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Found 20 results

  1. ateliervanilla

    DD Kizuna AI on AP Type-H Body

    I got my hands on a Shapeways Obitsu to DD neck adapter - and boy, I think it's perfect! I always thought that Kizuna AI would look better in a slightly shorter body. I didn't want to get a DDP because I already have an Angel Philia body. Plus the joints of the AP are far too superior in my opinion. The head fit like a glove on the neck adapter attached to the obitsu neck part.
  2. Hi everybody! Now that she FINALLY has her wig and glasses, I'm back with another hybrid, one that I consider my personal magnum opus so far. Meet Sinclair! "Hi!" It might be hard to tell from this angle, but Sinclair is a very special hybrid - she's chubby! Like, ACTUALLY chubby. I've been wanting to make a mini-me for a long time, but considering I wear a size L everything, a normal Dollfie Dream or Obitsu just wasn't gonna cut it. I wanted my anime self to be realistic, so I turned to drastic measures: a wacky hybrid of Obitsu, DD, AP, and MDD parts, including a few subtractive mods and a hybrid frame. But more on the build in the next post. First, measurements! Sinclair is 47cm tall from head to foot, putting her at about the same height class as an AP or DDP. Her three measurements: Bust 24 cm, Waist 18 cm, Hip 26 cm. For pants, her thigh circumference is 16 cm, calf circumference is 10.5 cm, and her inseam is 18.5 cm. For shirts, her shoulders to her hips is 13 cm, and her arms are 15.5 cm long from wrist to shoulder. And since I measured it, from her hip to the bottom of her foot is 22.5 cm. Her thickest measurement is around both thighs, with her legs at their default position, and that's a whopping 28 cm! Her thighs are bigger than her hips and it's glorious. Not so glorious is the clothing options - she can only fit shirts that'll support a DD Large bust, but her arms are just slightly too short for tailored DD sleeves. Her thighs only fit SD pants, but even her thick calves drown in them...not to mention she needs like 10 more cm of height to get the fit just right. And her waist fits SD13 pants...and stuff that's intended to sit low on a DD's hips. So that's a no go for most DD pants. So far I've put her in two bottoms from DollDelights, some handmade SD capris, a handmade sweater, and a handmade handkerchief top all from Mandarake, and some SD Girl sized pants from Gavalloni Atelier, which fit nicely if you ignore the horrible fabric bunching at the ankles! Funnily enough, if it weren't for her waist, the official Angel Philia Office Lady pants I have were beautifully fitted on her. Perhaps if I get brave I'll try to make a pattern with them and adjust that. For now though, I'll plan on commissioning some pants and keeping a close eye on DollDelights for more cute stuff she can wear! Because this skirt is lovely. Her head is a DDH07, with a faceup and eyes by ねこまっしぐら (Neko Masshigura), and she has on a pair of Volks Jewelry Box glasses and a Dallas Doll Co wig. She uses DD hands and Obitsu 50 feet, my favorite hands and feet. The hybrid's got a pretty good color match - the only noticeable mismatch in tones is her shins, which have a pinker undertone than the rest of her. It barely shows up in photos, and is only really bad in person when she's in sunlight, so I don't mind it. The only major bummer about her is that she can't sit, due to a quirk in her construction that I'll get into. I'm not sure if that's something I'll ever be able to fix, either. We'll see.
  3. Oculae

    Oculae's Hybrid Lab!

