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Volks White VS Obitsu Super Whitey?

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Hi! I'm checking out Imoneko's option busts on Booth, and can't figure out which color would be the best match for my AP in Super Whitey. Her body has a pink undertone as opposed to her head, which is a little on the yellower side. Imoneko doesn't list Super Whitey in their color matches.

She matches my Semi-White 9S and 2B really well, but I'm sure I just keep overthinking things. Does anyone have a comparison of Volks White (I think Ayanami Rei was this color) and Super Whitey?

Thank you!

Doll Tax:


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Unfortunately I don’t have any Super Whitey dolls or parts for comparison, but DD Flesh is supposed to match Obitsu Whitey, so my guess is either DD White or Semi-White will work.

DD White has more a yellow undertone while Semi-White has more of a pink undertone, so which one you should get depends on whether you want the bust to match the head or the rest of the body.

Note also that the bust won’t be an exact match to the colour they claim either. I had this issue with them when I proxied one for a customer. The colour they sent me didn’t match the customer’s doll/the colour I ordered, so they sent a replacement which was a closer match but still slightly off.

You can kind of see a comparison of the different skin tones on this NSFW page:


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