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Found 29 results

  1. Tierparkzone

    Tierparkzone's Doll Photos

    Instead of flooding the Photo Randoms thread, I guess it makes sense to create a new thread to put my photos. So to start off , here are a few nice shots I took a while back:
  2. The other day I received my very first Angel Philia. I've wanted one for a while, but didn't go after getting one because I wasn't aware of all the body options. A friend let me know there were thighs and busts like what I wanted and so I decided I needed one, and then that same friend told me they'd be selling theirs so I jumped on that opportunity. And I'm glad I did because I'm absolutely in love with her! So here's my girl's box opening. The box! Looks like someone punched it :') I was a bit nervous when I saw that hole, but luckily everything was alright! She came very well packed, despite not having her original box (rip). Booty! I opened her upside down on accident, haha. And here she is! The second I saw that face I was instantly in love. Those lips! That eye shape! She's perfect. She came with extras! I won't be using those shins so I gotta figure out what to do with them, but I might sell them along with her thighs when the replacements arrive. You guys are probably used to it but I was so surprised to see the hands all come with nail polish! I didn't expect this at all. I fought her head a bit and managed to install some eyes I made. I love her even more with these on, and they're perfect for her character. Here she is wearing a dress I found that happened to fit her and a wig that used to belong to her resin version. It's way too big on her so I have to buy a new one. I'm going to be replacing her thighs and bust, and she needs elf ears, a new wig and clothes, but so far I'm so happy with her! She's stunning. Her name is Teiwa, she's modeled after the main character in my book Children of Yrathea. Anyway, thank you for looking at my box opening! I hope you've enjoyed it.
  3. I have my very first AP on the way (she should be there by Friday of I'm lucky!) and I'm in need of some pointers regarding a few customization ideas I have : 1) Body piercings : for the navel, I was thinking about using tiny magnets, but for the nipples I doubt that would work - instead I'm thinking about glueing tiny metal caviar beads (used for nail art) but I'm unsure what kind of glue would work best without possibly affecting the blushing? 2) Adding to the default faceup : until I'm able to get her a fully custom faceup, I thought about adding some details onto her default one, mainly moles (possibly on the face and body). What would be the best way to go about it - acrylic, watercolor pencils? And would adding sealant (I have MSC available) on top of the default faceup cause any issue? Thank you in advance!
  4. Hi everybody! Now that she FINALLY has her wig and glasses, I'm back with another hybrid, one that I consider my personal magnum opus so far. Meet Sinclair! "Hi!" It might be hard to tell from this angle, but Sinclair is a very special hybrid - she's chubby! Like, ACTUALLY chubby. I've been wanting to make a mini-me for a long time, but considering I wear a size L everything, a normal Dollfie Dream or Obitsu just wasn't gonna cut it. I wanted my anime self to be realistic, so I turned to drastic measures: a wacky hybrid of Obitsu, DD, AP, and MDD parts, including a few subtractive mods and a hybrid frame. But more on the build in the next post. First, measurements! Sinclair is 47cm tall from head to foot, putting her at about the same height class as an AP or DDP. Her three measurements: Bust 24 cm, Waist 18 cm, Hip 26 cm. For pants, her thigh circumference is 16 cm, calf circumference is 10.5 cm, and her inseam is 18.5 cm. For shirts, her shoulders to her hips is 13 cm, and her arms are 15.5 cm long from wrist to shoulder. And since I measured it, from her hip to the bottom of her foot is 22.5 cm. Her thickest measurement is around both thighs, with her legs at their default position, and that's a whopping 28 cm! Her thighs are bigger than her hips and it's glorious. Not so glorious is the clothing options - she can only fit shirts that'll support a DD Large bust, but her arms are just slightly too short for tailored DD sleeves. Her thighs only fit SD pants, but even her thick calves drown in them...not to mention she needs like 10 more cm of height to get the fit just right. And her waist fits SD13 pants...and stuff that's intended to sit low on a DD's hips. So that's a no go for most DD pants. So far I've put her in two bottoms from DollDelights, some handmade SD capris, a handmade sweater, and a handmade handkerchief top all from Mandarake, and some SD Girl sized pants from Gavalloni Atelier, which fit nicely if you ignore the horrible fabric bunching at the ankles! Funnily enough, if it weren't for her waist, the official Angel Philia Office Lady pants I have were beautifully fitted on her. Perhaps if I get brave I'll try to make a pattern with them and adjust that. For now though, I'll plan on commissioning some pants and keeping a close eye on DollDelights for more cute stuff she can wear! Because this skirt is lovely. Her head is a DDH07, with a faceup and eyes by ねこまっしぐら (Neko Masshigura), and she has on a pair of Volks Jewelry Box glasses and a Dallas Doll Co wig. She uses DD hands and Obitsu 50 feet, my favorite hands and feet. The hybrid's got a pretty good color match - the only noticeable mismatch in tones is her shins, which have a pinker undertone than the rest of her. It barely shows up in photos, and is only really bad in person when she's in sunlight, so I don't mind it. The only major bummer about her is that she can't sit, due to a quirk in her construction that I'll get into. I'm not sure if that's something I'll ever be able to fix, either. We'll see.
  5. Cinnamon

