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Found 13 results

  1. GremlinBonDD

    Meet Mayumi, my new MDD Mochi Ashi!

    Recently I went through the process With my proxy of obtaining a tanned mochi-ashi MDD! She just arrived two days ago. she’s a DC-H-21. She obviously came with the basics of a dream choice: • wig • eyes • slip dress + undies (which were bigger then the typical MDD undies!) I also decided to get the newly released elf ears as well in the medium size. These come in 3 sizes! It’s been mentioned a lot online, but these ears are only available for the 20 and 21 head. The ears are specifically sculpted for these heads! The literally just click into place and are very sturdy. I’m so excited to have this doll. She’s absolutely precious and the chunky legs are to die for! she’s the 5th addition to my family, and the 3rd MDD addition! as for my proxy, I went with @sophiebabybear on Instagram! She was awesome to work with and had my girl shipped to me within a week of payment and her being built. Thank you for checking out my post and I hope you enjoy my new girl, Mayumi!
  2. Vickie386

    My Mochi is Finally Whole!

    Here she is! I'm calling her just "Mochi" Her head is from NiyaMia on Etsy. I'm not super crazy about this wig on her, but it's the only thing I have right now that fits and looks somewhat appropriate.
  3. Frollywog


    Does anyone have a DDH-19 doll? I haven't been able to dig up many pictures of them here. (Or maybe I'm just not looking in the right places lol.) If you have one, especially if it's a Mochi Ashi, I'd love to see it!
  4. after several months of being a floating head, i finally got Aubrey her body!! it took me longer than expected since the incredible opportunity to buy my first car came along and it was too good to pass up. she arrived just before i had to head into work, so unfortunately i wasn’t able to get very many photos of her. face close up, you cant really see it but she has little teddies in her eyes!! how darling (´∀`*) ignore her messy hair, i manhandled her wig a bit and didnt have time to waste smoothing fibers. shes definitely in need of a mani pedi and perhaps some body blushing and obvi some shoes. curse her adorable chubby feets!! i got aaaallll the hand sets i could for her but it’s quite hard to put new hands on the pegs, what do you guy do? separate pegs for each set of hands or just brute force? allssoooo one last question, should i go by her body or head in terms of posting her? are there set rules for hybridposting or is it just a personal preference thing OH!!! i nearly forgot, she already has a big sis on the way. i saw an absolutely adorable head on manderake i absolutely could not resist, so that’s already on the way. damnit, these things really do multiply !!!! luckily sissy will probably have an easier time in terms of getting a body, but im really struggling on other details such as her eye and hair color and the body she should have. sorry for my rambles, im just so excited!!! gem signing off, stay tuned for more adorable girls
  5. Hi everyone! I plan on getting a MDD with mochi ashi body in the near future and I'm trying to think of a way to fill her out in the hips. For those who don't know, mochi ashi has chubby legs and larger hands and feet but shares the same torso, arms and bust as a regular MDD. Has anyone tried shrinking a DD/DDy lower torso to fit MDD successfully? I've never shrank any vinyl parts before so I'm hesitant to try it. Thanks in advance Edit: For anyone who is searching for wider hips for MDD like I am -- I also have 2 alternative solutions, (1) buying Obitsu 50cm lower torso (the hip measurement is 2 cm bigger than MDD, according to some users OB50 parts will fit but I've never tried it) and (2) sewing padded underwear which will work under clothes.
  6. Hi guys i’ve recently got a mochi ashi and I’m trying to find some cute clothes for her but I have looked on Etsy and most of the stores don’t delivery to the uk unfortunately x
  7. Hello, I'm gonna start this off by saying I'm a tech newbie, I asked this question before but I accidently put it in the wrong place so if any Mods know how I can delete it or if they can please help and... I'm sorry! I do hope someone is able to help, I've been asking around but no one perhaps due to sacrilege of the question I'm about to ask has given me an answer. After lurking on Doll Dreaming I figured perhaps I could get an answer here without being ignored or demeaned. I LOVE the MDD Mochi-Ashi body and and I LOVE Smart Doll heads I'm hoping I can mod the two together, I'm curious if anybody else has done this and I'm curious if DD Flesh matches closely to SMD Cinnamon?
  8. Frollywog

    MDD Mochi Ashi Clothing Patterns?

