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Found 3 results

  1. Lottiesagelesslands

    Free Smart doll Pattern Spreadsheet!

    Hey Guys I have made a spreadsheet to help people find free patterns. I hope this can be useful! I originally made it so I could print out all of the patterns easily when I went to a place with a printer and thought I might as well share it with others. I will add to it as I find new smart doll patterns. Feel free to let me know if you know of other patterns so I can add them too! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hu14aooOT90UyKq_g4YFKlRQVC0NxGY0GN_Tff2O9RQ/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Frollywog

    MDD Mochi Ashi Clothing Patterns?

    Does anyone happen to have any free Mini Dollfie Dream clothing patterns? I'm looking for really anything that will fit the Mochi Ashi body. (Especially socks because I can't seem to dig up mochi sized socks...) I'm open to anything, so send your patterns my way please!
  3. Okay, bear with me, I'm a total sewing noob. And sewing by hand... Any tips are welcome! But I managed to snag a cocoa Monday SD head - and have no cocoa body. So, instead of braving dye, or even knitting a bodysuit for my old Obitsu60, I found a great pattern for a bodysuit, by requiemartdesigns! To test if I even understand, I used an old Tshirt. Of course, that is not stretchy enough, but yielded an adorable footie Pyjama! Now, unfortunately the brown fabric I ordered, though advertised as "stretch", is not very stretchy. I'll try to assemble a suit, but will look for better fabric. Can you advise me which kind of fabric would be "stretchy"? (and yes, of course I could buy a bodysuit and dye it, but where would be the fun in that on that note, does anyone know if DD Sister bodysuit would fit the old Obitsu60?)
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