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Found 24 results

  1. I couldn’t find a thread dedicated to the discussion of Obitsu-Azone-Parabox-Dolly Pop (DP) dolls, so I decided to create one myself. I put all of these brands together in this in thread due to the similarities of their bodies. To clarify, if the doll/head/part is outsourced, sold or manufactured by: 1. Parabox (They are partnered with Obitsu and sell exclusive Parabox head sculpts, clothing and wigs; 40cm-47cm Obitsu bodies are exclusive to Parabox) 2. Obitsu/オビツ (the original company) 3. Dolly Pop (sells Obitsu 48 to 60 bodies with incorporated 3-piece sets and original head sculpts; sells 58cm DP-exclusive Obitsu body) 4. Azone (uses Obitsu bodies for licensed characters, HAF 1/3 and Iris Collect) 5. Visuadoll/Vdoll/Wow Factory (uses Obitsu bodies with exclusive heads) Angel Philia is not included on this list and has its own thread here. Warning! This thread is NSFW (not safe for work) and may not have content that is appropriate for all viewers. Disclaimer: The list above is not a mandatory set of rules to follow, but a guide to what this thread is about. Then this thread is dedicated to the discussion of them and their quirks!
  2. So, my new (new to me, she is "used") Iris Collect Sumire arrived today, but after looking more into the clothing that is available or apparently the lack there of I'm worried that I will not be able to get any other outfits than the clothes she comes with. Does anyone know what clothes actually fit on the azo2 body? If I buy clothes for the DD/DDS will they fit despite the fact that the Dollfie is like 7cm taller? I'm just having some doubts about my purchase now... I'm currently at work so when I get home and open the box with her in it I'll probably not have doubts anymore especially since I'm coming from a recast minifee... Anyway, any information about where to look for clothes would be awesome!
  3. CaraOReilly

    Cara's Life

    I'm going to be making stories about Cara's life and share her story. So here is the first one I've made where she is trying to read: Hope you enjoy, more to come!
  4. samseramsamsam

    Azone 50 Leviathan

    Fastest delivery ever! It only took three days from Japan! (takes a little of the sting of the shipping costs away...) First order of business was a stain protection suit (yes, I am paranoid). Also, I added panties to the 'outfit' Will the cute little gloves stain her hands...? I have no idea how to put the cute boots on XD and I can't pull the stockings high enough to attach the strap. Also, the original horns gave me enough grief to use my own.
  5. CaraOReilly

    Meet Cara O'Reilly

    Hey everyone! So I guess this is where I post pictures of my doll... Here name is my username as she will most likely be the only one I have for quite a while. Anyway, her story is that she hales from County Cavan in Ireland. She is a high school student who has an interest in history and will be starting he final year soon. Here she is:
  6. Orenjiina

    Orenjiina’s Photo Collection

    Hi there! I’m trying to be more active in the community and interact with my dolls more instead of just staring at them in awe everyday. So I thought I’d start trying to take more pictures of them. I am by no means a photographer and I know I’m in desperate need of some stands but I hope you’ll enjoy my little collection with me as we grow and evolve! Thanks! These are my Azone HAF Madoka Magica dolls. I bought both of these preowned through Surugaya. I only recently opened Sayaka and while she looks great, she was an absolute nightmare! Her plastic armor and shoes both had platicizer peak and the paint came off and stained everything. I had to use dream rescue on a few places on the doll and a stain pen to save her shirt, stockings, and cape. The blue of her outfit stained her arms too and I struggled to put her shoes on. On the other hand, Madoka was a dream! They’re both a bit big for me since I love the MDD size the best. Hence why I am shelling the PMMM girls as MDDs. I had previous shown Sayaka here. She’s pretty much done. I’m really happy with how she turned out. This is my first time showing Madoka though. Madoka needs a bit of work still. I want to update her faceup and trim and style her bangs. I also need to make or find a ring for her and paint her fingernail. Then she’ll be finished! Lastly, I have Mami but she’s far from finished. Her wig needs some love and I need to figure out how to make her spiral curls. Once I get a body for her I’ll be working on Homura as well and then a Kyoko further down the line. I also have more imminent plans for a Cardcaptor Sakura MDD as well. One day I’d like to tackle other magical girls too. MDDs are just the cutest!
  7. I'm not by any means a wig expert, but I feel I've been spoiled by starting with Azone wigs. I don't really know much of the technical details, but I can definitely feel the difference when compared to the standard volks wigs and a few cheaper wigs I've handled (not sure on brands, as they came bundled with heads). So, that in mind, does anyone have a favorite wig maker that has similar feel and quality to the Azone Beshine wigs? Specifically I'm looking for shoulder-length or chest-length light blond wigs. Heat-resistance isn't an issue for me, but I have noticed better quality wigs tend to be heat resistant regardless. I'm also not super worried about price if the quality is high - I don't mind paying a premium on a wig, since that's one of the most important parts of a doll for me. (Within reason of course ) Thanks in advance!
  8. I got 2 packages last week one from a proxy and one from a friend; just in time for my birthday. I'm skipping the box opening and straight to a shot of my new girls. Please welcome Sanae and Chino. More pictures soon! Cant get enough of the elf ears DSC_0195-01~2 by Sanshikidan, on Flickr
  9. Meguchi

