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Found 13 results

  1. UnderOrange

    UnderOrange's Smartdoll Pictures

    I thought it would be fun to have a thread to throw my pictures into every now and then. I know I like seeing other people's crews, so I hope you enjoy mine! Thanks for looking! ❤
  2. salica

    Eiji is pretty edgy (NSFW)

    So ,I learned that Danny was selling a lot less of Eiji and Crimson , they never had a lot of big marketing , and it looks like ''us'' the owners didn't make a lot of promo. I know the girls are more popular because guys like cute and sexy dolls .So I decide to try my version of cute and sexy boy , hope you like it ,ha!ha! Eiji : Look what daddy bought for you , aren't you glad you got a sweet daddy like me ?? Doll: Eiji : Can you imagine that I'm not a top seller Smartdoll ??? A sexy guy like me ! It doesn't have anything to do with Mirai thinking I'm creepy !!!!!! Doll: Eiji : Creepy ,me? She doesn't know what she is missing , I'm the best guy around and she doesn't realize it ! But enough about Mirai , you will always be my favourite Dolly , all the sweet memories we have together and those nights ....yeah all night long baby !! Doll: Eiji : I hope one day Danny will promote me as I deserve to be . But even if everything crash and no more Eijis are made , you will always have me . Oh yes baby girl I'll never leave you ! Doll : ''help me ''
  3. DarkAvenger696

    Different faceups for your smartdoll?

    Hello, I've seen lots of smart dolls and there are a couple that I like but I'm worried about wiping a faceup has anyone done it? any issues problems etc? I'm looking at Coco skin, Tea skin and Cinnamon skin. I figure milk is probably the same as DD and can be changed easily but I'm concerned about what would happen if you wiped one of the darker skin tones. Let me know please! Any faceup artist etc I would love to see some samples before I jump on board and buy a girl I really am loving how Prowess and Genesis look but I am thinking I might want to change the face a bit any advice would be great!
  4. UnderOrange

    Entropy is here!

    I really love her, I think she's even more gorgeous then I expected! After a fun jaunt through Wikipedia, I've decided to name her Shannon after shannons, one of the measurements of information entropy. Honestly I don't think this girl has a bad angle, I certainly couldn't find one!
  5. Animaster888

    seeking custom wig maker

    so, I'm trying to find a good wig maker for my customization project. so far, I have found one person on etsy who would charge 60$+shipping for a short brown, feathered bob wig with a white shock of hair in the bangs. I'm personally not sure how fair that price is but I would like to see my options. If you know someone who makes smartdoll wigs, please let me know. thank you!
  6. Animaster888

    cherry blossom hair wreath

    From the album: clothes album

  7. Stain picture (before trying any treatment) So I need to get rid of this stain. I tried: Acetone nail polish remover Rubbing alcohol Mr. Clean magic eraser Sandpaper Zit cream And none worked... Though I only kept the cream on a short time tbh. I only made this much progress in 3 hours of scrubbing, rubbing and waiting. After treatments Does anyone have anymore ideas? The stain is from the doll sitting on a shelf in dark leggings. (*´︶`*)♡Thanks!
  8. UnderOrange

    Sewing Danny Choo's Free T-Shirt Pattern

    I've got a video up showing how I sew this t-shirt pattern! Link to the pattern is in the video's description.
  9. UnderOrange

    Rockin' a New Hoodie

    I'm excited I finally managed to make a hoodie off of Danny's pattern that I like! It looks so cozy, I'm a little jealous.
  10. Dollfie-Sarah

    New here

    Hi everyone, I have been lurking on this forum for a while but this is my first post I have 2 Volks SD girls and I am looking to buy my first Smart Doll, hopefully a Smart Doll Gaia.
  11. As soon as smartdoll mirai cortex went up I purchased one and she arrived Saturday so I had a chance to build her and it was a lot of fun. I had some friends and family over so a lot of questions and eating and people in and out the of the video while I was assembling but I made a sped up version of me assembling it for IG you can watch here. I personally didn’t purchase any supplies as I had most of the stuff to build her already, although my pliers were on the small side. I am also a little ocd so I was constantly removing smudges While drying. I build, sanded and glued the pieces in no particular order as I had people over who are waiting for Gaia to restock and had lots of questions and was in no rush. The music is to cover up all the sped up gibberish in other languages feel free to mute it. Once I have another free day I will work on filling in the seams.
  12. UnderOrange

    Welcome to the Library

    So I ordered some backdrops what feels like ages just guessing at the right size and they finally arrived! This is my favorite. I like it so much I already bought more, whoops.
  13. UnderOrange

    Say Cheese!

    A group photo to ring in the new photo section!
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