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Found 6 results

  1. Giallo_Gatta

    In Their New Room

    Moved my Ludo and her chibi form out of my doll cabinet so my BJD Lotus could use it to hide from the sun, and I think I like this new arrangement better. They're easier to get to now, and this shelf allows space to pose them! Anyway, here they are, taking advantage of their new space!
  2. Giallo_Gatta

    Ludovica (and Chibi Ludo)'s First Christmas

    Wanted to take some holiday pictures of my girls before we put the Christmas decorations away! Sorry for the picture quality, they were taken on my phone 😅
  3. Giallo_Gatta

    New Picco Neemo Bodies?

    I was looking at Azonet today and discovered these, Picconeemo bodies S-M. Interesting!
  4. Hey folks-- been a while since I've been around, but I thought I may as well show my face again given the (partial) reasons for my absence are now (mostly) complete...! These two are Aikawa and Roy. About a year or so ago, I started the very long and arduous process of turning them into custom dolls/figurines-- ones that look like the characters as I draw them. They're done enough to show off, though at some point in the near future they'll have more faceplates (currently, each of them has 3). Here they are pre-modding. I toyed with the idea of using a figma as a base for a while, but after realizing I probably wouldn't be able to dress them as I liked if I did so, ended up getting a Picco Danshi and an Assault Lily (since Azone makes such adorable 1/12 outfits-- no way am I willing to gamble on those fitting my dolls-- I want to be sure). They work really well with all the little Rements I have, which is fantastic for taking pictures, but is... not so great for my wallet. I'm very happy with how they pose. I ended up changing the bodies a bit to get Roy's height and Aikawa's build accurate (inspired by a user here-- elianti-- who went out of her way to really deeply customize her Obitsu girl), but luckily it hasn't limited their range of motion. I've got what amounts to a roombox set up for Aikawa, which I'll post here eventually once I get some pictures of her in it. PS: I mentioned a Polynian-- here she is, as promised! The cutie standing next to Aikawa here is Phoebe. She's a Polynian Iana, and I love her to pieces. A lot of the Picco clothes fit her! To quickly answer a few questions some may have: "Why do their noses look like that?" That's how I draw them. "What's Roy wearing on his legs?" Roy can't walk unassisted, so he wears an exoskeleton on his lower body to help him get around. "What are those things on Aikawa's temples?" Aikawa has eye augments that enhance her vision. The little sort of silver-y bits you see there house some of the necessary hardware. "What about your yokai girls?!" I still have them and very much love them-- I just switch gears often when it comes to crafting, and it can take me some time to come back to things.
  5. mizya

    mizya's neemo photos

    Now with the new forum it's easier to share from twitter, so I figured I could make a photo thread for my Azone Pureneemo and Picconeemo. I won't spam absolutely everything that I post on twitter, but I think sharing a few favourites every once in a while could be nice. :3 I've been playing with my Picco D/Lil' Fairy dolls the most lately and on the weekend I took a group shot of my current chibis: They're from left to right --> Aru (Neko no Te mo Karitai Lipu), Eru (Neko no Te mo Karitai Erunoe), Iru (Neko no Te mo Karitai Vel), Alisa (Sweets a la Mode Marron Parfait Alisa) & Iku (Chiisana Otetsudai-san Will). I originally had the first Chiisana Otetsudai-san Erunoe and Purimyure Yousei Kyoukai Vel but sold them and didn't plan to buy any Lil' Fairies again as the old bodies frustrated me a lot... but then they came out with the renewed Picco D bodies and the kitty maids trapped me again. I also had to get Will because I adore tsundere boys. And then the Picco D versions of Sweets a la Mode series tugged my heart strings as it's one of my top favourite Pureneemo series, although eventually I only ended up getting Alisa because I was picky about the others, ahah... ^^; Well, I did like Maya but I don't have her Pureneemo counterpart so I enabled my friend to buy her instead. xD I also took a photo of chibi Alisa with her Pureneemo counterpart (who's been renamed Akemi): I did a matching photo with Sweets a la Mode Cream Anmitsu Yuzuha (renamed Yumei) & her chibi version (that belongs to my friend @Yenna) earlier: I've got character profiles up for my neemos in my blog, in case anyone's curious about their backstories. :'3
  6. Hello! I have a couple of Lil’ Fairy dolls, which are on the Picco Neemo D body. I am trying to find alternative sources of clothing for them, Official Azone stuff, though very pretty, can also be fairly pricey. Has anyone’s else been able to figure out what fits? Thanks in advance.
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