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Gamma Ray

Oivia - In a Cute Classic Iplehouse Dress

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Gamma Ray

Here is Olivia in a cute classic Iplehouse dress. I picked this one up secondhand last year. I already had one of these, but there were some good items for sale, and I figured my girls couldn't have too many dresses. This is an older denim dress from Iplehouse. I guess it was made to fit on both nYID and SID. My first one has been on both my nYID Olivia and SID Eva plenty of times over the years. This particular dress I got last year didn't come with the original black panties and the stockings. The original panties are nice and functional, and I think the original stockings are really cute and unusually thick and warm. However, I didn't bemoan the lack of original pieces. I took this as an opportunity to mix and match fashions to spruce up this dress in my own way! So, I used an older SID lingerie set that also has worked out well for my nYID Olivia. I started with the panties, but then I put the corset on her. I never really liked the corset, but it has suspender straps, and it would be getting covered up by the dress. I squeezed the dress over the corset, hooked up the stockings from the lingerie set to the suspenders, and ended up with a super flattering long stockings short skirt look with exposed suspender straps! I also matched the outfit with these cute black shoes. Finally, I added this purse that was a bonus piece to the Iplehouse clothes I got last year, and I took some photos of Olivia in her new ensemble! Isn't she cute?

I have an idea floating around in my head for a fun "friends hanging out" photostory where Eva and Olivia meet up wearing the same dress. It's going to be so much fun!


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