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Photo Game: ABC's with Vinyl Dolls!

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Hi all, this is the third photo game I will be posting for now.


Welcome to the Dollfie Dream ABC Game!


This game is very easy to play. Each picture must represent something corresponding to a letter of the alphabet, and each post must follow the alphabet in the correct order. So for example, I will start with the letter A:




and then i will title my post as "A is for Accessories" so that you guys know what I am corresponding the letter A to; as you can see there are two fashionably accessorized girls in this photo!


The next poster after me has been given the letter B, and must choose a picture with a word or phrase that can correspond to the letter B. Example: Imagine a picture of Balldylox and Rei together (thanks in advance for being volunteered by me, Balldy). Then we can say "B is for Balldylox and the next poster moves on to the letter C.


When we reach the letter Z, the next letter becomes A and we start the ABC cycle all over again.


The Other Rules:


All photos must comply with the general rules of this board. Please do not post NSFW images or offtopic dolls and images. All images must contain at least one Dollfie Dream doll.


Do not recycle or repost the same image for different letters. Please also try to avoid posting the same image in multiple "Photo Game" threads. So if you posted a pic in the Dollfie Dream Theme thread, please don't post the exact same picture in this post. If you make a mistake and forgot what you posted it's forgivable, but don't do it on purpose!


Please don't doublepost. This means you can't follow your own picture with another picture. However, you can respond to the person who responded to your picture. So after poster #2 posts their Letter picture, I can become poster #3, but I am not allowed to become poster #4 if i do that.


Please title your post with the letter and phrase you are using. You are allowed to use phrases as long as you do not use words such as "The" for the letter "T". So you can say "T is for Rei's new Towels" but not "T is for the The best doll in the world".


You can repeat words and phrases people already used. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to do letters like X, Y and Z for very long at all. So if you can't think of a fancy word then saying "Y is for Yellow" every time is OK.


You can't use words like "Doll" "Dollfie" "Volks" "Vinyl" etc to correspond to letters. So you cannot say "V is is for Vinyl Hands" but you can say "H is for Hands" if you post a picture of your girls' hands. Please use common sense and personal judgement!


If someone screws up the order of the alphabet, it is their responsibility to correct their post, and if they don't correct their post you should follow on from the last letter that was in the correct order. So if the order suddenly went A B C M, I would post a photo for the letter D, not the letter N.


I hope you guys enjoy this game and that we get some participation! Who will "B" the first to contribute the letter B? (ho ho)

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