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Found 28 results

  1. Warning, this topic could be NSFW a little bit for some people. Finally my doll goal of the year is done. After A LOT of difficulties, months of waiting and of course, my wallets death, I finally got an Adykadoll flex body. After some hours of playing with it, I thought it may be useful to share my opinion in case you weren't sure on acquiring one. Something to notice before I begin is that this body fits both SmD and DD (for this you need some pegs you can buy in the official website for the neck), which means it has the same shape and posability for both brands. Unfortunately, afaik, adykadoll body is not available for the classic SmD skin tones anymore (at least for now) and it will only be available in blue in the future. So, if you're looking for one, right now you will only find DD bodies from the official site. Anyway, let's begin. For this topic I will need help of the most beautiful and angelic SmD that exists (IMO). Her name Is Entropy but she prefers to be called "Enty". She's the discontinued semi real style version 1 Entropy, released some time ago. As you can see, she's using her new body. Now, excluding the silicone, what's the difference between the SmD vynil body and this one? More posability for the legs and a curvier shape that (IMO) looks much better than the original body. For posability purposes, more photos below. Starting with the torso: No posability differences here compared with the original vynil body. Even the big gap that allows to see the inner frame between the bust and the torso is the same. Talking about the inner frame, the torso section is metal-made. I couldn't visually confirm this with the tighs or shins, but, judging by the feel when you squeze the silicone, I'm almost sure is made of metal as well. For the legs articulation, I still need to get used to the body so i can update this topic. For now that's all. Hope it helps you in some way and if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask!
  2. Xenokitten

    Smartdoll Starlight Cinnamon Photos

    My newest doll arrived a few days ago. I turned 40 on May 22nd and wanted a new doll to mark a big birthday. Starlight was on the soon to be discontinued or low stock list so I grabbed her and she arrived on May 21st, just in time to celebrate my birthday with me.
  3. SylveonPaws

    Animal Crossing shirt?

    I was browsing Instagram and saw a Smart Doll wearing a fall-theme Animal Crossing shirt with Isabelle on it. I can't find the post again to refer to. Anyone know where to find some cute Animal Crossing clothes? I've picked up some Pokemon ones, would love some other Nintendo themes in general esp AC. Thanks!!
  4. DarkAvenger696

    Different faceups for your smartdoll?

    Hello, I've seen lots of smart dolls and there are a couple that I like but I'm worried about wiping a faceup has anyone done it? any issues problems etc? I'm looking at Coco skin, Tea skin and Cinnamon skin. I figure milk is probably the same as DD and can be changed easily but I'm concerned about what would happen if you wiped one of the darker skin tones. Let me know please! Any faceup artist etc I would love to see some samples before I jump on board and buy a girl I really am loving how Prowess and Genesis look but I am thinking I might want to change the face a bit any advice would be great!
  5. Starr


    From the album: Nell

  6. Starr


    From the album: Nell

  7. Starr


    From the album: Willow

  8. Starr


    From the album: Bellamy

  9. Starr

    Bee new hair

    From the album: Bellamy

  10. Starr

    Bee Pumpkins 2

    From the album: Bellamy

  11. Starr

    Bee Face

    From the album: Bellamy

  12. Starr

    Bellamy Pixie Hair 2

    From the album: Bellamy

  13. UnderOrange

    Sewing Danny Choo's Free T-Shirt Pattern

    I've got a video up showing how I sew this t-shirt pattern! Link to the pattern is in the video's description.
  14. UnderOrange

    Entropy is here!

    I really love her, I think she's even more gorgeous then I expected! After a fun jaunt through Wikipedia, I've decided to name her Shannon after shannons, one of the measurements of information entropy. Honestly I don't think this girl has a bad angle, I certainly couldn't find one!
  15. ladyroselie

    Basic SMD Care and Cleaning?

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum and vinyl dolls. So far I just have one Smartdoll, a Milk KantanaI I bought used. My question today is about basic routine care and cleaning for Smarties. I've been in the resin BJD hobby for years, but not super active for a long time. So I'm aware of basic maintenance for them. But unlike a resin BJD that I can unstring and clean as needed, I don't know a lot about vinyl dolls other then clothing stain prevention and treatment. If you have any tips to share about basic and routine maintenance, cleaning, etc. to keep Smarties fresh and well-cared for please share below 🙇🏼‍♀️ TIA
  16. darkangelxix

    Portraits of Beauty

    So here are my two beautiful vinyl girls! Smart Doll Melody arrived first and Volks Sakura Amamiya arrived a few days later! I was right. I cannot decide which I like best because I like them both! Both have strong points that I love.
  17. The_Folktale_Fox

    Smartdoll clothes for Angelphilia

    I am having a hard time finding Angel philia clothes that are not having to be shipped in from outside of EU. So I was wondering if smartdoll clothes fit angelphilias? I have a small busted girl coming in but she's quite hipy. Smartdoll clothes just seems to be easier to find? Anyone have thoughts or experiences on this? I'd love to know!
  18. salica

    Eiji is pretty edgy (NSFW)

