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Found 6 results

  1. GremlinBonDD

    Dollfie Dream Len repaint

    I somehow managed to get a hold of a Len at a regular price a bit ago… and he arrived the other week! of course, everyone’s first question was if I was going to repaint him. I’m happy to report he didn’t beat the record of 2 hours before being wiped upon arrival. 😜 (Noel still holds that) a few days after arrival he was wiped and prepped. I slowly worked at him over the last week and a bit. Today he was finished! I’m very proud of his repaint and plan to give the same treatment to his sister after I work through some commissions. I included a comparison - while his default is cute, I’m extremely happy with his new look. 🙂
  2. DeadlyNova

    Nova's Photo Thread

    I started a thread for my Miku a while back and intended to post all of my photos of her there, but then I got Kaito shortly after and figured instead now I'd make a thread to post my future photos. I took the two of them out for a photoshoot a while back, and had a bit of a disaster happen on the way. Miku's nose came in contact with the black carrying bag I had them in and was stained solid black. I had to travel a bit for the photos, so I took some anyway, hoping I could edit some to look decent after, especially since it was Kaito's first shoot. It took me weeks to get the stain out and I didn't even want to look at the photos. Almost none of them were salvageable both because of Miku's nose and because my camera apparently wanted to be temperamental that day. Moral of the story: Even 16 years of doll photography will never get me used to manual focus, and do not try to fit two dolls into a black leather carrying bag. I figured I'd post thew few photos I didn't hate here anyway and then continue to post photos of these two here in the future. I hope to go back to this location on a better day! There were some really beautiful 'props' that the photos I took of didn't turn out or I couldn't get Miku to look acceptable in them. Bonus, bad snapchat photo of Miku trying Miku ramen with me!: Thanks for looking!
  3. roro_robot


    Hello I'm Roro! I just received my very first doll, Dollfie Dream Kaito, after admiring dolls from afar for many years. Finally decided to make the investment on Kaito as he has always been my favourite and most comforting character, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get involved and have a doll of my own. Even thought I have just gotten my first I am also interested in trying to customise another doll sometime when I have the funds and become more knowledgeable about how to do so. I am looking forward to interacting with all of you and admiring all of the lovely dolls here! 😄
  4. GremlinBonDD

    DD Meiko repaint

    I need to remember to share my faceups here more… 😓 I recently finished this repaint of a DD Meiko head. She was really fun to paint… she’s got a nice sculpt that could work for anything to be honest. I’m hoping to eventually buy her myself so getting the chance to repaint her was a nice way to figure out how I’d customize my own!
  5. ShinobisDestiny

    Dollfie Vocaloid Family but why...??

    It´s been a long time since I posted here. To be honest I still struggle to get used to a forum message board or however it´s called. The last time I posted here was about my hunt for a Dollfie Dream Rin Kagamine doll which I could get. The very next day after I got Rin Volks had to release a Dollfie of Meiko. I thought I was done with Dollfies but oh well.... Thankz to a very lovely proxy on Facebook I could get Meiko but I feel so ungrateful which sucks. I was really excited when I first saw pictures of her. When I got her and compared her to my other Vocaloids I felt like Volks really missed the mark on her face. I don´t know about you but I imagine Meiko as a more grown up character. Her face is visibly rounder around the jaw a cheeks. And she has a big grin. I feel like she doesn´t fit in with the others and I really don´t know how I should feel about it. I´m also open to trading her head for a more feminine and mature one. But I feel so bad for not liking her. These dolls are really expensive and I could get her sooner than people who had to pre order her online. I´m still happy to have her as part of my Dollfie family.
  6. ShinobisDestiny

    Wig Makeover No.1

    So first off I have to say I have the WORST luck at buying doll wigs. I don´t know what it is.....well maybe because I look for cheap doll wigs. But I really don´t wanna spent too much but with every wig I bought there was something wrong..... Anway This is the wig I bought. I could choose the color but the style should be the same. And this is what I got. The color is great and fine but the wig itself is a mess. In this picture I already brushed it out And I guess half way the company didn´t want to work anymore and just left this big bald spot on the wig. I mean it´s clear to see that hair is missing. So there was no way for me to keep the wig as it was so I changed it. At first I washed and straighten the wig just because I wanted to see if it would look better which it did. But the hair itself was not great quality And then I gave the wig some major waves which enden up as this poof ball which I kinda like. It was not my plan to end up this poofy but for now I keep it like that I also got my money back and I hopefully will get an exchange wig but not in pink(but in teal) for some reason which is fine with me.
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