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Found 12 results

  1. Damiensdolls

    Hello from an autistic doll owner!

    I’m Damien, a 19 year old guy (he/him) who has a vinyl anime doll hyperfixation. I have made friends in the anime community before but even there it’s really difficult to find other people who like dolls. I’d love to make some friends who I can vent my excitement about new doll releases to and freely talk to about anything doll related. Anyways, here’s some other misc. stuff you might wanna know about me!: I have 10 dolls so far (9 of which are small obitsu/azone/Parabox dolls and the other is a Smart Doll Ruby), I draw a lot (and post it on my Instagram @ tamanaegi), I love dogs, I struggle a lot with my autism and anxiety, I’m a huge fan of the cute slice of life/moe/idol genre of anime (especially Love Live, Idolmaster, and most KyoAni shows!), and I’m gay and really hope I can find a guy around my age who shares my interests soon! Thank you in advance for hopefully being cool with me
  2. Yushimi

    Hello There~

    Hello, I'm Yoyo! I've been more a part of the resin community and always held off on DDs --- and I don't know why. Now I'm trying to craft a character using a Beatrice head on a DDIII body that I was able to pick up from Dolls Point. O_O Crazy how I can go from 0 to 100. Anyway, I've really fallen in love with vinyl, and I'm hoping to make it back to DP during the summer so I can pick up a tan doll. I'm interested in doing faceups and body blushing (I'm a tattoo artist irl), and I'm also excited to learn to mod. I'll be practicing with epoxy sculpt (not on the Beatrice though, of course). Anyway thanks for reading this idk if we can share IGs or anything but just in case I'm @johanna_tattoos
  3. Zippercore

    Another Crossover

    Uh... Hi, I'm Fox or uh I guess Zipper could work too. Been on the resin side of the doll hobby for a bit and then my roomie got a Smart Doll (or rather, I bought it for her lol) and now vinyl intrigues me. I never really thought about it before, and now I'm making plans for whenever the SmD Gemini is released. Go figure lol ... Welp, time to lurk the customization subforum.
  4. Hey! I'm manaphyyy and I live in Oregon. I've been collecting dolls for almost 3 years now, but mostly stuck to the resin bjd side of things. However I'm really getting into vinyl dolls lately and wanted to get to know more of this side of the doll hobby. Currently, I have a DD Hatsune Miku and a SmD Genesis (shown below), and I've been really eyeing one of the new MDD Mochi Ashi girls I'm excited to be here and happy to meet everyone!
  5. Turta Hello everyone, I am very excited to get to talk with fellow doll hobbiests, see their cute dolls, learn new things, and have good time in here in general:D I have been interested in balljointed dolls for about 15 years now, but the time was never right for me to make such a purchase. I'v been living on a student budget for a long time, so I never could talk myself into buying one, but the huge interest remained and simmered for years. It all started in highschool and the huge interest was reawakened few years ago, when couple of my friends started to collect balljointed dolls (not anime styled, but amazing balljointed dolls anyway). So I finally gaved in to the doll fever, and ordered my first doll last month-I'm so excited!!! It took a long time, but finally I'm going to have my first doll(/s)! So, I went a little overboard, and ordered 2 more dolls after that.. I waited so long, and got so excited once I researched so many cute dolls, that I kinda became a little bit obsessed, but I regret nothing:D My first order was Luts Delf kid Coco, then some time later I ordered Azone's Kosagi, and just last night I gave in on my last huge urge, and ordered Dollce doll Myau head with parabox body. It might be a bit much ordering this much, but I'v been longing for a bjd for years now, so I'm giving myself a pass this time:) Sorry if the introduction was long, nice to meet you all:D
  6. RobotDollOmega

    Good Day Everyone!

