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Found 34 results

  1. Many of you are familiar with me and my custom DDH-29, Ludovica. This forum has really helped me feel more like a real vinyl doll collector, and has inspired me to interact with my girl in new ways, and I'm very grateful for the community I've found here. However, y'all have also made me jealous. This (or the first image, idk how this will be formatted) is what she currently looks like. Not bad, right? I think I did I very good job, considering this was my first (well, second, but that's another story) faceup. But compared to the lovely faces I see here, something about Ludovica's original face seems... off. I don't think she's currently quite anime enough for my liking, so, this summer, my dear MDD is getting a makeover!
  2. Shirayuridolls

    Frieren custom faceup and outfit

    Hello 🎶, I wanted to share my custom Frieren painted by me Shirayuri_dolls on IG. I used a ddh-09 SWS that i modded with melted vynil. I've worked hard to give her a special look that captures her spirit based on this artwork by Nagi : Her complete custom outfit was made by my mother. She also wears custom eyes designed by my friend. Hope you enjoy her as much as I do! 🤍 Some pics of her : I’m willing to make Himmel when his costume is ready ! Wish you all a magical day 🌼
  3. Hi all, sorry for immediately rushing to the forum when something goes odd with my first vinyl, but I'm a bit puzzled. I got an Imomodoll Canis head in tan secondhand, and it came with a faceup already applied. I removed the faceup with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol, but the alcohol left behind a sort of....powdery pale finish onto the vinyl? It goes away temporarily with water, only to show again when the head dries. This isn't my customizing rodeo, but I'm used to playline fashion dolls and acetone, so I'm a bit puzzled. Should I try another round with acetone to remove it, or am I missing something?
  4. GremlinBonDD

    MDD Marisa Repaint

    Trying to remember to post faceups! Today I bring you my recent repaint of MDD Marisa 🩵 I have included a comparison shot with her stock faceup. I understand she’s grown in popularity as a sculpt- which is very understandable. She has a very diverse customization ability. You can create a pouty smile, a neutral look and even a sad pout (like I have done) I highly recommend her. She’s an adorable addition to any MDD family!
  5. Shirayuridolls

    Ddh-09 mod and make-up

    Hello everyone! 🤍 Excited to share my latest doll faceup ! This time, my focus was on creating a mysterious, mature lady using a ddh09 Semi-white skin head from Volks. To enhance the enigmatic aura, I altered the eye shape by adding soft melted vinyl with a hot tool. The mouth underwent modification and sanding using sanding tools, with an additional small putty piece inside. For makeup, I used Vallejo paint and pastels and the process involved applying MSC several times. To finish the look i added false lashes from volks. Your thoughts and feedback are highly appreciated 💕 I will be posting more pictures of this lady on my instagram page shirayuri_dolls ! This is the first time i try posting pictures, i hope they won’t turn blurry! I need more practice with the text editor …
  6. GremlinBonDD

    Dollfie Dream Len repaint

    I somehow managed to get a hold of a Len at a regular price a bit ago… and he arrived the other week! of course, everyone’s first question was if I was going to repaint him. I’m happy to report he didn’t beat the record of 2 hours before being wiped upon arrival. 😜 (Noel still holds that) a few days after arrival he was wiped and prepped. I slowly worked at him over the last week and a bit. Today he was finished! I’m very proud of his repaint and plan to give the same treatment to his sister after I work through some commissions. I included a comparison - while his default is cute, I’m extremely happy with his new look. 🙂
  7. Gweneveryn

    Modded DDH-22

    Here is a modded DDH-22 I finished a few days ago! She is my first additive and open mouth mod. The shape of the eyes have been changed by pasting soft vinyl onto it~
  8. GremlinBonDD

    Dollfie dream KAITO - repaint

    Recently finished repainting my dollfie dream KAITO! I had fun painting him, he’s a very nice sculpt.
  9. GremlinBonDD

    DDH 19 - pastel zombie faceup

    One of the finished heads from recently. Commissioned to make a pastel Kawaii zombie girl!
  10. Chocola

    Pencil&Acrylic Color question

    What are the shade names of the colors you use for your doll faceups? In acrylic paint and watercolor pencils. I’ve found some individual pencils sold by faber castell, but I’m not sure what colors are the most used.
  11. PearlyStarz

    Dollfie dream face ups ?

    Since my last post I finally got around to ordering my girl’s clothing and wig I’m yet to buy eyes but leaning for towards a yellow or purple. With that being said I bought a completely blank head with the intention of customizing it myself! I have absolutely zero experience with any doll face ups though, so probably not a smart decision on my end! What would the best materials be? I know I’ve heard watercolor pencils, and chalk pastels for sure, but what brands? What kind of sealant would I need + anything else? If not to much trouble either around how much am I looking at having to spend on supplies? I do other types of crafts and art so I know things can get pretty expensive! Ah also what would be best to practice on beforehand? Are there any type of cheaper dolls or material similar to the dollfies I could practice on? If things end up not working out I’m open to commissioning someone! So if you do face ups yourself or know of anyone else I’d love to know so I could check that out as-well! Off topic here but what website does everyone post pictures to to put on here? I’d like to share my doll later on! That’s all for now! Thank you!(⌒▽⌒)
  12. GremlinBonDD

    DD Meiko repaint

    I need to remember to share my faceups here more… 😓 I recently finished this repaint of a DD Meiko head. She was really fun to paint… she’s got a nice sculpt that could work for anything to be honest. I’m hoping to eventually buy her myself so getting the chance to repaint her was a nice way to figure out how I’d customize my own!
  13. Hello! I was wondering if it's possible to have a Dollfie dream faceup that, while still anime, Is more realistic? I guess something like the Dollfie icon look but on a dream sculpt.
  14. Hi I’m really hoping to find a face up artist to work on my two MDD heads that is located in North America (Canada or the US), is there a list somewhere? I tried to use the search tool but nothing came up.
  15. Dolliquent

    Obitsu/AP Nail Art?

