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Found 27 results

  1. GremlinBonDD

    DD Meiko repaint

    I need to remember to share my faceups here more… 😓 I recently finished this repaint of a DD Meiko head. She was really fun to paint… she’s got a nice sculpt that could work for anything to be honest. I’m hoping to eventually buy her myself so getting the chance to repaint her was a nice way to figure out how I’d customize my own!
  2. Hey, so I've been wanting to do doll faceups for a while, and am finally ready to jump in. I am just wondering what type of pencils/brand I should use. I have noticed that a lot of people also use watercolour pencils instead of regular coloured pencils and am not sure why? Also, is Mr. Super Clear just for primer or also a sealant? I appreciate any recommendations!
  3. GremlinBonDD

    DDH 19 - pastel zombie faceup

    One of the finished heads from recently. Commissioned to make a pastel Kawaii zombie girl!
  4. Hi everyone~ I was wondering if I could get any advice on starting a Dollfie Dream custom project! This is my first doll, and my idea here is to make it as an addition to a character shrine. I have an anime figure collection and I'm trying to make a Holo shrine (Holo from Spice and Wolf) but I don't have a 1/4th figure to add to the lot (and I don't like the one that was released recently). Hence the need for a custom doll! After doing my research I figured an MDD or DDP body would work best since anything bigger might look strange with my figures but now for the rest... I'm torn. For reference, these are the previous Holo custom dolls I have found during my search: Made by Daniel Ting who used the DD Saber Alter Made by https://www.dolldreaming.com/profile/884-yuan/ who used a DDH-06 on a DD-II body Made by https://www.dolldreaming.com/profile/4858-roxanne/ who used a DDH-16 on a DD body until they could get a DDS body These are all amazing. Huge inspirations. And also much bigger than what I'm looking for. ^^" At first, I was considering using a DDH-07 since it looks the most like Holo to me. But after asking other doll collectors on MFC, I realized that head would look out of proportion on a DDP body (the largest body I'm considering). So I thought DDH-06 might be the next closest thing? (DDH-02 and DDH-05 would be my next options) Also! I love Iori's head too which I discovered from this thread: But I can't seem to find her. And the sold out ones on Mandarake are a bit over my price threshold for just a head regardless... 😕 Any advice?
  5. KingyoNingyo

    Custom Dyed Entropy (ver. II)

    So I submitted my experiences with dyeing a SmD to Neep's thread in this forum. But in the end I wasn't happy with how everything turned out, so I bought another body and a much larger dye pot so I could do everything at once and make sure it all turned out even. This time I had to match my pre-dyed head. Thankfully I remembered my dye formula from previous experiments and with a bit of tweaking I got her done this weekend. Today she was reassembled and all dressed up. It's so nice to finally see her as I'd envisioned her! Parts list: Cinnamon Entropy head, tea body Rit DyeMore formula (final version): 1 tsp racing red, 1.4 tsp peacock green, 1/2 tsp frost grey in 10 cups of water.
  6. So, I am wondering for future, how could I make some night elf doll char. (she has som kind of backstory already just will need avatar) Except blue Smarties or Dollfie Icons - I dont think I could win "click war" I am doing research what is on market and how much is customization possible/required. I have seen some experiments with dyeing on our forum with vinyl. Not sure about resin. I wouldnt like to destroy any of thoose two materials. Some photos, since not everyone may know how night elves look. The skin color is not mandatory, night elves have many vairations of skin tones. Height is not also much mandatory, she can be in classic SD size. Even night elves are higher than humans. Wig and and scar and any other stuff are subject of in-game change. Theese visual features are not required for avatar. edit: ears not needed will find some external (or try to make some)
  7. SkullBoy

    Dose any know the origin of this photo?

    67628__468x_lolita-custom-dollfies-001-rozen-maiden-shinku Does anyone know the origin of the custom shinku ? I feel like I've seen it on a video and in the description it said the doll was a custom bule fairy but the video is no longer online ? also I can't tell if she's resin on vinyl because there's only one picture.
  8. DarkAvenger696

    Different faceups for your smartdoll?

    Hello, I've seen lots of smart dolls and there are a couple that I like but I'm worried about wiping a faceup has anyone done it? any issues problems etc? I'm looking at Coco skin, Tea skin and Cinnamon skin. I figure milk is probably the same as DD and can be changed easily but I'm concerned about what would happen if you wiped one of the darker skin tones. Let me know please! Any faceup artist etc I would love to see some samples before I jump on board and buy a girl I really am loving how Prowess and Genesis look but I am thinking I might want to change the face a bit any advice would be great!
  9. cartoonautopsys

