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Found 11 results

  1. Gamma Ray

    ABJD Meet - South NJ - 5/11/24

    We had a nice South NJ doll meet today! We had quite the variety of dolls and action figures. We had resin BJDs, a Dollfie Dream, a Pure Neemo doll, and a bunch of video game action figures. It was great to see everyone again, plus we had a newcomer! I mostly put group shots below, but you can find all of my photos in this Flickr album: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjBpMAs
  2. Tania and Stephanie are having a very sisterly afternoon today. I decided to put to use the bunk bed I got from The Doll Outlet last weekend. I am so glad I picked it up! They still had one when I was there. No guarantees that it's still there. It's more pink with white flowers, if I'm not mistaken. The bunk bed came with the ladder and the top layer of bedding that I'm using as quilts. I bought a couple darker pink sets of bedding that came with pillows to use as the pillows and mattress covers. It's such a cute little bunk bed for my little girls! I love it so much! I'm incredibly happy I picked it up.
  3. We had a nice little meet at Long's Park in Lancaster, Pennsylvania this morning. We were originally going to have it at noon, but we wanted to have the meet before the rain, so we had it in the morning. We all sat our dolls down in our chairs with our little props, and we talked about dolls and stuff. It was a very nice time. I wish we could've met for longer and that we had better weather. The meet did a lot to get the local community together, so maybe I'll be attending one of their meets in the future! Many thanks to Kettle and themonsteryoho from Den of Angels and Quincy and partner from the BJD Discord for coming out and making the meet a great one!
  4. Here is Olivia in a cute classic Iplehouse dress. I picked this one up secondhand last year. I already had one of these, but there were some good items for sale, and I figured my girls couldn't have too many dresses. This is an older denim dress from Iplehouse. I guess it was made to fit on both nYID and SID. My first one has been on both my nYID Olivia and SID Eva plenty of times over the years. This particular dress I got last year didn't come with the original black panties and the stockings. The original panties are nice and functional, and I think the original stockings are really cute and unusually thick and warm. However, I didn't bemoan the lack of original pieces. I took this as an opportunity to mix and match fashions to spruce up this dress in my own way! So, I used an older SID lingerie set that also has worked out well for my nYID Olivia. I started with the panties, but then I put the corset on her. I never really liked the corset, but it has suspender straps, and it would be getting covered up by the dress. I squeezed the dress over the corset, hooked up the stockings from the lingerie set to the suspenders, and ended up with a super flattering long stockings short skirt look with exposed suspender straps! I also matched the outfit with these cute black shoes. Finally, I added this purse that was a bonus piece to the Iplehouse clothes I got last year, and I took some photos of Olivia in her new ensemble! Isn't she cute? I have an idea floating around in my head for a fun "friends hanging out" photostory where Eva and Olivia meet up wearing the same dress. It's going to be so much fun!
  5. And here's my final Valentine's Day photostory for the big day. This one was a lot of fun to put together, with the props and the poses and the outfits. I really am in love with those pink shoes! I'm fully aware I donked up the Iplehouse Nude Pink Lingerie that Eva's wearing. I should've put the train belt under the corset. I never would've thought to put anything under a corset except for maybe a catsuit, but I'm not exactly the target demographic for corsets. Anyway, please enjoy a sweet and loving time with this photostory, and I hope you're having a Valentine's Day full of love! You can also view a less naughty version of the photostory here: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjBe7Eg
  6. Valentine's Day is rolling along! Here's my second photostory of the day. This one is about a very brave little girl who is growing up.
  7. Happy Valentine's Day!!!
  8. It's after school! My daughters' homework is done, and we're watching a lot of 80s TV shows before supper! My BJD daughters Tania and Stephanie are here, and my Momoko Doll daughter Madalaine has decided to join us. They may spoil their appetite for supper a bit with popcorn, but we had such a great time that I can overlook it just for today.
  9. Gamma Ray

    Leah - The Fall of 2023

    I took a few photos of Leah as we're getting into the middle of fall. I actually had one more photo, but it didn't turn out right. My phone couldn't get the focus right, and I couldn't influence the focus because I was already doing so much else off camera to make the posing work. Leah is wearing the Iplehouse SID cat clothes. This time it's the kitty overalls and the kitty crop top shirt. I think this outfit works very nicely on the Dollmore Model Doll body. It fits Leah well, and the Model Doll legs make this cute overall skirt an extra lovely show of legs, with much of Leah's beautiful thighs showing yet the overalls are still very nicely covering Leah's lower body. This is the first time I'm using these Dollmore boots and the Sophia's umbrella. While these boots are new, I had to glue the heels pretty much right after taking them out of their bag. Oh well. While I don't think these boots are specifically for the Model Doll high heel feet despite the moderately sized heel in the boots, the high heel feet with their extreme high heel arch worked well enough inside the boots. I was relieved to not have to change Leah's feet. In hindsight, I'm not sure if these boots were the best choice for the outfit, but I just really wanted to use them. I'll probably use this outfit with Leah's white high heels next time. Maybe her black high heels. The Sophia's umbrella is something I got from Aimee and Daria's Doll Outlet in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It's a very nice little umbrella, with a wraparound tie-down and also a little click when the umbrella is fully opened. It's also lighter than the umbrellas I got in the past which helps Leah to handle it. It even has a little band on the handle that you might be able to use to help a doll hold the umbrella. The only criticism I have is that I wish it spanned just a bit bigger, but it's still great in its own right.
  10. This is The ABJD Slumber Party! This is one of the biggest photostories I've ever done. This story has all of my mature ABJD ladies enjoying a slumber party in their lingerie. It's a bunch of cheesecake, but it's a fun slumber party. I hope you enjoy watching my ladies bond over slumber party activities. Here's the full list of dolls: Volks Dollfie Dream 2 Yukino Volks Dollfie Dream Dynamite Alna Dollmore Model Doll Leah Cox Iplehouse nYID Olivia Iplehouse SID Eva Iplehouse EID Jessica While not every photo involves a vinyl doll, my Dollfie Dreams are prominently featured in this photostory, so I hope it's okay to share these photos in this subforum. In case you get red Xes, click on the red X to see the photo on Flickr. You can also view all of the photos in the Flickr album for this photostory here: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjB1HvB
  11. Angered-Icon

    Ap scaled beverage cans

    Ah that crazy 1:3.5 scale. Somehow I got this crazy idea that Mayumi would look cute chilling around the office sipping her fav beverages and such. So I made some different drinks from my fictional world. 3D printed, sanded ( missed some places apparently), painted, then labeled with clear waterslide decals I made.
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