    My collection is pretty eclectic, but it's one I'm very proud of! Almost all of my dolls and parts are secondhand, with a couple of very rare exceptions that I'll point out as part of the doll's introduction! And every single one uses parts from other companies. First up is Eiran, my #1 favorite boy! He's a Smartdoll Eiji head in Milk, with a factory faceup that I added to slightly. An extremely lucky secondhand find from a collector on Instagram, who had originally got him directly from the outlet store from what Danny now calls the Chaos section! This head is currently with Synthetic Ephemera for a resin wig commission, so for the time being I'm using an unmodified Suzaku head for him: He was originally on an Obitsu 50 boy body, but another lucky secondhand find let me snag a like-new 55 body from the owner of a closed-down French toy store, which I then added 60cm arms and legs to in order to make a 60 boy. He uses Dollfie Dream, Smartdoll, and Obitsu 65 hands interchangeably depending on what hand pose I want, so depending on which hands he's using, he often reps all 3 major vinyl companies at once! Second is my oldest and most sentimental vinyl, Olive! She is a Gretel47 head (a rare purchase directly from Parabox) with an Azone frankendoll body consisting of the lower half of an AZM3 body, an Azone G bust, and Angel Philia B type arms. The AZM3 abs and the B's buff arms really give her a muscular, outdoorsy look that I love, a vast improvement from the stock Obitsu 50 body I had her on originally. The faceup is my own work, and if she looks a little like Smartdoll's Resilient, that's intentional! I bought her as my first specifically because I really wanted Resilient at the time, but she just financially wasn't doable for me, so I referenced her faceup to make my own! I like Olive a lot more than her inspiration now. ^^ Next is Erato, my demon girl! She's a DDH-01 custom on an Obitsu 50 body! As you can see, she uses DD hands as well. She's a nice low-budget alternative to a DDP, and wears the same size clothing! She's also the first and only resin character I had that I completely reshelled into vinyl when I switched over. Next is Ambrosia, the real owner of that Suzaku head Eiran's borrowing! He's another old character of mine shelled as a doll, and is on what I call my "desperation hybrid" body. When you find an Obitsu 65 torso on Mandarake but only have 60cm limbs available, you make do! I plan on seeing if I can get DD Dynamite thighs to work with the rest of his parts, their thickness would probably save him a bit from his sad "skinny legs" look. Poppy is next, and notable for being my first foray into modding my own heads! I bet you can guess what I did to her. 😉 She's a custom Gretel47 on an Obitsu 40 body with an Angel Philia flat bust. The head and body were purchased direct from Parabox, but the bust wasn't! Last, but certainly not least, is Euphemia, a hybrid with a resin head! She is a Doll Chateau Snowborn head on the old 3-part Obitsu 60 body before they switched over to the ball jointed version. She was another new purchase, and I'm extremely grateful Denver Doll Emporium had the head in stock after Snowborn was discontinued by the ccompany. Her body is secondhand from a collector on Ebay. I color matched her blushing and did her faceup myself, it was a real labor of love. If any other resin catches my eye, this is absolutely what I'm going to do with them, because the whole reason I went to vinyl was because of its rock solid posing! I have a few other dolls, but they're either in pieces and not in a good state for photographs, or in storage and not in a good state for photographs. I'll share them as they're made presentable again. I hope you enjoy my collection! 😄
  4. ateliervanilla