    Hi! (❁´◡`❁)

    Hello everyone! I'm a longtime doll collector from the UK who has recently discovered their love for vinyl beauties (●'◡'●) I have collected various fashion dolls and resin BJD's over the years and finally fell in love with vinyl dolls, they are everything I hoped they would be which is very bad news for my wallet. Here's my current vinyl duo: 'Super Sonico' - Smart Doll Journey (Milk) My vinyl ventures started out with Smart Doll. She's fantastic but I likely won't be purchasing any further SmD's. I don't have much interest in the company any more and the aesthetic of them doesn't quite align with my interests any longer. With that said, she's wonderful quality and super cute so I'm really happy I own her! 'Cinnamon' - Angel Philia Honoka (ver2 soft skin) My latest addition. Wow. I am utterly in love! Angel Philia is everything I hoped it would be and more. I love the size, the proportions, the soft skin vinyl, the sculpts.. yeah. I'm pretty smitten with her. Truly the perfect vinyl doll for me~ I cannot wait to pick out my next girl!
  6. Hi! I'm checking out Imoneko's option busts on Booth, and can't figure out which color would be the best match for my AP in Super Whitey. Her body has a pink undertone as opposed to her head, which is a little on the yellower side. Imoneko doesn't list Super Whitey in their color matches. She matches my Semi-White 9S and 2B really well, but I'm sure I just keep overthinking things. Does anyone have a comparison of Volks White (I think Ayanami Rei was this color) and Super Whitey? Thank you! Doll Tax:
  7. Cinnamon

    Cinnamon - Angel Philia Honoka

    Hi everyone (●'◡'●) Just wanted to share a lil photo dump of my AP girl, Cinnamon. She is a tan ver2 soft skin Honoka. She's my first ever AP, I'm still very new to vinyl dolls in general but, holy cow, I'm obsessed with everything about her. I cannot wait to add more AP girls to my crew! Spoiler-ed for softcore nsfw:
  8. This was revealed on the quarantotto's website a couple days back and I was suprised noone has posted about it here soo.... Here I go! This new body has ENTIRELY different/new soft vinyl parts(exept hands/feet), Including the forearms and calves. This means that everything save for the hands and feet will be made from the company's signature "soft skin" material! (ФωФ) As an interesting sidenote, initial sales of the body WILL NOT feature any body blushing. Sales will begin August 10th 6:00pm (JST I persume) The price will be: ¥54,780 (loosely $400 US) Link to the Angel Philia website: https://quarantotto.biz/angelphilia/type-i%e3%83%9c%e3%83%87%e3%82%a3-soft-skin-%ef%bc%9c%e7%84%a1%e5%bd%a9%e8%89%b2-%e3%83%98%e3%83%83%e3%83%89%e7%84%a1%e3%81%97%ef%bc%9e-9337.html Images of the Type-I body from their site:
  9. The_Folktale_Fox

    Smartdoll clothes for Angelphilia

    I am having a hard time finding Angel philia clothes that are not having to be shipped in from outside of EU. So I was wondering if smartdoll clothes fit angelphilias? I have a small busted girl coming in but she's quite hipy. Smartdoll clothes just seems to be easier to find? Anyone have thoughts or experiences on this? I'd love to know!
  10. Hi! I’m Tea. I’ve been a doll tailor since 2019 and after finding a bust that was easier to work with for my Yurina, I thought I’d share some of my creations with you for some inspiration! I do sell some of my pieces, but that will be discussed when I have access to the site shops. Stockings and Skirts Accessories
  11. I've set my mind on purchasing AP Sayo soon, and have been wondering about some things regarding making clothing/staining. I've heard that certain types of dark fabric are less likely to stain, does anyone know specifically what types? Can prewashing fabric reduce the likelihood of staining? Is it enough to just line everything with white fabric and be cautious of positioning to avoid staining? Can painted metal/plastic jewelry or accessories stain? I might be overthinking these things as first doll anxiety, I'd really appreciate anyone who can help or guide me to the right resources!
  12. ateliervanilla

