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Found 7 results

  1. Gunter

    Volks Super Dollfies

    I totally feel we need this thread. Lets talk about Volks resin/bjd dolls~ Everything is game. ~~~~~ I am really excited to try for Lies! I really like Luna too, but she's a bit too duckface for me. They both have really lovely sets even though I'm pretty sure if I got Lies I'd sell that dress. I do think there is no way I'm going to win her. She's always so hard to win cause of the sheer volume of people entering. I wish everyone luck who goes for either Lies or Luna!
  2. AwkwardMango

    Candy Dream Dolls

    Candy Dream dolls are cute tiny chibi resin dolls and are based in Korea. Here I'll introduce you to a bjd brand that you may not have heard of that makes super cute chibis, your wallet might take a hit if your not careful. Here's some pictures of some their cute dolls! Hes so cute with that soft expression I also really like her face up, so cute. And we have their special candy which is their limited tan skin dolls, I think the color is quite nice. His face up is really cute too. What do you think of Candy Dream dolls, would consider getting one? I definitely have some their dolls on my ever growing dolly wish list.... Also sorry if this post sounds a bit awkward, I get nervous about what to write... Edit - Forgot to add some links ^^; Where to Buy Them http://candy-dream.com/category/basic-candy/25/ http://dolkus.com/list.php?dool=3929&pan=Candy Dream #h_cart Where to Follow Candy Dream on Social Media https://twitter.com/tw_candydoll https://www.instagram.com/ins_candydoll/ Use the hashtag 캔디돌 on both instagram and twitter to see more owner pictures of their dolls Hope this helps
  3. Meggiekarp

    Anime BJDs

    How many of us also have anime styled resin dolls? Where did you get your resin doll from? I'm still waiting on my HDF31 Coco
  4. plasticyears

    Silicon eye mould question!

    I'm planning to make custom eyes for my DD and Angelphilia girls. In order to make the eye bases I've been looking at silicon moulds, to use with uv cure resin. All of the ones I can find are shaped like this, with a round hole in the middle to place the printed design: (Image by VelvetWay on Etsy) However, I want to make eyes that look more like these with a flat top, no hole: (Image by Kakusorkr on Twitter) I've mostly seen creators in the Japanese side of the hobby do it this way. From what I see, the eye base is made, the printed eye stuck on top, and then covered in a layer of clear resin. I really like the way it looks. I've been looking for moulds for this shape but I can't find any, does anyone know if they exist? I suppose I could make a custom shape with epoxy and create a silicon mould for it (tips on how to do this with silicon are welcome!) but I'd rather buy a mould if possible! I'd be open to commissioning one as well if anyone offers this type of service? Thank you for any advice or insight you may have! ♡
  5. Good day guys! I'm really new to Smarts dolls but I'd like to switch as I wasn't as much as satisfied as I was before with my last and unique resin doll (Minifee Chloe). I always read dolldreaming forum topics, even before they changed to this new forum (I was just very shy to join!). My issue is the next, having the next considerations: I'm from Chile, Quarantotto doesn't ship Internationally and Faithz doesn't have that type of head or any similar to the one I'd like to have. I'd like to buy it on White skin (as my boyfriend prefer that skin - it's our first proyect together!). I saw that AP body it's on the skeleton of an Obitsu48 so, If I'm correct, neck circunference should be 8.5 cm, right? If I wanted to ''fit'' this resin head http://dolkus.com/detail.php?id=46186, that is 7cm, I would have to modify the head and the neck? Would it look to strange? Also that head is only on Antique coral and I'd like to acquire a White skin head, If I decide to go for it, would it be dificult to do a skin match? Thanks guys! I'll be waiting for some wisdom here !
  6. Stinkerbell

    AIMERAI Resin BJDs

    Anyone familiar with the company AIMERAI? I have all Volks resins & thought I'd like to explore something else. I'm getting their little cutie, Nya from the site "FAITHZ.com", she's 26cm & a bigger size, a slim MSD, Momoko. There are many sites that sell Aimerai, 2 in the US are Denver Doll Emporium & The Doll Peddler. Thought it would be fun to try something different... can hardly wait to play with them!!
  7. Ikataru

    Mystic Kids BJD

    Mystic Kids is a resin BJD brand that I came across thanks to a friend directing me to a particular shopping site. I do not know much about their This was my first BJD and what got me into the hobby of larger dolls. Since she is a resin doll and has these long elf ears I keep her on a shelf in the bedroom. I am always scared of doing too much with her and breaking her! I would like to buy a nice glass case to put her in and have some forest elf style clothing put together for her. Her name is Leilah and she is a "Elisa Elves" sculpt by Mystic Kids.
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