    So ,I learned that Danny was selling a lot less of Eiji and Crimson , they never had a lot of big marketing , and it looks like ''us'' the owners didn't make a lot of promo. I know the girls are more popular because guys like cute and sexy dolls .So I decide to try my version of cute and sexy boy , hope you like it ,ha!ha! Eiji : Look what daddy bought for you , aren't you glad you got a sweet daddy like me ?? Doll:😳 Eiji : Can you imagine that I'm not a top seller Smartdoll ??? A sexy guy like me ! It doesn't have anything to do with Mirai thinking I'm creepy !!!!!! Doll: 😳😳 Eiji : Creepy ,me? She doesn't know what she is missing , I'm the best guy around and she doesn't realize it ! But enough about Mirai , you will always be my favourite Dolly , all the sweet memories we have together and those nights ....yeah all night long baby !! Doll:😩 Eiji : I hope one day Danny will promote me as I deserve to be . But even if everything crash and no more Eijis are made , you will always have me . Oh yes baby girl I'll never leave you ! Doll : ''help me ''
  19. I was looking through the SMD site just now and updating my onsite wish list (I find it easier to keep track of what I actually want, so I was clearing out some things I wasn't as interested in and adding others), and I came across Justice's product page. She still has a story up, in particular one of the ones about "Forging Force". I remember back when I was first reading all these I could somewhat understand why people would call them "bad fanfiction" writing-wise (though I did like them somewhat, I was embarrassed about it, also that was when it first started being "unfashionable" to like Smart Doll), but I was caught off guard by this one and it made me smile and feel pretty good. I miss that. Nowadays Danny seems to churn out dolls and new designs, which is great because innovation and cute dolls, and Not Great because it's harder to get specific dolls if there isn't much warning, or conversely, a delay while several of the previous dolls are in production, or even demoted to the prototype garage... but also because it doesn't seem like he puts much thought into any specific character anymore. I like some of the stuff like with Moment, but I really miss some of the early stuff. If too many dolls are released around the same time I understand why a story/character write up for every single one would be difficult. But I miss that. I hope I'm wrong and I'm just not noticing as much for some other reason. I get that he's super busy releasing all those dolls and I don't want to complain that he doesn't force himself to overwork more or anything like that! And yeah I know people reacted really negatively to the stories so that's probably why he hasn't done them so much (not to mention he doesn't always seem to follow that advice he gives in the stories- "stay strong by not letting the haters get to you" indeed-- and I don't mean this in a mean way, I really wish I could suggest it to the man himself, out of concern/wishing that things were better for everyone, but I don't want to get in trouble in Smart Doll Land... and if this is too related to personal stuff for Danny, mods feel free to edit it out), but reading the old stories has made me more nostalgic and I wish that there hadn't been such backlash over them, only because it seems like a lot of the spirit of SMD seems to now be spent... elsewhere. I hope I don't get banned for saying that since I love the dolls and the innovation and I still do even now. I'm hoping to get more SMDs someday when I have the funds and I still stalk the new clothing releases because they usually look pretty cool. Cinnamon Infinity is gorgeous and I'm seeing more things I like about the Cocoa dolls... bleh I need money xD But anyway! If you remember a story you particularly liked, do you wish he still did stories like that? Or do you think the stories were extra/unnecessary? Or something in between? What do you think of the "Forging Force" idea, if you've seen those stories(Unity, Trinity, Justice and maybe others I'm forgetting were involved)? Do you think it was cheesy or hopeful? At the risk of seeming too political(and this doesn't have to be discussed in length, just a thought I had), how do you feel about how some of the stories reflect the "you can achieve anything if you just put your heart into it" mindset that some figure is too privileged? Because I want to believe things like that, but I also recognize that I have a lot of privilege... but I like the idea of being able to do things if I just "apply myself" and "ignore the haters". I liked the new Kizuna's story in particular but I doubt someone these days could just get a job working as a waitress or whatever it was so easily and be financially stable, even putting a ton of effort into the job itself. But honestly IDK ok. ramble over. stories. like 'em or leave 'em? it's 4 am and I've been up all night so I'm sorry this isn't super coherent ^^'
  20. UnderOrange

    UnderOrange's Smartdoll Pictures

    I thought it would be fun to have a thread to throw my pictures into every now and then. I know I like seeing other people's crews, so I hope you enjoy mine! Thanks for looking! ❤
  21. Animaster888

    seeking custom wig maker

    so, I'm trying to find a good wig maker for my customization project. so far, I have found one person on etsy who would charge 60$+shipping for a short brown, feathered bob wig with a white shock of hair in the bangs. I'm personally not sure how fair that price is but I would like to see my options. If you know someone who makes smartdoll wigs, please let me know. thank you!
  22. Animaster888

    cherry blossom hair wreath

    From the album: clothes album

  23. Stain picture (before trying any treatment) So I need to get rid of this stain. I tried: Acetone nail polish remover Rubbing alcohol Mr. Clean magic eraser Sandpaper Zit cream And none worked... Though I only kept the cream on a short time tbh. I only made this much progress in 3 hours of scrubbing, rubbing and waiting. After treatments Does anyone have anymore ideas? The stain is from the doll sitting on a shelf in dark leggings. (*´︶`*)♡Thanks!
  24. UnderOrange

    Rockin' a New Hoodie

    I'm excited I finally managed to make a hoodie off of Danny's pattern that I like! It looks so cozy, I'm a little jealous.
  25. Dollfie-Sarah

    New here

    Hi everyone, I have been lurking on this forum for a while but this is my first post I have 2 Volks SD girls and I am looking to buy my first Smart Doll, hopefully a Smart Doll Gaia.
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