    I've been wondering if there is anyone who does nail art or long acrylic nails for Angel Philia's? I see them for DD a lot but never Obitsu and AP. I have seen the straw method tutorials so I might just try that if all else fails.
  16. RyuichiSakuma13

    I Have Some Questions....

    I'm new to the world of vinyl dolls, and I just got Hatsune Miku, my first Dollfie on December 28th. I have some newbie questions, I hope that you all don't mind answering. Are Dollfie faceups sealed? Is there some substance I should avoid, like isopropyl alcohol or nail polish? If they touch her, will she melt? I'm asking that because I would like to give Miku her classic bangs, and I was considering using hair gel, but not if it'll melt her face! I'm really reluctant to take her wig off, since it was a fight to get it on her head. Should I use white glue instead? I was told that vinyl dolls don't yellow even in the sun, is that true? Do they have a low temperature range I should avoid? I'd love to take her out and do a photoshoot in the snow...when we get some. (Climate change sucks!) Is there a top heat range I should also worry about? I'm guessing leaving her in a hot car is also a no-no. I know that there are high and low temp limits with resin BJDs, but I've taken mine out in the snow and on a sunny summer beach with no problems. How often will I need to take her apart and tighten her? I play with her pretty often, right now she's sitting next to me watching me type and watching music videos. I often watch TV/movies with my BJDs as well, especially late at night. I'm sure I'll think of other questions, and when I do, I'll probably ask them in this thread. Feel free to link me to threads that may answer my many questions. Thank you everyone! Ryu
  17. I'm new to doing faceups, and so far I'm using Staedtler Karat Aquarell Premium Watercolor Pencils. I like the pigmentation and the fact they don't break easily, but I'm not happy with the variety. The most I could find was a pack of 60 pencils.I managed to snag a pack of 72 (Artisto brand) and 120 (Kalour brand) for cheap that I plan on reviewing and comparing to the Staedtler. For anyone who wants budget pencils. 😊Anyways, here are the questions:1) What brand of watercolor pencils are your favorites?2) Why do you prefer them?3) How's the pigmentation?4) Do they break easily?
  18. Hi! I do a lot of faceup lately but there's one thing that I couldn't do right - how do you achieve the gradient effect on the eyelashes/eyebrows? Faceup picture from Watashi Doll (watashidoll.com) for reference:
  19. bananaaether

    Ai-chan faceup!

    I was looking at Parabox Ai-chan's photos and thinking that I felt the sculpt had potential but I wasn't super crazy about the very round irises they used in the examples and it made her face shape feel different. I wanted to test to see if this was true, so I ordered one, since they're so cheap and I was ordering some other Parabox things anyway. I'm still learning how to do faceups, so my results could be better (I think I wanna do another round of blushing on her lips and cheeks cus you can barely see it at all in this photo), but I do really think this is a fantastic head sculpt for a cheap price and easily accessible! I tried really hard to find other people's custom Ai-chan heads but only saw a couple here and there, so I figured I'd share mine too. Pardon the messy unstyled wig.
  20. hi all :] I recently bought an imomodoll doll but I still need to find a faceup artist to commission. I'm looking for an artist who can do anime style faceups on vinyl dolls. If you've had any good experiences with a faceup artist or you are one yourself, please respond! Thanks < 3
  21. I missed out on the Classic Chitose head drop on The Grid (it shows up at select times on the chaos section), and I really wanted her sculpt. I sort of saw it could be possible painting her face to the Mirai sculpt so I can't help but do this faceup on my blank head.
  22. ateliervanilla

    Custom DDH09 Miku

    I've always wanted to buy the licensed Miku Hatsune DD... But one part of me wanted to customize my own. I got myself a DDH09 and painted the head similar to Miku! It's not perfect and I'm still practicing more, but I liked how it turned out so far. Wig is Cotindoll and the cute sailor crop set is from DollDelights.
  23. DarkAvenger696

    Different faceups for your smartdoll?

    Hello, I've seen lots of smart dolls and there are a couple that I like but I'm worried about wiping a faceup has anyone done it? any issues problems etc? I'm looking at Coco skin, Tea skin and Cinnamon skin. I figure milk is probably the same as DD and can be changed easily but I'm concerned about what would happen if you wiped one of the darker skin tones. Let me know please! Any faceup artist etc I would love to see some samples before I jump on board and buy a girl I really am loving how Prowess and Genesis look but I am thinking I might want to change the face a bit any advice would be great!
  24. MagicalRinchan

    Kotoka Saionji

    Hello, I painted a DDH-06 head to make Kotoka Saionji from Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls and wanted to share photos of her since it's her birthday in Japan! I'm so satisfied with how she turned out and think she's absolutely adorable in the My First Star outfit set. If anyone plays the Cinderella Girls games, please vote for her in the voice elections later this year, it would mean so much to me if she ranks high enough to get voiced. Thank you, I hope you like her as much as I do! 💖 Instagram
  25. GremlinBonDD

    DCH21 Repaint

    Hello everyone! I’d like to post my faceups more often here. I keep forgetting to… 😅 Todays post is one of my most recent commissions. She’s a repaint of a DCH-21 in tan! (the elf ears are the extra ears that you purchase through dream choice) I’m really excited to share this commission as I know there’s not a ton of DCH-21 repaints out there!
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