    DD Kizuna AI on AP Type-H Body

    I got my hands on a Shapeways Obitsu to DD neck adapter - and boy, I think it's perfect! I always thought that Kizuna AI would look better in a slightly shorter body. I didn't want to get a DDP because I already have an Angel Philia body. Plus the joints of the AP are far too superior in my opinion. The head fit like a glove on the neck adapter attached to the obitsu neck part.
  13. My girl, Teiwa, is based off the main character in my book. She's supposed to be an elf, but I'm having a little trouble finding elf ears that I know will fit her and match her color (whitey). Does anyone know where I can find some nice, long (but not WoW kinda long) elf ears for AP? I'd rather not have them droopy, pointing straight to the sides is best. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it!
  14. ateliervanilla

    Little Ichigo

    I was just browsing around some photos and fell in love at first sight with AP Ellie. The conversion rate to yen is too good to pass so I immediately got her from Mandarake. Unfortunately, her right eye arrived cracked so I took out her default eyes right and replaced with eyes that I made myself. This is not her "actual" look yet; I ordered a few things from Parabox and expecting those to arrive soon! Her name will be Ichigo - inspiration is the character Ichigo from Darling in the Franxx.
  15. mothermarymartyr

    The dolls got me, AGAIN

    Hi ᕙ⁠(⁠@⁠°⁠▽⁠°⁠@⁠)⁠ᕗ I'm Sadie; I'm a yamikawaii and horror enthusiast! I'm a long time resin collector but pretty new to vinyl dolls outside ob11s. I finally got my hands on an angel philia girl which has quickly turned into me wanting more, so I figured it's time to step into the vinyl community. I'm really terrible at socializing so I'll probably lurk most of the time, but I'm glad to be here so... hey hi and hello! ⁽⁠⁽⁠ଘ⁠(⁠ ⁠ˊ⁠ᵕ⁠ˋ⁠ ⁠)⁠ଓ⁠⁾⁠⁾
  16. Greta

    Obitsu male modification?

    Hi! I’m getting 2 obitsu bodies for my 2 ddh heads, one is male and one is female, i’m switching the girls upper and lower torso with angel philia parts because i really like detailed bodies, does anyone know any detailed male parts? x~x Does angel philia make male parts? Or is there any mod artists who maybe does it? Sorry if this sounds weird x-x . I really like ( NSFW WARNING NUDITY) https://www.instagram.com/shuishengwune/ creations but i don’t think they do commissions or work on vinyl 😵
  17. So, after years of eyeing AP dolls I finally found one in the price range and parts I wanted! I found her new on Mandarake and SWOOPED IN. After a few shipping delays she's finally here! ✧⁠◝⁠(⁠⁰⁠▿⁠⁰⁠)⁠◜⁠✧ I just about jumped out of my skin when I saw the DHL truck pull up. They packed her really well. I mean REALLY well. I had trouble with the boxes ಠ⁠◡⁠ಠ A box within a box within a box. I'm not even going to make the joke, it's too easy. I finally got to her out! I was worried I wasn't going to like her as much as I thought I would but I was INSTANTLY in love. She's SO cute. Originally I had planned to redo the face up but it's honestly REALLY nice, so I may just add to it a tiny bit. They were not joking when they said soft skin; I've never personally handled a vinyl doll this size and had only touched a DD soft skin bust at a convention (who's owner very graciously allowed me to poke her titty (⁠。⁠•̀⁠ᴗ⁠-⁠)⁠✧). I will absolutely be filling her out with some polyfill ASAP. I also am used to doll parts that are strung together and have to be unstrung to be taken apart. The scream I let out when her forearm popped off scared my cat. And then I realized it was supposed to function like that; duh. Her joints were a little tight during posing, but I think that should loosen up the more I pose her? After fiddling around with her I finally started putting on her clothes and wig. I'm so glad what I've currently got on her fits well. There are so few clothes tailored to APs;;; The skirt was hard to get over her thighs and hips, but it's so cute on, if not a little... Short. Girl's caked UP ಠ⁠◡⁠ಠ. The rest of the outfit is soaking in a vinegar/water solution; I have no idea if that will help with vinyl staining but I figured it was worth a try because that trick saved my resin dolls LIVES; And their smooth smooth skin... Er, resin. Whichever. All in all I'm SO happy with her, and she photographs like a dream so- obligatory risqúe pic.
  18. mothermarymartyr

    Blushing soft vinyl?

