my 1st MDD! Still can't decide her name yet, let me know if you have any ideas?
  5. Just completed my Anya Forger custom/cosplay on my MDD Cherry. I sew the costume, styled the wig, made the hair accessories and chimera plush for her.
  6. So I’m making an attempt on the Japanese website to purchase the new doll heads but the site has been busy for like the past hour….. should I wait until the morning or keep trying? Really wanna grab the new MDD heads
  7. (This is the finished version of another topic) Hey everyone, so i have a question and i hope you guys that own a Mini Dollfie Dream can help me. So i plan to get a Mini Dollfie Dream doll, i have dreamed of owning one since January 2022 and im gonna slowly try to get the doll piece by piece. I could not use the "Insert Image from URL" do to not knowing how to do it all.. so go to the link below for the photos. Photos of Box So i got this box, its an Oculus box that my mother gave me, its 16.3/8" in Inches, i plan to use it for the doll, although i may turn it into sort of a bed lol. I plan to get a MDD body with small bust with a DDH-27 head (So i dont need to sand off lips) My question is simple.. will the doll fit in the box or will it be too big.. and show how much larger the doll will be to the box if it is too big for the box. Any help and information to help will be appreciated greatly! ^w^'
  8. After seeing DDH27 on volks's twitter I know I will have to order one for myself, and after few days of waiting and here it is. The one I ordered is the semi white one. I think I'm gonna put it on my spear MDD mochi ashi, I really like that cheek and nose Here is DDH27, Coron(who need to repainted) and DDH12(01) It's about the same size with coron, just being a bit rounder and much smaller then 01(12,13). I think its head size is about 21cm(8in), about the same with Coron. I will update this post after I finish painting it.
  9. 0bsequi0us

    DDH-21 custom faceup!

    I've never had an MDD, but I've been meaning to get one for a while! I happened to see this gal for sale secondhand, so I bit the bullet and got her. She came with a modified default faceup from the original owner, which I thought was very cute: I really wanted to do my own faceup, but to be honest this original faceup was so cute I put it off for a while. But I noticed that some of the sealant that the previous owner had used to make their additions was cracking a bit, so I used that as an excuse to wipe and repaint her. I still love how the original face looked, so I tried to incorporate some of the elements I liked into it, like the ^ shape of the extra blush over the nose that the previous owner added. Also I didn't realize this sculpt had such a prominent upper lip, but that gives the cute effect of it sorta looking like she's biting her lower lip when I added some tiny teeth in there. Overall I like how she came out! Not sure how I feel about this wig or these eyes yet, but these were "hand-me-downs" from my resin anime dolls. I also have a tan Kakuso torso, so she may be pulling a Ranma 1/2 sometime soon... we'll see.
  10. I tried to do some research about if the Azone 45cm clothes (the ones made for the iris collect petit I believe) would fit on an MDD but I couldn't really find anything other than that some MDD and MSD clothes can fit on the Azone 45 cm doll. Does anyone know if the MDD can fit into any Azone 45 cm clothes? I am mainly looking at this one, the Petit Date set: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10784923 But would love to know if anyone else had any experience trying them on MDD Thanks!
  11. GremlinBonDD

    GremlinBon photo thread

    I saw someone else do this on the forum and thought hey, why not! A good way to share my photos without having to make a whole new thread. I figured I would start with a fan favourite of my group- Mayumi! she has to be one of my most known girls. She was one of the first mochi in NA and just kinda kept her popularity since then. I even had people message me upset when they thought I repainted her. Anyway, I hope this keeps me consistent with posting!
  12. xmintpie

