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Can you put a Parabox 1/6 head on a Pureneemo body?

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I've just begun my doll-making journey, inspired by the aesthetics of 1/6 Pureneemos!

But I also love the look of glass eyes as seen on most other BJDs. It seems Parabox produces anime-style heads with eye pockets at the same 1/6 scale as Pureneemo.

Here's the head I'm specifically interested in: https://paraboxshop.jp/goods_en_jpy_6519.html

I own a Pureneemo M body (normal bust) - would the Parabox head be able to attach to it? I don't want to spend a ton of money and find out the combination won't work only after it arrives.

( 〃▽〃)

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My Parabox order arrived so I can now answer my own question! I was able to push my 1/6 Parabox Kay head onto the Pureneemo M body (which is roughly 22cm in height). It took a bit of force but the head is securely attached to the neck joint. The head looks very natural on the body, not out of scale at all.

I know this forum is mostly for larger dolls, but hopefully this information helps people out in the future!

Edit: for future readers, the neck hole in the head will eventually become loose this way - not sure how to fix but I've heard heating the head with a hair dryer will help it return to its original shape.

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