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I have my very first AP on the way (she should be there by Friday of I'm lucky!) and I'm in need of some pointers regarding a few customization ideas I have

1) Body piercings : for the navel, I was thinking about using tiny magnets, but for the nipples I doubt that would work - instead I'm thinking about glueing tiny metal caviar beads (used for nail art) but I'm unsure what kind of glue would work best without possibly affecting the blushing?

2) Adding to the default faceup : until I'm able to get her a fully custom faceup, I thought about adding some details onto her default one, mainly moles (possibly on the face and body). What would be the best way to go about it - acrylic, watercolor pencils? And would adding sealant (I have MSC available) on top of the default faceup cause any issue? 

Thank you in advance!


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I see your first question was addressed in the other thread, and while I don’t know the answer to your second one, your post reminded me that there’s someone on Etsy that sells navel rings for dolls and I believe they use magnets to hold them in place (not sure if you already know about them).

As an alternative to piercing (maybe for any future dolls you get since you seem determined to pierce this one), Quarantotto seems to have sold metal pasties for their vmf50 line at one point. I’m still not entirely sure how they stay on (probably with Blu Tack, which may or may not damage the blushing), but they give the doll a similarly spicy look without damaging the actual vinyl.

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I've seen them around (I think it's KitnKatShop if I'm not mistaken?) and that's what gave me the magnets idea. I figure that for a part like the navel, it's probably the easiest way to go about it – I just need to buy stronger magnets than the ones I have and see how it goes.

I saw some listings for these on YJA, and assumed they either used blu tack or maybe clear glue, but it's hard to tell. While it's not what I'm looking for right now, it might be an interesting experiment for another bust I'll inevitably end up getting – thanks for the idea! 💕

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