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How to Create an Obitsu 60 Hybrid? + More Questions

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How do I create a 60cm hybrid? (I am sorry about my odd wording and punctuation.)

I have been looking online for guides and tips catered for creating Obitsu 60 hybrids. I have read guides for 50cm and smaller doll bodies, but I am not sure if the same rules would apply to a 60.

It is difficult to find 60cm option parts as they have been discontinued or are out of stock.

It seems like 50cm parts are still being released, so I was wondering if 50cm option parts would fit on a 60. If so, I would have more options than I originally had.

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The 60cm and the 50cm bodies are of a different scale. About the only compatible internal skeleton part is the 50cm spine. The 50cm spine part can be swapped with the 60 cm spine assembly. Numerous people have made this swap as the 50cm spine seems to be more robust than the 60cm's.


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As far as I know, Dollypop is still selling their 60 cm body pieces, including their 60 cm 3 piece set.  These are the outer shell vinyl pieces, not the interior skeleton pieces.  They’re specifically meant for the obitsu 60 cm body.

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I bought Dolly Pop’s Dynamite 60cm chest, 60cm abdomen and 50cm-60cm combined plump thighs about a week ago using my favorite proxy service. How do you install everything?

The first 2 parts are meant for an Obitsu 60cm frame and not a 50cm frame, so some trimming has to be done to the neck and arm holes. The DP representative recommended I also buy a 60cm abdomen to prevent gapping.

However, my biggest worry is installing the thighs because I can’t find any instructions or tutorials in English! Do I need to remove the stock thighs first? I probably have to take Meigana’s limbs off (again) to install everything.

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