    My first MDD: Julie

    I won her head (DDH-22) a couple months ago and now she finally has a body and clothes! She is my first ever "big doll" (I've only had 1/12 and 1/6 dolls) and I absolutely love her! I decided to name her Julie since I really love that name lol Here are some pictures! (her hair is a bit messy in some of them...still trying to figure out curly doll hair lol)
  13. Hello! I was wondering if any of you knew where i can find cute accessories or travel props like a neck cushion? I am looking for something like this! I looked on etsy and other doll sites but i had no luck at all > < I’m also looking for those cute fluffy hairbands! if you know of any places that could sell that kind of accessories please recommend me some, i would love it! i’m really looking for lots of different accessories (wands, rements, floaters,..)
  14. after several months of being a floating head, i finally got Aubrey her body!! it took me longer than expected since the incredible opportunity to buy my first car came along and it was too good to pass up. she arrived just before i had to head into work, so unfortunately i wasn’t able to get very many photos of her. face close up, you cant really see it but she has little teddies in her eyes!! how darling (´∀`*) ignore her messy hair, i manhandled her wig a bit and didnt have time to waste smoothing fibers. shes definitely in need of a mani pedi and perhaps some body blushing and obvi some shoes. curse her adorable chubby feets!! i got aaaallll the hand sets i could for her but it’s quite hard to put new hands on the pegs, what do you guy do? separate pegs for each set of hands or just brute force? allssoooo one last question, should i go by her body or head in terms of posting her? are there set rules for hybridposting or is it just a personal preference thing OH!!! i nearly forgot, she already has a big sis on the way. i saw an absolutely adorable head on manderake i absolutely could not resist, so that’s already on the way. damnit, these things really do multiply !!!! luckily sissy will probably have an easier time in terms of getting a body, but im really struggling on other details such as her eye and hair color and the body she should have. sorry for my rambles, im just so excited!!! gem signing off, stay tuned for more adorable girls
  15. Singer Yuna

    Cool idols+Anzu

    From the album: Toxic Idols

  16. Brought my girl to a local Ice Cream museum last month, everything is pink! Pink wall, pink castle, pink banana, pink stripe, pink sausages etc. Literally pink overflow!
  17. Almost forgot to post my new boy here, Introducing my new MDD boy! His name is Laphicet, which is one of my fav character name from Tales of Berseria.
  18. Sorry if this is a dumb question but I was wondering if a MDD could share clothes with Puyoo dolls? When looking at their heights it didn't seem like a drastic difference. If the skirts/dresses are shorter on the MDD then that's fine I'm just worried the clothes would be too tight. I figured since the Mochiashi MDD and Kumako are both bottom heavy it would be easy for them to share skirts and even easier for standard MDD to wear Kumako's dresses/skirts since their hips are more narrow. Again, sorry if this is a no brainer, I'm pretty bad with measurements haha. (if you have pictures comparing both please show them too ;-;)
  19. I thought I’d make a new post for pictures of my Sakura MDD. I’ve committed to taking more photos and I wanted to try to up my game. I hope you enjoy.
  20. Hello everyone! I am so excited to share with you my first girl in three years, and my very first MDD (though she'll probably move up to a DDP soon). This is my new girl Reina! She is an MDD Rena Ryugu and if you know anything about Higurashi, Rena's legal name is Reina, but she changes it after her parent's divorce. I personally like the spelling of her legal name, and I like to give all my girls different names from their original character dolls, so hence the name change. Without further ado, here are the box opening pictures! and a cute little story of her meeting Lana. Her box came in extremely rough condition from DHL. To the point where my contact asked me if I wanted to pursue a replacement if the doll box itself was damaged. I opted not to because the doll box was fine at this point in time, and I was just so eager to get her in my hands that I did not care. When I finally got her in my hands, the doll box was pretty dented, but I was literally shaking with excitement so I couldn't care less. The box itself was extremely light compared to other Dollfie Dreams I have opened in the past, but I think this thought comes from the last Dollfie I opened being Jeanne, and how heavy and tiring she was to lug around the airport to get her home. AHHH! THERE SHE IS! LOOK AT THAT FACE! So, so sweet! Her head is really large and looks similar to my Moriko (DDdy Yoko). Reina: Oh! Hello there Mrs. Giant! Me: Hello Reina! My name is Redacted but since I am showing you to all my dolly friends, I would prefer it if you could refer to me as Rozen just for the forum stuff. Reina: Oooh! You have a secret identity?! That's so kyute~!!! Ok, Mrs. Rozen, I am so happy to be out of that box, but can I please have some clothes now? Me: Of course! Time to get her dressed! Reina: Oooo! I'm so kyute! I love this outfit! Me: Awe I'm glad you like it, Reina! Reina: Huh? What's this piece of fabric next to me? Lana: Eh-hem. Reina: Oh my! Reina: He-hello! You startled me! Lana: Hello little one! I am Lana! I am so happy to meet you. Mrs. Rozen has been talking about you almost non-stop since seeing your listing on the weird dimensional screen. Something called Mandarake? No matter. I am so happy you're finally here. It has been lonely these past three years without other friends and my dear sister here. Reina: Oh wow you were alone for three years?! All by yourself? That's so sad! Lana: Well I had Mrs. Rozen's company, however, I miss being in Japan surrounded by my friends and sister. Reina: Well don't worry Mrs. Lana! I am here now and we can be friends! Lana: I would love that little one! Me: Awe I am so happy you two are getting along! Both: Yes! Thanks, Mrs. Rozen we're so happy to have another girl in the cottage! Me: Well I have some more exciting news loves! In about two weeks we are going back home to Japan and you'll get to be together with everyone once again! Both: WHAT?! Haha well seems like both the girls are beyond excited for that little bombshell! In fact, Lana cried a little bit and Reina turned a bright shade of red from the fact that she'll be meeting 3 other girls shortly. Below are some extra pictures I took of Reina! Thank you so much for reading my silly little story and welcoming my new girl into the community!
  21. Orenjiina