    Custom DD Towa head on Smart Doll boy body

    I was able to get a secondhand head of Towa, and I thought it would make a good boy head. I wiped off the default faceup and repainted it to look like Noah from Xenoblade 3. I also did the eyes (first photo). I was fortunate to get a secondhand Smart Doll slim boy body in milk, which is a great match to DD's flesh. DD heads have bigger neck holes, so I had to secure the head with a cork. I think it holds up well.
  5. Hi, eveyone Since Obitsu relased their new super whity color I been want to get my hand on one, and just in luck I found someone geting rid of an Azone Iris Collect doll body in that color. By checking on Azone's page the body belong to Iris Collect Kano winter date ver, so far the only azo2 that has the super whity colors. Azo2 is also the body tpye in the obitsu family I never had, so I'm really happy I got to own one. Just right in time my semi white DDH-20/DCH-20 Abyssia who I just (almost finish at the time) finish her paint job needs a body. The photo I took here are in afternoon and lamp lighting, the only differnt is her head being a bit more dusty(which might because the blushing with I used some light gray and blue. here is the photo of thr headcap(DDH20 SW) and the body, lighting is day light shot with iphone. As it shown here they are really alike, with the DD semi white being a litte cool toned but they are bascislly the same in person. This is also the first body I got since they annoced the texture change for their limbs shells to something softer. I do like Abyssia can sit on her feet now and the new testure do felt nicer for me who have some really annoying sensory issues, but there is one problem with this change being sometimes her upper arm joint ball might pop out of the shell when I'm dressing her up.Her wrist joint is still that good old ob joint, even with a softer hand now I still found it hard to pose for some photos and changing hands, I might change it out to a MDD one in the future in that way she can also have more hand choices too. Not gonna lie I do like how Abyssia with this body and the colour is a nice match. Now it comes to getting outfits for her, which would be something. She is wearing azone's hoodie and shorts here, but I wanna measure her just incase.Her bust is AZO2 I which is biggest in the AZO2 line. Here are the tough measurment, might give an ideal for picking outfit for azo2 Height:50cm Shoulder:10cm Bust(AZO2 I):25cm waist:16cm Hip:24.5cm Thight circumference: 15cm legs : 30cm arms(no hand):16cm She might fit some shorts and skirts for Kumako by Puyoo or Imomo dolls, but I havent try it yet. I will update the post when I have more info about it. Thank you for reading~
  6. Hi all, So been meaning to get this review up sooner but here you go. So I've had a bit more time with the Dollbot to have some more thoughts around and I just wanted to some some comparison shots to give you an idea on them. https://www.dollbot.jp/ Here's a link to their website, note at the time of posting they have their fox girl "Kaya" up for pre-order in both "Platinum skin" (closer to standard volks colour) and "Black Diamond skin" (a lovely tan colour) First up is the skin colours. Dollbot's platinum skin is like a mid point between Volks DD Semi-white and normal but with a hint more brightness. Maybe it matches Volks Normal a bit more but didn't seem too far off with semi-white either. So the bodies are very nice in person and has an impressive range of motions. There are double jointed in the knee so you can have them kneeling down if you want. They have the same range of motions as a MDD f3 body except for 1) the knees can bend more due to the double joint, 2) the neck has more range as they expose the joint more, and 3) the joint below the torso gives more range. Like with Smartdoll the torso joint goes just below the bust for better motion and more flattering for some clothes that expose more skin like bikinis. The body weights about the same as Volks MDD however the vinyl is a bit thinner and much softer than Volks. A softer vinyl will make it easier to stain so you will have to be that little more careful but I think they deliberately chose to do that so as to give the thighs a little more squish. Personally I think the softer vinyl feels very pleasant and I think it will be less likely to tear compared to harder vinyl that I have found in other vinyl dolls. Changing hands is another area that Dollbot improved on I think. Taking the hands off the frame of MDD can be a bit of a chore and often I need a hairdryer to warm the vinyl so I can get them free or put them on. With Dollbot they just slide into place and while they come away easy enough I didn't feel like they would just fall off. Overall Volks body does feel that little more sturdier maybe more stain resistant but I was really impressed with Dollbots range of motion and the ease that I could change hands. Both bodies have their own look so it will come down to individual tastes and what you want. I will say I did really like the fuller figure on the dollbot and it does look better than the mochi-ashi at least in that the thighs match the body. I wish Volks created a unique hip piece to blend the moch-ashi legs in. In terms of clothing Dollbot's body will take most things a MDD would wear except around the hips which are closer to DD size. So DD sized panties or MDD sized dresses for example. Dollbot heads are on the slightly larger side of DD heads but will generally wear the same sized wigs. I found that Volks heads fit very well on Dollbot bodies but Dollbot heads were a bit wobbly on Volks bodies and would probably need an elastic inside the head to hold it in place. You just screw this neck attachment piece into the hole in the head and then slide it on to the body. Does make it easier