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Found 27 results

  1. I’m assuming they do as theres only one option. Can I put the “normal” hands on the original base body (the one I have)? Will they fit? The hands I took off are large and the ones I want to buy are the smaller size. Just scared the normal ones won’t fit…
  2. I'm working on putting together cute Japanese-style summer yukata sets for both my Smart Doll and Mini Dollfie Dream. I've got everything except for a parasol/umbrella which is called a "wagasa" I believe? This has just been such a pain since navigating taobao is difficult when you want something so specific. The yukata, fan, and sandals for both sets are from the Air Castle store on taobao, but it has been very hard to find a parasol for either of my dolls! It's not a make-or-break situation for the outfits, but I think a parasol would help to frame photos when I do the summertime photoshoot. I may take the dolls to the local 4th of July fireworks since that's the only time I get to see fireworks.
  3. salica

    I'm back ....

    First , I know I've been abscent for a long time but my husband has been fighting cancer for 9 years and now that he is kind of stable , I feel I can finally get a bit of my life back and start again to play with photography and give more attention to my poor girls . I came across a beautiful custom DD head on Mandarake recently , and at a really good price ....I should have know something wasn't right .... me: Hello dear , was your travelling comfortable enough ? It tooks only 3 days , you were really lucky . Welcome to your new home ! Do you have a name ? ( Long silence ....) Do you want me to give you a name ? ( Some weird bubbling noise coming of her mouth ...with a bit of spit ....O_o )\me : Okay......how about Tacita ? Do you like it ? ( I search online for a name that would mean silent and this is a Latin first name for girl ) Tacita: "growling sound with more spitting but looking happy " me : Tacita it is ! I regretted that really fast when I saw a surge of energy as she jumped on the chair and went hugging the deer head on the wall ... me: Please Tacita , don't touch the dead deer ...it is not a toy and he does't like hugs ...well not anymore . Then she saw the piano ... me : okay ...this you can play with ..but we will ask someone to teach you how (EXTREME BANGING on the keys of the piano ) me yelling to be heard : HERE TACINA ! Look how pretty this is ! It is just for you ! Tacina stopped banging right away and my ears stopped bleeding .... ;_; me : Isn't it lovely ? This one you can hug as much as you want ! Tacina is babbling something ..... I think she might have been neglected in the past ... but we will take good care of her , and hopefully find a way to communicate . At least she looks happy now , we will take it day by day
  4. Giallo_Gatta

    Ludovica (and Chibi Ludo)'s First Christmas

    Wanted to take some holiday pictures of my girls before we put the Christmas decorations away! Sorry for the picture quality, they were taken on my phone 😅
  5. Hi everybody! Now that she FINALLY has her wig and glasses, I'm back with another hybrid, one that I consider my personal magnum opus so far. Meet Sinclair! "Hi!" It might be hard to tell from this angle, but Sinclair is a very special hybrid - she's chubby! Like, ACTUALLY chubby. I've been wanting to make a mini-me for a long time, but considering I wear a size L everything, a normal Dollfie Dream or Obitsu just wasn't gonna cut it. I wanted my anime self to be realistic, so I turned to drastic measures: a wacky hybrid of Obitsu, DD, AP, and MDD parts, including a few subtractive mods and a hybrid frame. But more on the build in the next post. First, measurements! Sinclair is 47cm tall from head to foot, putting her at about the same height class as an AP or DDP. Her three measurements: Bust 24 cm, Waist 18 cm, Hip 26 cm. For pants, her thigh circumference is 16 cm, calf circumference is 10.5 cm, and her inseam is 18.5 cm. For shirts, her shoulders to her hips is 13 cm, and her arms are 15.5 cm long from wrist to shoulder. And since I measured it, from her hip to the bottom of her foot is 22.5 cm. Her thickest measurement is around both thighs, with her legs at their default position, and that's a whopping 28 cm! Her thighs are bigger than her hips and it's glorious. Not so glorious is the clothing options - she can only fit shirts that'll support a DD Large bust, but her arms are just slightly too short for tailored DD sleeves. Her thighs only fit SD pants, but even her thick calves drown in them...not to mention she needs like 10 more cm of height to get the fit just right. And her waist fits SD13 pants...and stuff that's intended to sit low on a DD's hips. So that's a no go for most DD pants. So far I've put her in two bottoms from DollDelights, some handmade SD capris, a handmade sweater, and a handmade handkerchief top all from Mandarake, and some SD Girl sized pants from Gavalloni Atelier, which fit nicely if you ignore the horrible fabric bunching at the ankles! Funnily enough, if it weren't for her waist, the official Angel Philia Office Lady pants I have were beautifully fitted on her. Perhaps if I get brave I'll try to make a pattern with them and adjust that. For now though, I'll plan on commissioning some pants and keeping a close eye on DollDelights for more cute stuff she can wear! Because this skirt is lovely. Her head is a DDH07, with a faceup and eyes by ねこまっしぐら (Neko Masshigura), and she has on a pair of Volks Jewelry Box glasses and a Dallas Doll Co wig. She uses DD hands and Obitsu 50 feet, my favorite hands and feet. The hybrid's got a pretty good color match - the only noticeable mismatch in tones is her shins, which have a pinker undertone than the rest of her. It barely shows up in photos, and is only really bad in person when she's in sunlight, so I don't mind it. The only major bummer about her is that she can't sit, due to a quirk in her construction that I'll get into. I'm not sure if that's something I'll ever be able to fix, either. We'll see.
  6. evie_magica