    Does anyone happen to have any free Mini Dollfie Dream clothing patterns? I'm looking for really anything that will fit the Mochi Ashi body. (Especially socks because I can't seem to dig up mochi sized socks...) I'm open to anything, so send your patterns my way please!
  9. Frollywog

    A Few Quick Questions

    Okay, so I'm super close to getting my first DD, as in I hope to order it within the next 2 weeks. I do have a few questions first though, and I hope this is the right place to ask them. 1. Do normal MDD bodysuits work for Mochi Ashi MDD? 2. Is UV light bad for vinyl? (Or rather, what sort of light do I avoid to keep the doll nice?) 3. What's the best storage environment for a vinyl doll to help them last as long as possible? 4. Do white clothes stain? 5. Is there any other advice a first-time doll owner like myself could use? Thank you very much!
  10. Just in time for my birthday tomorrow! A great gift to myself haha I fell in love with mochi ashis when I first saw them, and just had to get one, so I ended up going through Japan Doll Direct to bring this little lady home. She's the DCH-21 head in tan with the second makeup option. I also got the medium elf ears, but they aren't incredibly visible in these photos. Without further ado, here's some arrival photos! 20200903_122828 by Manaphyyy, on Flickr 20200903_122929 by Manaphyyy, on Flickr The package came with a few extras including some snacks and a giant Dollfie Dream bag. 20200903_122904 by Manaphyyy, on Flickr The Dream Choice box is so pretty and I always think of Sailor Moon whenever I see it. 20200903_123329 by Manaphyyy, on Flickr I was very excited for her to arrive, so I didn't get shots of each of the items in their packaging, but here's a couple of outfits I bought along with my girl. 20200903_140133 by Manaphyyy, on Flickr 20200903_141146 by Manaphyyy, on Flickr 20200903_140227 by Manaphyyy, on Flickr Look at that cute, pouty expression! 20200903_185559 by Manaphyyy, on Flickr I like this dark purple wig on her, but the cap is black, so I'm hesitant to keep it on her for a long time. 20200903_194550 by Manaphyyy, on Flickr And here's her final look for now! At some point, I need to get more eye putty since these eyes don't really work with the dream fitter, but it's working okay for now. Thanks for looking!
  11. Mayumi finally got her own set of clothes after stealing her sisters for a month. She’s looking mega cute!!
  12. Manaphyyy

    A partial faceup (DCH-21)

    I went in a bit blind choosing which faceup to get when I was arranging everything with the proxy, so I chose makeup option two for Chika somewhat at random. I love her, and the default face was absolutely adorable, but I tend to gravitate towards bushy brows and smirks over the slightly pouty look she arrived with. I ended up wiping her eyebrows, drawing my own, adding a couple shiny bits, making her mouth a bit more smiley and giving her a toof. This was also my first time working with MSC (I use an airbrush + liquitex matte medium for my resins, but it leaves a sticky texture on vinyl), and I might just be converted. No wonder everyone swears by the stuff--it was so easy to work with and has such a nice texture. Anyway, I digress. Without further ado, here's Chika's new face! 20200922_002508 by Manaphyyy, on Flickr 20200922_212818 by Manaphyyy, on Flickr 20200922_213857 by Manaphyyy, on Flickr For comparison, here's about the clearest photo of her face before I customized it:
  13. I got 2 packages last week one from a proxy and one from a friend; just in time for my birthday. I'm skipping the box opening and straight to a shot of my new girls. Please welcome Sanae and Chino. More pictures soon! Cant get enough of the elf ears DSC_0195-01~2 by Sanshikidan, on Flickr
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