to remove the head from the body whereas with Volks it does sometimes feel like I might break the body or tear the head when trying to pull the head off. Dollbots DB01 comes with an open mouth mod. You can remove the mouth and the tongue. They also come pre-coloured so you don't need to paint them. Maybe they'll release alternative tongue pieces in the future? Hopefully so along with more bust sizes. Eyes - Almost forgot this but I used 20mm eyes. They fit very well but you could use 22mm. You might need to use the 22mm eye tool from volks so the eyes sit better. I think 24mm might be a bit too large. Anyway hopefully that answers some questions. They're excellent dolls that should fit into any dollfie dream collection as another body type. I used a forwarding service to obtain mine as they don't ship directly outside Japan. I should warn that if you do have any issues you will need to communicate with them using Japanese or maybe through your proxy service. Dollbot are a new start up/smaller operation so there may be flaws in the bodies or mistakes made. I found a few micro bubbles on one of the thigh pieces. Easy to miss really but not something you'd see on a Volks body. Also they made a mistake and forgot to send me an extra head I ordered. I contacted them directly with a polite email using Japanese and they were very nice and responded to me within 24hrs. They immediately said they'd send out the extra head shortly with no fuss there but if I wanted the thigh piece replaced I would need to send them the complete body for inspection. If I was living in Japan they would have covered the postage for this but it was a little more complicated with me living in Europe so I decided to just keep the body as it was. It was a very minor flaw so not too bothered really but I would encourage people using a proxy service to communicate if not too comfortable with Japanese. My order was among their first orders so hopefully cases like this would be quite rare. Anyway hope that all helps!! Feel free to ask about anything I didn't cover, these are really lovely doll and I hope DollBot does very well in the future (^__^)y I'll post more pictures later if people are interested Below Volks Arle head on a Dollbot body. EDIT: Just to add a bit I posted about the hands to the main post. The dollbot (DBB) has a smaller wrist joint than MDD so if you were to put a MDD's hand on a DBB the hand would just fall off. You could try using a putty or blue tack maybe to keep the hand on? For the DBB hands they are a very tight fit on the MDD wrist joint and won't fit all the way. However! I was interested to learn that both hand joints can fit on either body type. So you could have a DBB wrist joint on a MDD or other way around!
  7. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had tried to put an SQ Lab chibi head on an Obitsu 26 body. Does look okay? Can you share photos? Thanks! P.S. If no one has done it, I understand. I’ll probably do it. For science. 🙃
  8. Hi everyone, I wanted to share my hybrid ! I 'm obsessed by the AZO2 curves and wanted to give my angel philia a body update Things to know : The AZO2 is not in soft vinyl and my angel philia is. I try dif configuration as i wanted to keep at least the tummy/tight or tight in soft vinyl but that wasn't possible 😕 the pieces wasn't really compatible with the tummy/tight or just tight of my angel philia, proportion was way off or just wasn't even fitting 😕 Anyway, i decided to then change bust, torso and tight and the end here is the final result. I think it actually look super good on both 😄 Left is the azone with Angelphilia bust/tummy/tight and right is my AP with the AZO" bust/tummy/tight hope that help I don't own the left one anymore but if you have question for the right one let me know ^^ Here is:
  9. If you were like me and wondering if Angel Philia busts would work on the DDP, since there are no optional busts, then I have some good news! The Angel Philia G bust works really well on a DDP. The holes for the arm pegs and head peg line up great, there is minimal gaping, and while it is a huge bust and disproportionate to the small frame I still think it looks nice. Below are some pictures I snapped. I am now curious if any other busts would work with the DDP, as there seems to be a mix consensus of what will work and what won't.
  10. after several months of being a floating head, i finally got Aubrey her body!! it took me longer than expected since the incredible opportunity to buy my first car came along and it was too good to pass up. she arrived just before i had to head into work, so unfortunately i wasn’t able to get very many photos of her. face close up, you cant really see it but she has little teddies in her eyes!! how darling (´∀`*) ignore her messy hair, i manhandled her wig a bit and didnt have time to waste smoothing fibers. shes definitely in need of a mani pedi and perhaps some body blushing and obvi some shoes. curse her adorable chubby feets!! i got aaaallll the hand sets i could for her but it’s quite hard to put new hands on the pegs, what do you guy do? separate pegs for each set of hands or just brute force? allssoooo one last question, should i go by her body or head in terms of posting her? are there set rules for hybridposting or is it just a personal preference thing OH!!! i nearly forgot, she already has a big sis on the way. i saw an absolutely adorable head on manderake i absolutely could not resist, so that’s already on the way. damnit, these things really do multiply !!!! luckily sissy will probably have an easier time in terms of getting a body, but im really struggling on other details such as her eye and hair color and the body she should have. sorry for my rambles, im just so excited!!! gem signing off, stay tuned for more adorable girls
  11. daydreammoment