    Hi! New to this forum but a long time doll collecter. I'm used to doing face ups and body blushing on resin dolls and hard vinyl but have never worked on soft vinyl. I recently got an angel philia doll, which I'm SUPER excited about, but I'm not sure about blushing the body. She is the soft skin type, and I'm hoping someone can answer a few questions for me. Would airbrushing work better than the soft pastel method? And for sealant (I usually use MSC), would I need to worry about it breaking up or cracking when the soft vinyl is pressed on while posing or changing clothes? I've wanted this doll for years and I've gone through hoops to get the right option pieces for her, so any input on how ~not~ to mess this up is greatly appreciated! ⁽⁠⁽⁠ଘ⁠(⁠ ⁠ˊ⁠ᵕ⁠ˋ⁠ ⁠)⁠ଓ⁠⁾⁠⁾
  19. ateliervanilla

    Assorted Vinyl Crew!

    I put together my girls from different manufacturers. Pon (my MDD) is cheating because she's wearing heels LOL! Left to right: Anya (Obitsu 50 whitey head on 1/4 TinyFox body), Bao/Nahida (DDH27 on Dollbot body), Pon (Mini Dollfie Dream), Maya (Kizuna AI on Angel Philia Type-H body), and Chai (Smart Doll Chitose Classic in tea). I love them all equally. They all have their individual charm. I won't keep this post long, but will share what I love most and not like from each company. TinyFox Love: velvety (I don't know how to explain, but it's really smooth to touch), weight is similar to resin, can fit most MSD clothing, smaller than MDDs so she's easier to bring, can hybridize with Obitsu whitey/DD semi-white heads Not a fan of: limited posing Dollbot Love: lightweight, can hybridize with DD flesh/semi-white heads, less "thicc" than mochi-ashi, posing Not a fan of: can get loose - her feet is a little hard to get back on compared to MDD... the neck gap is quite obvious in some angles, and hand joints pop off too easily Mini/Dollfie Dream Love: easily available parts for customization, most clothing sizes fit on them, easily available apparel Not a fan of: can't hold poses too well, but can be fixed with a bit of tightening the joints Angel Philia Love: superior posing! lightweight, can easily hybridize with DD heads Not a fan of: sizing is kinda like DDP/mochi-ashi? so the clothing is quite tricky... it's personal preference, but to me the shorts should be 1/3 sized, skirts and dresses should be 1/4. Otherwise it might be too long or baggy on her. Smart Doll Love: posing, easily available apparel, lightweight, vinyl is harder Not a fan of: limited parts available for customization
  20. diastrefo

    Sophia Photo Thread

    I have another thread for actual character work on Sophia, but figured I'd make a repository specifically for photos - or at least some of them. I've not yet ironed this outfit, but couldn't resist getting some photos of her in it anyways. It took me a solid hour to wrangle out a knot that formed in the jewelry chain on her side, though... Her wig's a mess & not even styled yet, I've been terribly lazy about getting to that - but having her in proper clothes might incentivize me some.
  21. Angered-Icon

    Mayumi's Photo Blog

    Pardon the cross posts. I just wanted to have a repository of the posts I make with Mayumi and her character to keep a sort of blog of her new life on Zeta-C (an orbital space colony in my fictional world)
  22. diastrefo


