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Found 7 results

  1. First time posting art here, its in this forum cause it is related to a doll. šŸ˜› Tinyfox Murphy but in a different outfit. šŸ˜› Anyways here is the original description that was used in all of my other socials with the art on it. "First digital artwork of 2024! WOO! And another thing is a new character as well! I don't really know much about her yet, as I'm developing her, I don't even have a name yet ;-; Buuut yeah, basically a girl born from dreams. The shading was a pain for a different reason this time.. cause of it being a backlit piece, I had a hard time with her face, Colors were not helping either but I managed... Another thing which will become a regular now is a watermark. Ima try not to have it cover like 100% of the drawing XDD To hint on the girls birthday, I put the Aquarius and Pisces symbols cause I'm deciding between December, February and March.. idk why.. (Can't fit Decembers Zodiac lol) Although the drawing was hell to make, despite using the symmetry ruler 90% of the time, it turned out quite pretty and I hope yall like it too!" Some notes: The zodiacs were for my planned birthdays, February and March was considered cause i thought that was when she would come.. buuuut realized that no matter where I went, she will come between April-June.. WAAAAAA- ah well i guess.. at least i have some preparation time.. She prob will still have a birthday in the December-March range tho. The outfit in question is called Winter Witch. (Outfit in question, got the image from the Anubis Shop :P) Any doll related artworks will be posted to this forum. šŸ˜›
  2. NOT ANYTHING SUPER DOLL RELATED BUT COMMISSIONS HAVE OPENED!! My intention is to save for a doll i have been eying on, one of the dolls i like im very confident will be coming home, but i really wanna get the other one i really like (Tinyfox Kakav) So to make my artist presence really known, im posting my commissions here! So if ya want some art from me, feel free to message me on my socials that are linked on my profile, or just comment here, I recommend messaging on my socials so i can get to ya faster. Couple Notes: I take money through my Mothers Venmo. Artist Experience is 9-10 Years. (August? 2024 will be 10 years) A Colored Sketch i did to announce it. (Colored Sketches are not availiable) An Example of my Art.
  3. I have a couple questions in regards to dolls aaand.. drawing?? alright i'll get to it in a minute lol. My first question is kind of simple.. If the doll you are getting has a name already.. is it ok to rename them? I figure you could.. cause it would be kinda odd to have a restriction on renaming your dolls lol.. buuut just asking for the lolz.. The second question.. is.. If the drawings are related to dolls in question.. is it ok to post them here?? Cause I occasionally draw dolls i like, especially the one im currently after, having sketched her several times.. Since im uncertain on if i can post said drawings here, i thought to ask. THe final question i wanna ask is simple.. What sizes for body suits and wig caps are best for 1/6 Tinyfox dolls? I just wanna be sure.. ;w; Oh and tiny updates on me. Found out that the original site the doll im after is on is actually cheaper.. and that there is not exactly an extreme time limit.. if there is one.. its around 9 months.. aaand given this baby has been announced 4 weeks ago.. i think i got a bit of time.. Aaand i started my commissions!
  4. EYO, so here is some updates on my doll stuffies, so i discovered another doll, fully complete for only $170.. so now thats my goal.. due to her being on preorder, my idea is to finally start my art commissions up, Just gonna work on one last drawing before i do so, which actually will be posted to the site cause it is related to the doll i desire. And hey, as a plus, if things go well.. what a beautiful way to finally be truly a part of this community than to get the doll on your own. SO my goal is now set, a $170 doll, which is fully completed and possibly even includes a lil pillow. Brand: Tinyfox. A sacrifice in her height is a small price to pay for something like this finally coming true. I only have one last thing to ask of yall... Along side any extra advice to caring for a now Tinyfox doll, do you also have any good Eye putties or Doll stands to consider? As i am unfamilar especially with the putties for the eyes, as to what is going to go fine and what will damage her.. thus, i am asking for a little more advice on this before i finally begin my journey. Last note: The doll was from DollBjd.
  5. Shirayuridolls

    Hello :>

    Hi everyone! My name is Aleksandra (I go by shirayuri_dolls on IG) ! I discovered this forum a few days ago. I live in France and I do makeup on Dollfie Dream dolls since last year as a hobby in my free time. I draw I lot of inspiration from the anime/manga world I grew up with. I will try to share some of my work here and I will be also glad to share my makeup experience with you. See you soon !
  6. GremlinBonDD

    DDH 19 - pastel zombie faceup

    One of the finished heads from recently. Commissioned to make a pastel Kawaii zombie girl!
  7. Hi Iā€™m really hoping to find a face up artist to work on my two MDD heads that is located in North America (Canada or the US), is there a list somewhere? I tried to use the search tool but nothing came up.
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