    Hello everyone! I've been looking into dolls for just over a year now (started when I found a somewhat outdated, but useful guide on scale dolls). At the same time I learned about full sized TPE/silicone dolls too. During my current trip to japan I finally bit the bullet and got myself a libidoll. Immediately after putting her together I developed some pretty strong feelings XD Been looking for the right eyes and wig to match that of my anime waifu, and had some success today (after learning about wig sizes the hard way...). I'm also lucky to be able to visit the WonderFest in Makuhari tomorrow, so can share some of my discoveries! Thanks for reading! PS: After owning my doll for 3 days now, I'd strongly recommend to anyone potentially getting their first doll to get a standard doll! It'll make life a lot easier. Libidoll seems to have become niche and fallen into obscurity. My engineering mind is already coming up with some fun solutions though (if I can't get spare libidoll parts). Dollfie dreams seems to be a very reliable and widely accepted standard, so use it! XD
  7. Acel

    Greetings all!

    Hi everybody, I just made my account and i'm super excited to explore all that these doll forums have to offer. I'm pretty new to the hobby having just gotten my smart doll Chitose and she's super sweet, I absolutely love her. I can't wait to see everyone else's beautiful dolls.
  8. Alistoria

    Hello from California!

    Hello everyone! After a couple weeks of lurking, I have finally mustered up the courage to say a big hello from California :)! I am new to the hobby, but have been an admirer of resin dolls ever since discovering them back in 2007, then finding out about vinyl dolls shortly after. I am a very happy owner of my dear Smart Doll Cortex Journey (Chika!). I really liked the seam lines of the cortex body because it has a robotic look to it that I love. I have been a fan of Danny Choo and have been following his work since high school so it makes me happy to be able to support his work. Down the line I hope to add a dollfie dream and another smart doll to my very small but growing family soon. Nice to meet you all!
  9. HyenaSloth

    "Hallo!" from the Netherlands

    Hello all! Long time lurker, first time poster here! I originally hail from the world of resin BJD, but some two years ago I finally took the plunge into vinyl with my Smartdoll Crimson, and I've been liking it so far. This forum has been my go-to for vinyl info since before then, and I'm hoping I'll continue to learn and have fun here. I'll probably continue to be a lurker, but I'll try my best to hit those like buttons to send you all my love. And since it's the holidays are around the corner, have my holiday card
  10. Tea_Dolly

    Greetings from the PNW.

    Hello everyone! I've admired vinyl dolls for years but only last year started with Sana from Smart Doll (and recently Haruka). A few days ago I ordered my first DD head from ShiNesWorkshop and am super excited to receive her! I went and ordered some clothes and a body (DDS DD-f3) from Volks yesterday that’ll be arriving before her head does. Haha. I’ll be sure to post lots of pics once she’s all sorted and ready and look forward to seeing everyone else’s dolls. Other than dolls: I’m learning Japanese, consider myself an artist (drawing and watercolors), play lots of video games and collect virtual pets off and on. Oh and I’m also interested in doing some faceups and have a little experience doing it for resin. Thank you for having me!
  11. Hello! I'm Rox and I have been trying to sign up for a hot minute, but Gmail never sent me my activation email. Nonetheless, I am here now at last! And I come bearing several dolls, too! I live in a house with two (soon to be three!) Dollfies and one Smart Doll, along with three Azone Pure Neemo girls. I hope to get more in the future, and I would literally sell my left kidney to lay hands on a Smart Doll Moonlight. I generally just take photos of my girls and appreciate having them around. They're such a delight ^^ When I'm not staring at pretty vinyl sculptures, I'm taking care of 9 snakes, 5 dogs, 1 lizard, and my father- and one large cricket! I do not sleep on any schedule known to mortal man, and I persevere solely through the manic energy one might possess if given a shopping spree at Doll Point. I am mostly a lurker, at best, but I hope to be more active in time! It's nice to meet you all. ^///^
  12. HanaXIII

    Hello from the city of steel!

    Hello everyone! My name is HanaXIII! It's quiet a pleasure to meet everyone one here! I've been a doll collector for about six years now but I recently just got my very first Smart doll ( Mirai ) named Maria and my first Volks Dollfie dream hybrid ( Head 009 and DD II body ) named Isabella this very year! I'm a huge fan of anime and cosplay which some of my dolls will be joining me on as well with insteresting things like dark but yet girly gothic things as well with history and mythology ( sorta explains why my other dolls are fantasy and elves ) I'm so happy to be here and thank you all for having me here and reading this thread! Have a wonderful day everyone!
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