    DDH-01 Wig Size?

    Does anyone know the wig sizes for DDH-01? I've been trying to look it up but no clear answers, thank you so much! =^_^=
  7. Sharing is giving, and I'd like to share a (quite) effective method of additive modifications to dollfie dream heads! It may possibly work for other vinyl doll heads but it needs more effort due to getting the right skintone color. Sculpt used: Dollfie Dream DDH28 - Eyeholes Closed Tools used: Gaianotes Colored Instant Adhesive in Flesh - can be bought here: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10772010 Cyanoacrylate Glue Activator Spray - this is necessary so that the glue will cure in seconds. CA glue is runny, and if you don't use this spray, it will take longer to cure and be uneven. Mini dremel/rotary tool (you can use what Volks has or what you can find in Amazon) Exacto knife Sandpapers of different grit (I used 150, 180, 400, 800) Polymer clay for 3D mouth parts Process: I only cut the eyeholes partially so that there's support underneath the additive mod. Applied the colored adhesive on the eyelids and some underneath the right eye. I kinda screwed up cutting out the eyes on that side. Sprayed activator immediately after applying glue. It only took about 30 seconds for the glue to fully cure. Sanded the glue using the rotary tool and sandpaper. Rinse repeat, until I got a more even finish. Not the cleanest mod, I also screwed up with the mouth opening and used some more of the colored adhesive. But I would say that with more practice, this method of modification is easier to do than melting vinyl scraps. The only disadvantage to this method is that colored adhesive is not flexible, and can eventually crack if you accidentally drop or apply a lot of pressure. The rightful owner of this cutie will be @battrastard ! He voluntarily accepted to adopt my mod experiment to salvage this head.
  8. Giallo_Gatta

    Ludovica's New Outfit

    My girl got a new outfit today, her second overall and her first from Volks. 😉 It's the Bordeaux Suspender Set, plus a pair of frilled socks and brown loafers. The quality is actually even better than I expected, and she feels like a very put together (and expensive) doll while wearing it. 😁 She's also wearing the v.2 MDD bodysuit in Semi-White that I picked up at the same time. https://flic.kr/p/2pjDKx2 https://flic.kr/p/2pjFqC7
  9. Holy heck I'm on this site again, anyways, I am a teenage artist on social media who became very much in love with Mini Dollfie Dream Dolls, and want to join in on having my own Mini Dollfie Dream, however i am kind of just trying to figure out a good way to save money on said doll (For my parents wallet and sanity lol) (I need to start my commissions but I'm a coward) So, theres one thing thats prob not gonna end up changing, the price for the head and body.. The head varies with the price cause of detail, materials used ect.. so im planning to just get a base head and paint my own head (Plus to be a lil more like the Dollfie photographer i admire greatly) and body.. well.. is straight up the most expensive piece lol However.. what are some ways i could save money on say.. materials for painting the face and head, outfits, wigs, ect. ect. Again, im mainly asking not just for me, but for my parents too since at this time.. I don't make money (Again should start commissions to hecking help) Any extra tips on Mini Dollfie dreams in general is very much appreciated cause although i know a little on MDD, I don't really know much at all on care and such.. (Closest thing i got is a flipping Monster High Draculaura doll lol) But yeah, ANYTHING to help with saving money on this soon to be new hobby would be great, yes, you can also link people or sellers that are good for a budget as well.. This is not just for the wallet.. but also for my parents sanity too lol. Please don't say anything on needing to have good money to have such hobby.. I just really like the dolls, they are precious and gorgeous, and want to have my own lil one too. ^w^'
  10. GothicSkies