    Baron Zemo Custom DDS and DDH-09 Mods

    Hi! First time posting, and doll newbie! I'm an artist by trade and have only been in the doll hobby for maybe 3 years, the vinyl doll niche starting this year alone! I wanted to start a thread to show the heavy customization project I started a few months back; So let me set up a timeline! Late-May to Mid-August 2021; I won this lot of scrap parts off eBay for dirt cheap. The owner stated it was for parts only, but I figured I would attempt to Frankenstein her back together! Over the next few months, after being kept in a box for a few more as I waited for parts to arrive, I managed to MacGyver her back together. Her right thigh frame was missing entirely, so I was able to find a set of d3 leg internals to replace the missing components. I had to shorten everything to fit the DDS's stature, but she fits together alright, aside from a small gap in her thighs, and a wiggly lower leg on the right. I also replaced her broken shoulder joints, gave her new wrists, and fixed her broken arm. Pre-mods, the lot of parts I got; All one piece!! October 2021; For the head, I got a damaged DDH-09 head off Facebook in the Summer, where the original owner had attempted to cut the eye flash out themselves and it sort of turned into a bloodbath. I smoothed the eye holes and did a faceup, and kept the doll as a girl for a bit. Originally I intended on having my custom Zemo be a 70cm resin doll, with an April Story Elder body I got from my friend. I even custom sculpted him a head, trying to make him look as much like the actor Daniel Bruhl as possible. However, I much prefer vinyl dolls, and my interest in the project faded.. Until I remembered I had a poor DDS laying around I was doing absolutely nothing with! (After I got a DDdy Towa, she was no longer my only baby) So this week I began adding apoxie sculpt to the DDH-09 to make the mold more masculine and mature looking, attempting to stylize the actor's face a bit too. So far he's looking very Ghibli-esque, and I really like it! Still sanding to make everything smooth before I paint, as I don't have an airbrush to help cover the mods, so I need everything to be as smooth as possible. Concept and references! Original Faceup, you can see how thick the eye wells still were, and how large I had to sand them to sort of cover up the gouges from the original owner. I made the eyes myself. First pass of apoxie! Soon I want to get a SS bust from the Volks store (following luciaxtrix's post modding a DDH-07 and SS bust!), along with a set or two of large hands; But for now I'm going to focus on the head and start sewing some clothes so he isn't stuck in girl clothes for much longer! I know this isn't a standard post but thanks for looking!! I really just wanted to share all I've been doing ^_^
  10. GremlinBonDD

    Family photo!

    with the arrival of snow Miku the other week, I decided it was time to do an updated “family photo” of my collection! Top Row, left to right: Sakura, Miku, Rin, Yuki Bottom Row, left to right: Mayumi, Nene, Chiyo, Bon, Rem, Rinko
  11. I’m planning on making a custom Junko Enoshima DD and want it to be as close to the character as possible, That’s why I would like to know what mold this custom Junko head in these pictures is using. I have done some investigation myself and I think she is using the DDH-07 Semi-white head, But i’m not sure of it. so I’m asking the forum for help, if maybe someone can identify this mold. (On the left is a random DDH-09 head and on the right is the suspected DDH-07 head.) If anyone knows what mold this custom Junko head is using feel free to leave it in the replies, it would help me out a ton! 😄
  12. abs2891

    And then there were four...

    Ah yes, the plan of not buying a new doll for a while lasted *checks notes* yeah, let’s go with not long enough lol but knock on wood I should now be set for a bit (my wallet at least says I am 💸) Anyways I found a custom DWC-01 head on mercari done by someone who typically worked with SDs and took on doing a DD mostly as an experiment. Per their own description, it wasn’t a flawless result (the main flaws being in the additional material used to change the eye shape) but I really couldn’t stop thinking about it, so in the end, I grabbed it, figuring after I’d found the eyes I wanted to go with it that it’d be a while before I had a body to put it on when, less than a day latter, a semi-white DDB body was listed for sale on dollyteria with not even a flaw or stain in sight. And thus... I now have a party of four. He’ll definitely be the old soul of the bunch, but that’s probably for the best. The rest could use some structure in their lives lol
  13. I spent today modding my DDH-10! the mouth piece is “3D” and can be removed. Also opened her eyes, Pointed her ears, and softened her chin! Will be painting her soon! 🙂
  14. After waiting 1 week, my custom Kagamine Rin is done! I would show her, when I figure out how to post photos from my phone.
  15. MonochromeAgent

    Smart Doll Prosthetic Leg

    Greetings all! I am Mono and I've been following the progress of Danny's Smart dolls since the beginning. I'm infatuated with the boys, and I love the girls too. I'm an artist that dabbles in everything from 2D art/illustration, 3D modeling and my most recent ventures into Resin 3D Printing! I am currently working on making a prosthetic leg for the Smart Doll Mirai Frame. Im almost finished with the first prototype, but I wanted to gauge interest from other Smart Doll owners to see if anyone else would want one for their dolls. If there is enough interest to warrant the cost of resin and silicone I'd be willing to do a small run and sell the pulls I get from the molds: Gonna be hitting it with some primer soon and finalizing the ankle joint. Let me know what you think!
  16. GremlinBonDD

    Bon and her tiny pumpkin! (DDH-01)

    I brought Bon out for her first photo shoot!
  17. Animaster888

    your dream doll

    I wanted to make an osomatsu san smart doll. what is your dream custom doll?
  18. Mitsuna


  19. Mitsuna


  20. naniibanani

    newbie hello and first MDD!!

    Hi there! I just wanted to share my first MDD -- or first doll ever-- Saku! I joined in hopes of making some friends, so I hope you like her! She's a bit spooky right now as I'm waiting on her eyes to arrive! She took a whole month to put together, so hope you guys love her ❤ Will update when her eyes come!
  21. Animaster888

    seeking custom wig maker

    so, I'm trying to find a good wig maker for my customization project. so far, I have found one person on etsy who would charge 60$+shipping for a short brown, feathered bob wig with a white shock of hair in the bangs. I'm personally not sure how fair that price is but I would like to see my options. If you know someone who makes smartdoll wigs, please let me know. thank you!
  22. Animaster888

    Custom smartdoll blog 1

    I am making a custom doll of my favorite character! The melody doll is arriving tomorrow and I will be customizing her into a male. the character is Oso from Osomatsu-san, hesokuri wars. the other pictures are the items I'm getting for him. I'll keep everyone updated on the doll's progress!
  23. Hello! I'm seeking ideas on making a custom Todomatsu Matsuno Smartdoll from osomatsu-san. does anyone have any? This is him
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