    Gochiusa Kafuu Chino

    Azone's Another Realistic Character 009 Kafuu Chiino. I recently got her together with a mochi-ashi. Did they upgrade the 45's? Posing is much better than the old one I think DSC_0240 by Sanshikidan, on Flickr
  10. recently my Amane doll had a broken ankle joint. when I tried to remove the part I cant seem to get it out. is azone custom dolls parts not removable?
  11. salica

    Azone \ Obitsu 45cm-50cm

    My first post since the forum changed ... A month ago I received my 3rd character dolls from the anime : '' Is the order a rabbit ? '' ,. As we moved house last fall and I'm still working on my new studio , I haven't had the chance to open the 2 first ones but I was too excited to see Chino , I opened her box right away . I really love here , she is so cute . Her body is an Obitsu 45 cm ...even if they say it is Azone , I know what an Obitsu body looks like My girls were happy to welcome her , but she was a little shy ^_^ I'm glad the forum is more easy to use now . I'll try to post regularly here too . Salica
  12. Hello all! I have a small doll collection (a couple of Takara dolls, a Moxie Girlz and several EAH). And one of my first dolls was an Azone Hybrid figure of Nagato Yuki. Here she is wearing her uniform and some lingerie (don't know if doll nudity is allowed in this forum). She has a soft butst 27BD-F05N obitsu body. I posted her pictures in lingerie so I can ilustrate my problem a bit better before going into more detail. Yuki has been with me for 4+ until the other day her legs fell apart during a modeling session. The problem was a broken hip joint. I managed to take the broken pieces out of her torso and glue them back together. Here is the result of the operation: Despite the look of the pieces, they are pretty solid and I tested putting back them along with the legs, but without reassembling the doll. The legs and the joint seem to work. But there is a problem: How do I put the hip joint back in the torso?
  13. I finally have my first doll Kosagi is home, and I'm excited to share some of her pictures with you!:D She is just as cute as I could have ever hoped, and I'm allready grown very attached to her:D Here she is, I named her Uni, which means "Dream" in finnish. (She is Azone internationals Kosagi collaboration with Ronshuka couture) "Hey there everyone, nice to meet you:D" (I already made an instagram account to my dolls, but the pics here are linked through picuki.com, since I couldn't link through instagram directly. My dolls insta account is Uniandkajodolls, Kajo being my next doll once I get all of her parts together(she will be Dolce Myau head with parabox(obitsu) body 40cm)
  14. So my first vinyl doll, a Pureneemo Emotion with a standard eyehole-less Parabox head in white skin, is on its way to my place. And as I was sketching ideas for her, I thought... well, why make her boring? So I thought about what I could do with her. I really love the Smart Dolls with vitiligo... But they've bothered me for a while, as have most vitiligo dolls. Why do they only ever have a splotch on their face? The Barbie Fashionistas girl is the only one I've seen besides OOAK dolls that have it anywhere else on the body. And also never near the mouth, where I've noticed most people get it pretty prominently. It's always just one over the eye. So I've decided my Neemo deserves better. When I first get her, I'm probably not going to be able to do much, so the left image is a tentative design I'll be giving her while I get better at faces and doll modding. For the vitiligo mod, I'll be masking her body in specific places with tack or masking fluid, while she's assembled, then disassembling her entirely, finishing up the masking so that it's seamless, and then spraying her down with a deep brown vinyl dye. I'll then be using a dilution or acetone to get her palms and the soles of her feet to a proper, accurate color - this has always bothered me about black dolls, too. I haven't decided if I'm simply going to paint her eyes on or modify the head to