    DDH-27 Painting Test

    OH DEAR GOODNESS I FOUND OUT HOW TO POST IMAGES HERE YAYY!! I tested myself by using my digital artist program (IbisPaintX) to give myself my first attempt at making a face up. I did this by taking two image (One being from the official volks site and the other being from @F-15alice ) and then painted on a couple of layers I did give myself a couple rules to get it as close to painting an actual head as possible, No Liquify tool (Mostly), No symmetry tool, little to no opacity changes, and no transform tool to alter things. I also tried to separate the eyes a lil bit from the holes for added realism of the thickness of the head. Some things i'd change tho is trying not to use the ADD blending mode to the highlights, and doing better with the mouth cause i feel its too low on both.. but especially on the left. Similar to my last topic. Any tips to doing face ups in general or getting good yet cheap supplies, or just supplies in general is greatly appreciated.. PS. The face was directly referenced from Haku1923's Xera doll, not only cause i love the doll, but Link to the doll. Twitter: Haku1923's Xera Doll
  11. PolitelyNefarious

    And Then There Were Seven (DDC MDD)

    ...Well, not all at home, not yet, but as of today I have seven full dolls in my vinyl collection. Seven is a good number, a holy number in Jewish and Christian beliefs, and interestingly, this girl decided that standard times and methods were not for her. She came in her own way (All of this is loosely documented in the waiting thread; feel free to skip if you know it) In the beginning I had vague aspirations of acquiring a Dollfie Dream. They were so expensive that they seemed far out of reach. But then Volks introduced the MDD, and I decided that someday I would have one, as their standard model prices were much more attainable. But I got hooked on BJDs instead. For a couple of years I did own a small lot of vinyl heads I won on Ebay: an Obitsu Mizuki (That standard head they used to include with the 40/45 girl body), what I think was a modded 01, and a used 04. The 04 was the reason I bought the lot. At the time I thought she was the cutest of the standard heads. But the longer they sat there and were unfinished, the more tired of them I got. Especially 04. I sold them all off and didn't touch vinyl again until 2019. After owning my Angel Philia girls, when I reentered vinyl for the second time proper in 2021, I went with Smart Doll as I'd heard good things about the stability. But I never lost sight of MDD, especially after Dream Choice exclusive heads, tan skin, and Mochi Ashi were released. In fact Nemicus, my custom DDS, was supposed to be an MDD until I found her body at a steal on Mandarake. Mandarake, great despoiler of plans. "Okay," I said, "since tan skin is now an option, I'll save up and buy a 19 from Dream Choice." A solid plan. Only problem is, DDC is horrifically expensive through proxy, and while the fees are reasonable and fair, it's still a lot out of pocket. And this year was... not lean on unexpected costs. By the time I got around to saving, Smart Doll released their M01 sculpt, and when it came down to it, I opted for the chance to nab her in my favorite skintone because Dream Choice would still be there. No problem, right? I can save up next year. Unless Volks discontinues MDD. ...Turns out that was an overreaction on our part and MDD is still a part of Dream Choice, and relatively accessible until they run out of parts. We're all waiting to see what they'll do with Anya Forger. But at the time it seemed like the final nail in the coffin. A tan 19 head even came up for sale, and I passed because finding a body would be difficult. Mandarake has become a blessing and curse this year. After seeing all of your ladies and lads, and having the opportunity to speak in person, I went from checking it once in a blue moon to checking it every day after three tan Dream Choice girls, two DDS male bodies, and an Anthy all slipped through my fingers. They tend to upload between two and five AM our time, which makes them inaccessible over here if one needs sleep for work. I was especially salty about Anthy, but the most frustrating one was a tan 01 MDD that sold minutes after I emailed a US proxy who offers layaway. So close. While waiting for midnight on New Year's eve, I opened the site on a fluke. Lo and behold, they had uploaded later / earlier than usual, and there she was. (Sadly no good pictures. Yet.) The listing claimed that she had a damaged arm, but from what I can tell, they meant the slit that the F3 frames have in the bicep socket where the elbow plugs in. They look the same on both sides and nothing is overly loose, so I may have ended up with a perfectly fine Dollfie for a mere $300 because someone didn't know their stuff. Crazy. I find it funny that after avoiding 04 for so many years, she came right back to me. She's not as oversized on the body in person, but still a tad bobbleheaded for my liking. If all goes well she will be replaced by 19, but I must admit that she's much cuter with the default faceup. In the end it pays to stick by going for what you planned. I could have bought any MDD up until now, and there were a couple of times I almost went for it. But they wouldn't have been tan or a 19, and I have to say even as an 04, she was well worth the wait. Hopefully her new head arrives safely next month, and I can go about determining her name. She knows who she is... but not what she would like to be called. Obviously when she decides, she'll tell me. It's not like I have any say at this point. 😂
  12. Like the title suggests I’m looking for a specific clothing style for Kana my future Mini Dollfie Dream. I know Dollhearts sells sets in this style and an Etsy seller from Thailand but other than that I have trouble finding clothes that match the style. Any ideas?
  13. chantelle

