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Found 25 results

  1. Gunter

    Volks Super Dollfies

    I totally feel we need this thread. Lets talk about Volks resin/bjd dolls~ Everything is game. ~~~~~ I am really excited to try for Lies! I really like Luna too, but she's a bit too duckface for me. They both have really lovely sets even though I'm pretty sure if I got Lies I'd sell that dress. I do think there is no way I'm going to win her. She's always so hard to win cause of the sheer volume of people entering. I wish everyone luck who goes for either Lies or Luna!
  2. Mitsuna


  3. Mitsuna


  4. Mitsuna


  5. Giallo_Gatta

    Ludovica's New Outfit

    My girl got a new outfit today, her second overall and her first from Volks. 😉 It's the Bordeaux Suspender Set, plus a pair of frilled socks and brown loafers. The quality is actually even better than I expected, and she feels like a very put together (and expensive) doll while wearing it. 😁 She's also wearing the v.2 MDD bodysuit in Semi-White that I picked up at the same time. https://flic.kr/p/2pjDKx2 https://flic.kr/p/2pjFqC7
  6. Hi! I'm checking out Imoneko's option busts on Booth, and can't figure out which color would be the best match for my AP in Super Whitey. Her body has a pink undertone as opposed to her head, which is a little on the yellower side. Imoneko doesn't list Super Whitey in their color matches. She matches my Semi-White 9S and 2B really well, but I'm sure I just keep overthinking things. Does anyone have a comparison of Volks White (I think Ayanami Rei was this color) and Super Whitey? Thank you! Doll Tax:
  7. Hello! I'm still quite new to the hobby so the September new outfit collection on VolksJP will be the first time I'm planning on buying newly released (limited?) items that aren't a doll preorder so I have a few questions relating to it. Mainly I'm wondering if they sell out fast and is it likely to be a click war type of situation? I am familiar with the website now and can confidently checkout on it so I'm only worried that I might miss the time they release and they end up sold out due to time zone differences, 10:00 being 02:00 in my time zone. Sorry if this has an obvious answer, I tried googling myself but many of the answers are almost a decade old and I'm unsure if things have changed much since then or are different for different types of releases 😓
  8. monkeypizzasonic

    Volks Dollfie Plus 2021

    https://dollfie.volks.co.jp/dollfieplus2021/ Looks like Volks is going to be selling some of their old 1/6 doll stock as DIY kits! The heads are a bit "generic anime", but I'm excited for the potential and it would be nice to see Volks delve into 1/6 vinyl products again. Info from the site:
  9. Vickie386

    My Mochi is Finally Whole!

    Here she is! I'm calling her just "Mochi" Her head is from NiyaMia on Etsy. I'm not super crazy about this wig on her, but it's the only thing I have right now that fits and looks somewhat appropriate.
  10. Hi all! I have a doubt: my new Sailor Moon doesn't have the 25th Anniversary mark on her sticker box (see picture below), though she's an original product. I saw other boxex with the same weird feature (Mercury and Mars as well). Could you tell me please if Volks did a different version? Thank you!
  11. Claudia79

    Sailor's tiara issues

    Hello everyone! 🙂 I'm new of Dollfie's world and I have a question that has probably been asked before. I'd like to know what is the best way to protect my Sailor warriors foreheads (I have four of them and I'm looking for Jupiter so badly). They're still in boxes, but when I'll put them on display they'll wear Volks wig caps and the tape on the back of the tiara. Is it enough to avoid stains on their head? Thank you!
  12. apag22

    The arcade master, Sakura!

    On top of BJDs/vinyl dolls, I also collect American Girls! This PACMAN cabinet is for the 1980s doll, Courtney, and fits MDD sized dolls perfectly!
  13. Can you put a Volks SDM head on a SD10 Volks body ? I have an old sd10 body just sitting around(gave away the the head a long time ago) and a friend of mine just got an sdm Yuri, she said she didn’t want the head any more and that she was going to sell it(btw I’ve never see an sdm)so I said I would buy in from her but I don’t have any 1/4 msd bodies at the moment, so i was going to try hybrid for the first time but I don’t know if it will work because I don’t know how small the head will be should I try or just buy a msd body for her instead?
  14. I made a very detailed YouTube video unboxing and dressing up of my Rena from the mystery horror anime When They Cry ( Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)! Additionally, I unpackaged her school uniform. Please enjoy! 😊
  15. apag22

    Volks USA Haul for MDD

    Hi! I picked up my order from Volks USA today, so I thought I would share some pictures! The bag! Everything I got! Two outfits, four hand sets (accidentally ordered two of the peace sign set lol), a new wig, and the wig ring thingie to help it stay on better (it was worth the three dollars!!) Both of the outfits I got, I am so pleased with the Volks quality! Su Here is Suki in the skirt set (it reminds me of old Emily Temple Cute or Meta~) I actually LOVE this outfit on Suki, I am so glad I got it! We are currently waiting on an order from Volks Japan. There will be some more outfits, socks, and some shoes in that order. I also placed a few Etsy orders as well, so she will have a closet full of clothes soon! Also, do you think the name Suki suits her? I'm not in love with it If you have any suggestions please let me know!
  16. I saw this doll on Mandarake and immediately fell in love! According to myfigurecollection, she was released in 2006. She is in great condition! She comes with a maid outfit, a huge sword (like, bigger than she is) that I wont be assembling or using, and grippy hands, This face I fell in love with! Such a classic early 2000s anime look. it reminds me of AIR. Her hair is shoulder length in the back, and the blue things are glued in, so i dont know how i can remove them without damaging her. She is on the Volks EB-Midi body. Its very light and it comes apart easily, but the slim aesthetic is nice. I dont know what body I could use for her instead. Her head is very small and dark. Azone/obitsu 24 on the left, and mamachapp on the right. She fits barbie and blythe clothes ok. The bottoms are too loose. I havent found shoes that fit well yet. Blythe is too big, and obitsu27 is too small. Theres a pink hair doll from this series that I have never been able to find owner photos of, but I really want her as well = Thanks for looking!
  17. sdrcow


    From the album: Dollfie Dream Karin

  18. I got my Miku a new outfit, the Do-Re-Mi-Fa Rondo set😊
  19. I was wondering if SD13 clothes will fit my DDS with M bust? And, if you have one..can you show me what it'll look like?
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