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Found 5 results

  1. I made this thread for the purpose of showing off my 1/6 anime dolls. I collected these before I got into DD, and I'm especially fond of the old, rare or otherwise unusual little companies that are no longer around/no longer making dolls. I also love to photograph them, so here we go: That's most of them! I only have 2 of these elf girls, the blonde one got a reroot and is now blue...but her hair really needs a cut and restyle since these pics, so maybe posting these will motivate me to do that. I also have to sort out their wardrobe...seriously, it's OBSCENE how many clothes and props they have.
  2. I've just begun my doll-making journey, inspired by the aesthetics of 1/6 Pureneemos! But I also love the look of glass eyes as seen on most other BJDs. It seems Parabox produces anime-style heads with eye pockets at the same 1/6 scale as Pureneemo. Here's the head I'm specifically interested in: https://paraboxshop.jp/goods_en_jpy_6519.html I own a Pureneemo M body (normal bust) - would the Parabox head be able to attach to it? I don't want to spend a ton of money and find out the combination won't work only after it arrives. ( 〃▽〃)
  3. chef_mai

    Pure Neemo Characters

    This is a topic for keeping up with the licensed character dolls in Azone's 1/6 line. --- Azone just announced a third character for its 1/6 line of Gochiusa dolls after wrapping up the 1/3 line a couple years ago. First, there was Chino, then there was Sharo. And now there's Cocoa. Hopefully, they'll do the full gang of 7 since I'd love to get a Maya one. (Previously)
  4. AshbelEro

    Azone Pureneemo2 Emotion Unboxing

    I got home pretty late yesterday to find that we had a package sitting on our front step. It had been raining all day. I wish they'd have knocked or something. People were still home. Oh well. My Creatable World dude, Jun, will be helping us look inside. At this point I wasn't entirely sure if this was the doll or not because it was addressed to my husband and the package wasn't due until Tuesday. My desk is always a dang mess. A very, very eclectic mess. Well, let's dive right in. Yep. That's a doll. I was fascinated to see the shipper had kept her from rattling around by simply taping the package to the inside of the box. Brilliant. Jun helped. She's smaller than I thought she'd be. I always have trouble visualizing size. She came with a standard Obitsu head and an extra pack of hands. Not a bad deal for $65. At least I think. SHE LIVES. kinda. Straight out of the package, she stands pretty well. But she takes a lot more effort to stand than Jun does. Then again, he does have wider feet, and that's really only when he's wearing shoes. Without shoes, he can hardly stand at all. Full of surprises here... Jun was actually bigger than I thought he'd be, too. The new girl is also very heavy considering her size. Her vinyl or plastic or whatever is very dense. I like it. Really my only issue is with those holes in the backs of her legs, but that's so she can fully kneel, and with that in mind it doesn't bother me at all. First doll I've ever had who could do this. Posing her is pretty easy. She's very good at action poses. Bonus hands, so she can do a little of this! Or that. I felt bad for her so I doodled her a quick face and gave her some of my Creatable World clothes. Obviously they're a little big on her. The face comes right off, don't worry. Her head is way squishier than I imagined. This is going to be a tough project. Creatable World pants fit on her perfectly. So there's a saving grace. So there's my new Pureneemo girl. I'm really excited to have the Emotion, her posing is amazing. Can't wait to see what I can do with her.
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