feature eyeholes and a sculpted mouth. I'd really like her lips to be nice and full. The skin pattern above is just a tentative design and will probably be changed - I'd like it to stay true to the typical patterns you'd see on a real person, even though it's impossible for two to be the same. I was able to find a vinyl dye that will work on both the plastic and vinyl parts of the Pureneemo, so no visible joints should be mismatched with her body color... But if, after some testing, I find that the plastic won't match the color, I may just incorporate all the visible white plastic into her "spots". I also have a pack of extra hands, so hopefully I can get all her extra pieces to match each other. Very excited for my girl, and if she works well, I may start selling dolls like this. edit: I'd like to state for the record that I am neither POC nor do I suffer from vitiligo and this is not me attempting to be woke. I just think it'd be cool to do. If you believe I shouldn't be making a POC doll if I'm not POC, well... Noted. But I can't change myself any more than you guys can.
  15. Hey folks-- been a while since I've been around, but I thought I may as well show my face again given the (partial) reasons for my absence are now (mostly) complete...! These two are Aikawa and Roy. About a year or so ago, I started the very long and arduous process of turning them into custom dolls/figurines-- ones that look like the characters as I draw them. They're done enough to show off, though at some point in the near future they'll have more faceplates (currently, each of them has 3). Here they are pre-modding. I toyed with the idea of using a figma as a base for a while, but after realizing I probably wouldn't be able to dress them as I liked if I did so, ended up getting a Picco Danshi and an Assault Lily (since Azone makes such adorable 1/12 outfits-- no way am I willing to gamble on those fitting my dolls-- I want to be sure). They work really well with all the little Rements I have, which is fantastic for taking pictures, but is... not so great for my wallet. I'm very happy with how they pose. I ended up changing the bodies a bit to get Roy's height and Aikawa's build accurate (inspired by a user here-- elianti-- who went out of her way to really deeply customize her Obitsu girl), but luckily it hasn't limited their range of motion. I've got what amounts to a roombox set up for Aikawa, which I'll post here eventually once I get some pictures of her in it. PS: I mentioned a Polynian-- here she is, as promised! The cutie standing next to Aikawa here is Phoebe. She's a Polynian Iana, and I love her to pieces. A lot of the Picco clothes fit her! To quickly answer a few questions some may have: "Why do their noses look like that?" That's how I draw them. "What's Roy wearing on his legs?" Roy can't walk unassisted, so he wears an exoskeleton on his lower body to help him get around. "What are those things on Aikawa's temples?" Aikawa has eye augments that enhance her vision. The little sort of silver-y bits you see there house some of the necessary hardware. "What about your yokai girls?!" I still have them and very much love them-- I just switch gears often when it comes to crafting, and it can take me some time to come back to things.
  16. there's an artist i follow who typically makes custom DD/MDD hands (with painted nails and that sort of thing), but from a recent post of theirs on instagram it seems they may start making 1/6 scale hands intended for azone as well. since azone are based off obitsu bodies anyway, does anyone know if custom hands intended for azone would work for ob24 and similar bodies? it'd be really cool if i could pick some up for my parabox girls. (´∀`)♡
  17. Catski

    Lil Fairy army in the making

    I have a Lil Fairy Harmia and a Neilly. I have had the Neilly for almost a year and Harmia I just got recently. Harmia: Neilly: They are currently nameless. I figure they'll come to me eventually. I hope y'all enjoy them!
  18. Heshiko

    Happy Birthday to a Special Girl!