    Mio Honda on MDD and DDP

    I tried the Mio Honda head on the MDD body just for fun and thought I'd share for anyone who's curious! Personally I think the head feels a little too mature for the body. Some might think it's more do-able with a wig though. The head also literally doesn't fit the body. The neck is way too loose. At the slightest movement it spins around like there's no tomorrow. I feel like you could stabilize the head with a cork or something but I didn't try it out. I think the head might look cute on a DDP or Obi50 body. I might try it out when I receive my DDP!
  14. ateliervanilla

    Klee: DDH27 on a 1/4 TinyFox body

    My DDH27 x TinyFox hybrid doll was Anya some time ago, and now I got her to cosplay Klee from Genshin Impact! The costume is from Dollremi. I made the resin eyes as well as the elf ears. The elf ears are made out of soft Sculpey, so even when baked, it has a little bit of flexibility and isn't super hard like regular polymer clay.
  15. (This is the finished version of another topic) Hey everyone, so i have a question and i hope you guys that own a Mini Dollfie Dream can help me. So i plan to get a Mini Dollfie Dream doll, i have dreamed of owning one since January 2022 and im gonna slowly try to get the doll piece by piece. I could not use the "Insert Image from URL" do to not knowing how to do it all.. so go to the link below for the photos. Photos of Box So i got this box, its an Oculus box that my mother gave me, its 16.3/8" in Inches, i plan to use it for the doll, although i may turn it into sort of a bed lol. I plan to get a MDD body with small bust with a DDH-27 head (So i dont need to sand off lips) My question is simple.. will the doll fit in the box or will it be too big.. and show how much larger the doll will be to the box if it is too big for the box. Any help and information to help will be appreciated greatly! ^w^'
  16. GremlinBonDD

    Meet Mayumi, my new MDD Mochi Ashi!

    Recently I went through the process With my proxy of obtaining a tanned mochi-ashi MDD! She just arrived two days ago. she’s a DC-H-21. She obviously came with the basics of a dream choice: • wig • eyes • slip dress + undies (which were bigger then the typical MDD undies!) I also decided to get the newly released elf ears as well in the medium size. These come in 3 sizes! It’s been mentioned a lot online, but these ears are only available for the 20 and 21 head. The ears are specifically sculpted for these heads! The literally just click into place and are very sturdy. I’m so excited to have this doll. She’s absolutely precious and the chunky legs are to die for! she’s the 5th addition to my family, and the 3rd MDD addition! as for my proxy, I went with @sophiebabybear on Instagram! She was awesome to work with and had my girl shipped to me within a week of payment and her being built. Thank you for checking out my post and I hope you enjoy my new girl, Mayumi!
  17. ateliervanilla

    DDH27 on 1/4 Tinyfox Body

    I stumbled upon Shineworkshop's 1/4 Tinyfox and MDD comparison video on Youtube, and I plunged doing the same hybridization that they did! I was also very inspired from sfsakana's Anya Forger custom and tried my hand on making my own Anya as well. As much as I liked Martha's sculpt on the 1/4 Tinyfox body, I feel that she looks older than the character that I'm going for. So I went ahead and got myself a SWS DDH27 head, made the eyes, and painted the faceup. To install the Dollfie head on the Tinyfox body, you don't need the lower plastic part. Only the screw on top is enough to secure the head. I'm glad that it doesn't need any further mods to hybridize a Dollfie head on this body. Pros: DD Semiwhite skintone matches quite well with the Tinyfox body. There's only a slight tint difference - DD SWS is a bit more pink (?) and Tinyfox is more on the yellow tone. Tinyfox body poses like a charm. The body feels solid and sturdy. Tinyfox is also smaller than MDD so it's even easier to carry around! Clothing for 1/4 Tinyfox is generally easier to get as they also fit in standard MSD clothing like Minifees. Cons: Head tilts are virtually impossible. It was difficult for me to photograph her head on a specific angle that I wanted, so I had to make do. Since Tinyfox bodies are smaller than MDD, MDD clothing is a little bit bigger on them (so I'm listing this as a con for me). Same for shoes. The MDD shoes are loose on her unless I put socks on, and it's hard to get the shoes on her feet because her plastic isn't soft.
  18. ateliervanilla