    A workspace for my lass Sophia; disgustingly over-financed heiress and, frankly, just a bit of a brat. A character that exists in a larger world of mine, alongside a varied cast of characters. She'll make an introductory appearance in a writing one-shot, along with her full character bio, over on my Patreon - but I tend to keep my usual content & doll hobby quite separate, so I figured this is as good a repository for the latter as any. The very first image of her that popped into my head was a vaguely 1940's-50's era silhouette, more specifically a fitted gown or top with a longer skirt, and a loose, blousy fur stole or some equivalent. The initial plan was to include opera gloves for the little historical touch, but I've discarded the idea for the time being - both because I feel like it'd be a pain and risk staining her doll, and also because I liked the idea of her hands being bare. While I've played around a fair bit with her color palette, I've settled on white & pale peach/purple colors. Despite some of my current photos, her wig is truly more of a dark chestnut plum color, and I for some reason was enamored by the blend of earthy tones and more fantastical purple, despite not typically being fond of the violet family, and built her palette from there. Also fur. And then pearls... lots of pearls.... My first challenge with her right off the bat is her wig. While she has a very lovely wig of decent quality, due to the nature of it's build & the stiffness of the fibers, it floats in an almost Ghibli-esque way, much further from her face than her art. My current idea is to purchase the same wig again, and create a version of flatter lying hair, that harbors more of the pinned down and slicked back look I'm going for with her. Hard to tell from the rough art, but the front portion of her hair is pinned, pulled back behind her ears, with the rest falling over it, but still clinging quite close to her neck. My current plan is to make a tight-fitting wig cap & harvest the fibers from the duplicate wig, most likely gluing wefts in set positions to create the illusion I'm going for. That will mean some limits in poses, in theory, but could be worth it for photo. I'd rather have her current wig, floaty as it is, as a back up - since I am quite fond of it, minor details aside. The other challenge is her face up. The default makeup on Angel Philia girls is plenty charming, but her eyebrows are notably out of character - lending much more to an innocent or shy personality as opposed to her bratty confident, entitled one. I'll readily admit I have zero practice with face ups, and absolutely no experience with vinyl. My assumption is I wouldn't be able to wipe just the brows off and redo them - and even if I could confidently do so, I am in no way confident I have a steady enough hand to paint on matching brows. Will this warrant a face up artist? I am not yet decided... because I'm really quite fond of her face as it is, and don't want to lose the charm, particularly her lips. (That said, my other AP lass that is on the way will be getting a wipe + new face up, so it's possible when the time comes, artist slots permitting, I just send both of them out for new paint.) I have also struggled to find shoes that are exactly what I want for her, as everything I find that's suitable for her only ever seems to come in SD sizes. This may mean modifying the pair of shoes I've ordered for her (a simple pair of white pumps) or making something from scratch. Then there's the challenge of her bust - I've already accepted much of her clothing will need to be sewn by hand to her specific proportions, but I welcome that challenge. The hardest part I believe will be finding the right fabric that drapes over her body.
  23. Angered-Icon

    Made some AP sized magazines

    Mayumi showing a few sample prints of the latest magazine editions. She takes a read to catch up on Zeta-C giant boobs culture and news. I ended up making a few of them considering Mayumi does intern for a media company. And because I'm connecting her with my fictional world, the magazines actually have readable cover to cover content that add to the lore of said world. __________________________________________________________________________ Making AP scaled stuff is interesting cause I see everyone call AP's 1:3 but they're actually a little more like 1:3.5, so I had to do some guess-timations for these books. Here's my logic to get proper AP scale for the mags (and things in general.) AP height: 48cm x 3 = 144cm (4'7") < waaaaay too short unless she's like 8 with that insane body...... 48cm x 3.5 = 168cm (5'5") < much better, and seems to hold close-ish scale with other real world objects Paper size: Letter 8.5" x 11" scaled by 3.5 = 2.42" x 3.14" Process: Because I was making actual content I made use of an open source page layout editor called Scribus. Size the doc to the dimensions above ( or your preferred scale paper size) and create pages in multiples of 4 if you're doing spreads or multiples of 2 if you'll be gluing single pages. Export as single page images when done. Spreads) rearrange to make spreads in proper order from outside to center (I do this irl so this part may be confusing, refer to an actual stapled magazine or my example below). You will need to do this twice so you can print one full page layout on the back of the other. Cut the pages out as 2 page spreads, fold and glue at the spine of each spread. Glue the center of the inner most spread to help keep it closed and flat. Trim edges and your done. NOTE: Don't use too much glue just a teeny tiny bit. It will hold very well and you don't want to end up gluing pages together. NOTE2: Don't put content too close to the edge as the inner pages will get cropped a tiny bit in the final step. Single pages) A lot easier. Leave the cover as a spread cause it will be wrapping over. Put the odd pages on one layout, and even on the other - but in mirrored order. Cut the cover as a spread, then cut your individual pages. Glue them all together at the spine and wrap the cover spread over. Trim edges and your done. NOTE: Don't put content too close to the edge as the inner pages will get cropped a tiny bit in the final step. If possible I recommend using the lightest(thinnest) possible double sided gloss paper. I was able to get inkjet 42lb double sided gloss from amazon which prints nice had had a good shine for the cover and pages. I think there may be even lighter gloss papers for color laser but I don't have safe access to test for my naughty werx lol.
  24. I haven't found any clothes for my AP Ellie, she's been either nude or wearing a bikini ever since I got her, I need cheap clothing for her because I don't want to spend $100+ on a outfit. Any clothing brand or shop recommendations is appreciated, I apologize if this has been answered before.
  25. Does anyone know whether or not an AP H-type bust will fit an Ob50 frame? I’m between buying an AP H3 or H5 bust to put on Meigana (Ob50) but can’t find any definitive answers online.
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