    Two years ago today, a very special girl came into my life... at the time I didn't actually understand why I ordered her in the first place, other than her default outfit looking pretty! She wasn't my first doll. But she was the first I bought who wasn't an existing character, and the first I felt comfortable dressing up every which way... and I fell in love with her and the hobby along the way! Happy birthday, Katya. Even as other girls join the family, you'll always be special to me!
  19. ...Ryomou Shimei. That's right. A Ryomou Shimei BJD that was made around 2009 by a company named "Beagle". Also, it appears that they teamed up with AZONE to help in creating her. Although she had painted on eyes, she looked good to me in the photos, but when I received her, I noticed right away that she looks creepy IRL. I can say for a fact now that I'm not a fan of flat, painted on eyes when it comes to dolls. It's a shame, but at least I can make use of her outfit, wig, and accessories for use on my other girls. BTW, if anyone else has her, do you have any tips on an easier way to tie the black ribbon that's attached to her white collar? Because it's so small and short, It was very frustrating for me to get it tied and when I did finally do it, it didn't look so good.
  20. Hey everyone, it’s that time of year again. And like before, we’ll be gathering at Anime Expo on Saturday, July 6th at 11:00am at our usual location inside the Los Angeles Convention Center. I was hoping to have it a little early this time in the hope that it doesn’t conflict with other panels or gatherings. I hope that we have a great turnout and look forward to seeing you all there. . And even though Volks won’t be attending AX this year, we’re still going to have a great time. If you’re new to AX this time, or just need more info (like location details), feel free to contact me and I’ll be more then happy to help. Hope to see you all there https://www.facebook.com/events/565833120489122/?ti=ia
  21. mizya

    mizya's neemo photos

    Now with the new forum it's easier to share from twitter, so I figured I could make a photo thread for my Azone Pureneemo and Picconeemo. I won't spam absolutely everything that I post on twitter, but I think sharing a few favourites every once in a while could be nice. :3 I've been playing with my Picco D/Lil' Fairy dolls the most lately and on the weekend I took a group shot of my current chibis: They're from left to right --> Aru (Neko no Te mo Karitai Lipu), Eru (Neko no Te mo Karitai Erunoe), Iru (Neko no Te mo Karitai Vel), Alisa (Sweets a la Mode Marron Parfait Alisa) & Iku (Chiisana Otetsudai-san Will). I originally had the first Chiisana Otetsudai-san Erunoe and Purimyure Yousei Kyoukai Vel but sold them and didn't plan to buy any Lil' Fairies again as the old bodies frustrated me a lot... but then they came out with the renewed Picco D bodies and the kitty maids trapped me again. I also had to get Will because I adore tsundere boys. And then the Picco D versions of Sweets a la Mode series tugged my heart strings as it's one of my top favourite Pureneemo series, although eventually I only ended up getting Alisa because I was picky about the others, ahah... ^^; Well, I did like Maya but I don't have her Pureneemo counterpart so I enabled my friend to buy her instead. xD I also took a photo of chibi Alisa with her Pureneemo counterpart (who's been renamed Akemi): I did a matching photo with Sweets a la Mode Cream Anmitsu Yuzuha (renamed Yumei) & her chibi version (that belongs to my friend @Yenna) earlier: I've got character profiles up for my neemos in my blog, in case anyone's curious about their backstories. :'3
  22. So much to my frustration and dismay, I now own TWO Azo2 with broken left feet. The failing point of both is the connection piece that the screw actively screws into,not the ring. One just completely shattered, and the other has one half broken off the top. Does anyone have a suggestion how to repair these fail points? (Both dolls were second hand.I'll admit that the first break was likely my fault somehow.The second I literally just got in the door and I think was either sent broken or broke during transport)
  23. jadepixel

    AP head on AZO2 body?

    Has anyone tried AP heads on the AZO2 body? Just wondering if it fits and how it looks.
  24. Hello! I have a couple of Lil’ Fairy dolls, which are on the Picco Neemo D body. I am trying to find alternative sources of clothing for them, Official Azone stuff, though very pretty, can also be fairly pricey. Has anyone’s else been able to figure out what fits? Thanks in advance.
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