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Found 4 results

  1. Warning, this topic could be NSFW a little bit for some people. Finally my doll goal of the year is done. After A LOT of difficulties, months of waiting and of course, my wallets death, I finally got an Adykadoll flex body. After some hours of playing with it, I thought it may be useful to share my opinion in case you weren't sure on acquiring one. Something to notice before I begin is that this body fits both SmD and DD (for this you need some pegs you can buy in the official website for the neck), which means it has the same shape and posability for both brands. Unfortunately, afaik, adykadoll body is not available for the classic SmD skin tones anymore (at least for now) and it will only be available in blue in the future. So, if you're looking for one, right now you will only find DD bodies from the official site. Anyway, let's begin. For this topic I will need help of the most beautiful and angelic SmD that exists (IMO). Her name Is Entropy but she prefers to be called "Enty". She's the discontinued semi real style version 1 Entropy, released some time ago. As you can see, she's using her new body. Now, excluding the silicone, what's the difference between the SmD vynil body and this one? More posability for the legs and a curvier shape that (IMO) looks much better than the original body. For posability purposes, more photos below. Starting with the torso: No posability differences here compared with the original vynil body. Even the big gap that allows to see the inner frame between the bust and the torso is the same. Talking about the inner frame, the torso section is metal-made. I couldn't visually confirm this with the tighs or shins, but, judging by the feel when you squeze the silicone, I'm almost sure is made of metal as well. For the legs articulation, I still need to get used to the body so i can update this topic. For now that's all. Hope it helps you in some way and if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask!
  2. KingyoNingyo

    Custom Dyed Entropy (ver. II)

    So I submitted my experiences with dyeing a SmD to Neep's thread in this forum. But in the end I wasn't happy with how everything turned out, so I bought another body and a much larger dye pot so I could do everything at once and make sure it all turned out even. This time I had to match my pre-dyed head. Thankfully I remembered my dye formula from previous experiments and with a bit of tweaking I got her done this weekend. Today she was reassembled and all dressed up. It's so nice to finally see her as I'd envisioned her! Parts list: Cinnamon Entropy head, tea body Rit DyeMore formula (final version): 1 tsp racing red, 1.4 tsp peacock green, 1/2 tsp frost grey in 10 cups of water.
  3. UnderOrange

    Entropy is here!

    I really love her, I think she's even more gorgeous then I expected! After a fun jaunt through Wikipedia, I've decided to name her Shannon after shannons, one of the measurements of information entropy. Honestly I don't think this girl has a bad angle, I certainly couldn't find one!
  4. KingyoNingyo

    My First Smart Doll - Entropy!

    I'd never ordered a Smart Doll before, only a Volks DDP, so I was really looking forward to seeing how they compare. I was really shocked by just HOW much larger she is than Yoko. Despite being a couple of inches shorter, Yoko is noticeably heavier and feels more solid. With Entropy, it feels like ALL of her structural stability is in the frame, and that the vinyl body is not an integral part of what holds her up. Also her hips and butt seem HUGE in comparison! As much as I love green eyes, I changed them out for the semi-realistic purple ones. They came LOADED with eye putty which was excellent. Overall though, I'm really excited to have her in my life. Now I've got someone new to sew for, who won't require any pattern adjustments!!
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