    Modded SWS DDH10 MDD - Vanilla

    My sweet little Vanilla! Her original faceup and mouth mod was done by raimuñeca, I modified her eyelashes/eyebrows and designed the eyes. Photos taken from my Google Pixel 4a.
  19. apag22

    The arcade master, Sakura!

    On top of BJDs/vinyl dolls, I also collect American Girls! This PACMAN cabinet is for the 1980s doll, Courtney, and fits MDD sized dolls perfectly!
  20. Abra

    Hi Doll Dreaming!

    Hi there!! You can call me Abra. I'm really excited to be here, I'm currently saving up for my first two dolls, both Mini Dollfie Dreams. I'm very new to doll collecting in general and vinyl anime dolls in particular, mostly for budget reasons. But I've been ogling pictures of them online for years. I'm also in about a billion different fandoms, and I can't wait to customize some of my future dolls as a form of fanart. So yeah, that's me. Happy to talk or receive tips, but I'm kinda busy and might reply late.
  21. ChrisFhey

    [NSFW - MDD nudity] Naughty Miura

    Hello everyone! I was bored during my lunch break today, so I decided to take some photos of Miura instead of eating. 🥪❌ She's already looking sorta naughty by default, given her skimpy outfit, but today is extra naughty! (I mean, why get nipples painted and then not show them off, right? Right?) Also, please forgive using the same backdrop as in most photos. The weather is dreadful, and I hate cold so I'm not going outside! (And my housemates might look at me weirdly if I set up shop in the kitchen or something. 😅) Anyway... All right, that's quite far enough, young lady. Let's not go too overboard, okay? 😳
  22. Just in time for my birthday tomorrow! A great gift to myself haha I fell in love with mochi ashis when I first saw them, and just had to get one, so I ended up going through Japan Doll Direct to bring this little lady home. She's the DCH-21 head in tan with the second makeup option. I also got the medium elf ears, but they aren't incredibly visible in these photos. Without further ado, here's some arrival photos! 20200903_122828 by Manaphyyy, on Flickr 20200903_122929 by Manaphyyy, on Flickr The package came with a few extras including some snacks and a giant Dollfie Dream bag. 20200903_122904 by Manaphyyy, on Flickr The Dream Choice box is so pretty and I always think of Sailor Moon whenever I see it. 20200903_123329 by Manaphyyy, on Flickr I was very excited for her to arrive, so I didn't get shots of each of the items in their packaging, but here's a couple of outfits I bought along with my girl. 20200903_140133 by Manaphyyy, on Flickr 20200903_141146 by Manaphyyy, on Flickr 20200903_140227 by Manaphyyy, on Flickr Look at that cute, pouty expression! 20200903_185559 by Manaphyyy, on Flickr I like this dark purple wig on her, but the cap is black, so I'm hesitant to keep it on her for a long time. 20200903_194550 by Manaphyyy, on Flickr And here's her final look for now! At some point, I need to get more eye putty since these eyes don't really work with the dream fitter, but it's working okay for now. Thanks for looking! 💖
  23. apag22

    Volks USA Haul for MDD

    Hi! I picked up my order from Volks USA today, so I thought I would share some pictures! The bag! Everything I got! Two outfits, four hand sets (accidentally ordered two of the peace sign set lol), a new wig, and the wig ring thingie to help it stay on better (it was worth the three dollars!!) Both of the outfits I got, I am so pleased with the Volks quality! Su Here is Suki in the skirt set (it reminds me of old Emily Temple Cute or Meta~) I actually LOVE this outfit on Suki, I am so glad I got it! We are currently waiting on an order from Volks Japan. There will be some more outfits, socks, and some shoes in that order. I also placed a few Etsy orders as well, so she will have a closet full of clothes soon! Also, do you think the name Suki suits her? I'm not in love with it If you have any suggestions please let me know!
  24. Mayumi finally got her own set of clothes after stealing her sisters for a month. She’s looking mega cute!!
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