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Eye Pack Comparisons

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Hi I’ve been looking at Smart Doll for years and I’m hoping to get one soon. I was wondering if someone would me kind enough to show the different colors on the eye packs! The website isn’t very helpful (for as wordy as Danny can be he sure leaves out important stuff!) for example some Colors are clearly listed twice but in the picture they’re very different colors like a blue I versus an aqua eye. Or light gray vs Dark gray.

have any of you that use third party eyes-there are some amazing ones out there noticed a difference between them and the official eyes? Or any third party eyes you really like?

.any info would be helpful

Thanks so much!

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I've tried my best to match the eyes in the pictures to the previous eye listings. 

PACK 1: contains the Mirai Design in Brown, Blue, Gray and Red.
These seem to be: Mirai Anniversary (brown), Navy (dark blue), Melody (grey), Ruby (red).image.png.c377972905161e6114d59276b561df87.png


PACK 2: contains the Kizuna Design in Green, Blue, Purple and Yellow.
These seem to be: Journey (purple), Kanata (green), Haruka (blue), Kanata Yellow (yellow).



PACK 3: contains the Twilight Design in Purple, Yellow, Orange and Emerald.
This description seems off. The picture shows: Graphite (grey), Serenity (purple), Destiny (blue/green), Twilight Yellow (yellow).
Assuming that the Destiny eyes are supposed to be emerald, the orange ones might refer to the Maple variant.



Semi Real PACK 1: contains Brown, Purple, Emerald and Yellow.
These seem to be Semi Real Brown, Semi Real Purple, Semi Real Emerald and  Semi Real Yellow.



Semi Real PACK 2: contains Green, Blue, Gray and Yellow.
These seem to be Semi Real Green, Semi Real BlueSemi Real Gray and Semi Real Yellow.




As for eyes that I really like: 

  • I own eyes from Nina's Craftery Service and they are gorgeous. They are a bit more metallic looking than the official ones, at least the pair that I have. If you catch the light just right they really shine beautifully.
  • I've been eyeing (hah) several designs from DollMoons. But I don't have any yet so I can't give a review. Their preview pictures include smart dolls though, so it is easy to get a good impression.

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Wow! This is SO helpful! I can’t believe you even linked to the old single eyes! thank you so much! The “emerald” and “orange” were really throwing me! 

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