    Orenjiina’s Photo Collection

    Hi there! I’m trying to be more active in the community and interact with my dolls more instead of just staring at them in awe everyday. So I thought I’d start trying to take more pictures of them. I am by no means a photographer and I know I’m in desperate need of some stands but I hope you’ll enjoy my little collection with me as we grow and evolve! Thanks! These are my Azone HAF Madoka Magica dolls. I bought both of these preowned through Surugaya. I only recently opened Sayaka and while she looks great, she was an absolute nightmare! Her plastic armor and shoes both had platicizer peak and the paint came off and stained everything. I had to use dream rescue on a few places on the doll and a stain pen to save her shirt, stockings, and cape. The blue of her outfit stained her arms too and I struggled to put her shoes on. On the other hand, Madoka was a dream! They’re both a bit big for me since I love the MDD size the best. Hence why I am shelling the PMMM girls as MDDs. I had previous shown Sayaka here. She’s pretty much done. I’m really happy with how she turned out. This is my first time showing Madoka though. Madoka needs a bit of work still. I want to update her faceup and trim and style her bangs. I also need to make or find a ring for her and paint her fingernail. Then she’ll be finished! Lastly, I have Mami but she’s far from finished. Her wig needs some love and I need to figure out how to make her spiral curls. Once I get a body for her I’ll be working on Homura as well and then a Kyoko further down the line. I also have more imminent plans for a Cardcaptor Sakura MDD as well. One day I’d like to tackle other magical girls too. MDDs are just the cutest!
  22. Hi guys i’ve recently got a mochi ashi and I’m trying to find some cute clothes for her but I have looked on Etsy and most of the stores don’t delivery to the uk unfortunately x
  23. ShadowXM1

    Sunday Afternoon At Our Place.