    Chaos Smart Doll Heads on DD body?

    I know there have been similar threads - and I think I read them all but they never really answered the question. I have chaos heads that I am going to do a face up on but since there are rarely, if any, Smart Doll bodies available (and Danny doesn't seem to be selling them separately anymore) I would like to use a DD body at least temporarily. I think someone here actually had a SmartDoll/DD hybrid where the Smart Doll head was used, but I can't seem to locate the post now. I would like to know which DD body would be the best and what modifications would need to be done. My heads are Cinnamon in color. I am assuming that the "Flesh" color of DD would be the best match.
  12. AlisonVonderland

    AlisonVonderland's Dolls

    Hello! I'm still a bit new here at this point. But I was very excited to start sharing pictures with you of some of my dolls. Since I have a lot of hybrids I thought a mixed photos thread might just be easiest. First up let me introduce Summer: ddh04 (painted different color) on smartdoll cocoa cortex body. Eyes made by me, Faceup by me, the hair she's wearing here is made by me too, as is her dress. I felt like she was a kind of out there idea at the time but oh how glad I am I did this because I just love her so much 😂❤️
  13. Can you put a Volks SDM head on a SD10 Volks body ? I have an old sd10 body just sitting around(gave away the the head a long time ago) and a friend of mine just got an sdm Yuri, she said she didn’t want the head any more and that she was going to sell it(btw I’ve never see an sdm)so I said I would buy in from her but I don’t have any 1/4 msd bodies at the moment, so i was going to try hybrid for the first time but I don’t know if it will work because I don’t know how small the head will be should I try or just buy a msd body for her instead?
  14. Hello, I'm gonna start this off by saying I'm a tech newbie, I asked this question before but I accidently put it in the wrong place so if any Mods know how I can delete it or if they can please help and... I'm sorry! 😓 😬 I do hope someone is able to help, I've been asking around but no one perhaps due to sacrilege of the question I'm about to ask has given me an answer. After lurking on Doll Dreaming I figured perhaps I could get an answer here without being ignored or demeaned. I LOVE the MDD Mochi-Ashi body and and I LOVE Smart Doll heads I'm hoping I can mod the two together, I'm curious if anybody else has done this and I'm curious if DD Flesh matches closely to SMD Cinnamon?
  15. monodramatic

    Obitsu 27cm Male/Female Hybrid

    hello! i had a quick question about swapping out obitsu parts. sorry if this is a super remedial question, im new to obitsus and i couldnt find an answer. im looking to make an androgynous male character, and ideally i would like to swap a male chest onto a female body. i know the smallest chest size is fairly flat, but i want something a little broader, and something that will look masculine without a shirt on. specifically im looking to put a chico 27cm chest piece onto a chica 27cm body.
  16. How do I create a 60cm hybrid? (I am sorry about my odd wording and punctuation.) I have been looking online for guides and tips catered for creating Obitsu 60 hybrids. I have read guides for 50cm and smaller doll bodies, but I am not sure if the same rules would apply to a 60. It is difficult to find 60cm option parts as they have been discontinued or are out of stock. It seems like 50cm parts are still being released, so I was wondering if 50cm option parts would fit on a 60. If so, I would have more options than I originally had.
  17. Hello all! I have a small doll collection (a couple of Takara dolls, a Moxie Girlz and several EAH). And one of my first dolls was an Azone Hybrid figure of Nagato Yuki. Here she is wearing her uniform and some lingerie (don't know if doll nudity is allowed in this forum). She has a soft butst 27BD-F05N obitsu body. I posted her pictures in lingerie so I can ilustrate my problem a bit better before going into more detail. Yuki has been with me for 4+ until the other day her legs fell apart during a modeling session. The problem was a broken hip joint. I managed to take the broken pieces out of her torso and glue them back together. Here is the result of the operation: Despite the look of the pieces, they are pretty solid and I tested putting back them along with the legs, but without reassembling the doll. The legs and the joint seem to work. But there is a problem: How do I put the hip joint back in the torso?
  18. Linnette

    Dollce A head from Y!J

    Hi everyone! Yesterday I got a package from Japan, it was a Dollcedoll A head I got off Y!J. I won her in an aution for surprisingly low cost. I hybrided her on a MDD normal skin body. http://Dollce A by L B, on Flickr http://Dollce A by L B, on Flickr As you can see the Dollce normal skin isn't a perfect match with Volks MDD normal skin, but she looks very good proportions wise<3 Her outfit is from Volks La Personal Collection Pink Label, her wig is from Taobao (can't remember the seller). Her little star hairband is from the Kikipop Grape Squash fullset. Thanks for looking!
  19. I've seen quite a few hybrids of Smart Dolls using their bodies, but I've been wanting to use a younger looking body. With the rumor of Danny finally selling heads by themselves as he does with the bodies, I was thinking of maybe using a smd head on a dds, or maybe even a mdd. Has anyone done this before, and how good does it look? Do the neck pegs cause an issue there? Sorry if this has been answered before.
  20. jadepixel

    AP head on AZO2 body?

    Has anyone tried AP heads on the AZO2 body? Just wondering if it fits and how it looks.
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