    A Little fun time for my little ones Last Sunday Afternoon, especially after hearing some bad news about my uncle Bruce Passing away So I kinda needed a little pick-me-up myself, and my girls, especially my little ones, tend to really bring a smile to my face, and I hope they do for you too! So, without further ado, here we go. IMG_3125 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr Looks like this bunch is having a good time... IMG_3126 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr "How's everyone doing here girls?" Noumi - Great daddy! Just great! Wow! you got the WHOLE living room decorated for Halloween!" IMG_3127 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr Konomi - Wow daddy, do you think we'll have trick-or-treaters this year? Illya - Would be nice! Though we didn't have any last year... Lilliru - Daddy are you SURE it's okay for us to have these? I know you and Grandpa are on a diet though.... "Yes, it's fine Lilliru, don't worry about it." IMG_3128 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr Noumi - YAY! This cake is really yummy daddy! Thanks for the sweets! "You're welcome dear, I'm glad you're all having a good time." Konomi - Ya! Plus we gotta do our planning for our club too! IMG_3129 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr Lilyanne - KONOMI! Hush! Uncle Tim doesn't need to KNOW about that! Konomi - But Daddy doesn't care! Besides, we never do anything dangerous do we? (there's suddenly silence) "Fine you girls keep your secrets, just don't do anything dangerous." Illya - Don't worry daddy, we won't. We promise! IMG_3130 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr Maria - So when are we gonna tells daddy about the new peoples we found? Yumi - We'll tell him soon Mari-chan, I promise! Rena - Better tell daddy and tell him soon... Sarah - We will, we just gotta find the right time okay? Louise - Booooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring... IMG_3131 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr "Louise, aren't you cold?" Louise - Are you kidding!? It's hot in here! I'm just NOW getting some relief especially from that fan of yours...if you'd let me use my wand I could conjure up a cooling spell lickety split! "You know the rules young lady, after the stunt you pulled you're grounded, NO wand for you until I say so got it?" Louise - Grrrrrrrr alright, fine... IMG_3132 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr "So what's this about new people?" Maria - We can't tell you now daddy, but we'll be able to tell you soon, we promise! Yumi - Cross our hearts hope to fly stick a cupcake in our eye. IMG_3133 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr Rena - Daddy? "Yes Rena?" Rena - I heard from Yukino about whut happened, are you okay? "Yes, I'll be okay Rena, I promise, it's just going to take a bit. it hurts when you lose family especially ones you really care about. But I'll be okay soon." Rena nods. IMG_3134 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr Tori - Come on get him get him!!! Natalie - Wow and I thought Rugby was tough! IMG_3135 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr Tori - Daddy! Why didn't you tell me the Cowboys were playing today!? "Well I'm sorry my dear, heh, let me guess, you're a Dallas Cowboys fan huh?" Tori - Absolutely! They have my favorite colors! Silver and Blue! IMG_3136 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr Natalie - So tell me again? Why don't these football players use their feet? IMG_3137 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr Tori - It's the kicker who uses his feet to either punt the ball or kick a field goal or extra point. Natalie - Umm okay I still don't get it... "That's okay Natalie, football isn't for everyone." IMG_3138 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr "And what are my twins up to?" IMG_3141 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr Mika - Hi daddy! Miaka - Hi daddy! M and M - We were just watching the outside, it's getting really cloudy outside and breezy! "I know, we're supposed to have rain tonight too! But why are you two so separated from the others?" Mika - We just wanted to be alone for awhile... Miaka - We've been spending time with the others a lot, just like you suggested we do. "Well how bout you two come back and join the others?" Both - Ya we don't want to miss the sweets too! "Yeeeees those too." IMG_3142 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr That's more like it! And Mika and Miaka even split up to be with other girls too. IMG_3143 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr IMG_3144 by Tim McFarland, on Flickr Well that's all for now...will try and post some more later...after all, who are the "new peoples"? Maria talked about? Thanks for looking! See you soon!
  24. GremlinBonDD

    Family photo!

    with the arrival of snow Miku the other week, I decided it was time to do an updated “family photo” of my collection! Top Row, left to right: Sakura, Miku, Rin, Yuki Bottom Row, left to right: Mayumi, Nene, Chiyo, Bon, Rem, Rinko
  25. [Chichi9521]

    My first MDD Rena!

    I got my first MDD today! I wanted to order Rena when I first saw her because she was super cute. I have never got myself a MDD because I did not like the dolls, but once I saw her I knew I had to have her. I have not styled her or anything, I literally just opened her and dressed her up so the wig looks scruffy but she is super cute I am so happy I have her! Need to get a body stocking before I put her main outfit on, those black socks look deadly.
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