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Found 13 results

  1. Every year, we attend Bats Day (Goth Day) at Disneyland. And for a few years now, we’ve always brought Amora or Miku with us to enjoy the day. We get so many positive responses when they comes along with us, and this year was just as fun.
  2. Morilec

    Restore Miku DD wig

    Hi everyone, 2/3 years ago at Miku's wig the elastic bands that kept the pigtails stopped, having no time and nothing to replace them at the time I put it aside and Miku put another wig, The other day I wanted to dress it with its original clothes and leaving the wig I found a disaster. Photos not suitable for weak heart Do you know how I can fix it?! I am desperate Thanks for your help
  3. I have a Cotindoll Miku wig that I would like to replace the rubber bands in and somehow make the rubber bands/strings/wire of the twintails more permanent. Because I play with her quite often, the current rubber bands are slowly slipping down the twintails. I was thinking of using string of some kind and glue/epoxy, along with fishing line/monofilament/wire, like the kind that is used to make bracelets in order to glue the string/wire/monofilament/fishing line/etc to the twintails. Has anyone tried to make permanent twintails/ponytails rubberband holders? If so, how did you do it? Ryu
  4. SFSakana

    White Maiden Miku (Hatsune Miku DD)

    Recent shoot with my Miku in white dress from Lim Fantasy.
  5. Breanna

    Some recent pictures of my Miku DD :)

    I also have a doll instagram @bre_dolls_1998 if you would like to follow me!
  6. Not sure if this was already posted before, but I wanted to share my experience with both the official Volks Miku wig and Cotindoll's Onion Green Miku-styled wig. I have not styled the official Miku wig out-of-the-box, while I have used a flat iron gently on the Cotindoll wig (because it arrived totally poofy and the fringe might have warped due to the AZ heat ) These photos are from my Google Pixel 4a. None of these are post-processed. Just under my room's night lighting. So here are my two Mikus side-by-side (left is my custom SWS DDH09 Miku, right is the official Miku): From afar, the wigs look really identical. But if you look closely at the Cotindoll wig, it appears to be shinier: The official Miku wig is more tame and matte: Let's take a look at the back of these wigs. They are still very similar, but with slight differences. The Cotindoll wig: The official Miku wig seems to have been tied in some sort of a "cross", and has short strands by the bottom left and right. I'm not sure if it's just the very dry AZ weather and the way these wigs arrived, but the official Miku wig was softer to the touch. But at the same time, it had less volume than Cotindoll. Personally, I do not have a preference. When it comes to the color match, virtually I don't see a major difference. It wouldn't photograph well, but the Volks wig appears to be a little darker. Cotindoll wig with flash: Volks Miku wig with flash: Overall, I think the Cotindoll wig is an excellent brand if you want to use another wig for Miku, or a custom Miku. I'm not very confident in using the wig products yet so I'll probably leave it at that. Maybe if it is styled properly, it would appear a lot better. For some reason, the Volks wig gets frizzy easier compared to the Cotindoll wig. Plus I find it easier to handcomb the Cotindoll wig as well. Both have their pros and cons. I hope this image heavy post helps!
  7. SFSakana

    Happy Chinese New Year! (DD Miku)

    Did indoor shoot with Miku in oriental outfit for the Chinese Near Year festive! May the year of Tiger brings you prosperity and good health. Happy Lunar New Year!
  8. GremlinBonDD

    Family photo!

    with the arrival of snow Miku the other week, I decided it was time to do an updated “family photo” of my collection! Top Row, left to right: Sakura, Miku, Rin, Yuki Bottom Row, left to right: Mayumi, Nene, Chiyo, Bon, Rem, Rinko
  9. [Chichi9521]

    Re-homing my dolls

    This is my first post to this new site or maybe ever in the community, I got my first Dollfie in 2014, Hatsune Miku. I also proceeded to get the Snow Miku too... now I absolutely love them, I love them so much that I find it super duper hard to think about this. Due to my current situation I have been contemplating giving them a new home, someone who will appreciate them more than I do currently, but it's also so hard to think about. I don't do much with them anymore, change their clothes etc. but then I also wondered what do other people do with their dollfie's? Do they keep them on display or are they regularly played with. I'm just having a pretty rough time. Really I just wanted to get my thoughts out my head and get opinions on what I should do, or if you've ever been in a similar situation. Thank you for taking the time to read this if you do
  10. Sticks-Ara

    Miku at Goth Day @ Disneyland

    Our annual trip to Disneyland for Bats Day (Goth Day) was a success again. We’ve gotten so many positive responses from people about Miku and her outfit and how it fit the theme. We’re very happy of the day and plan to come back again next year. So who’ll come with us best year??? 😉
  11. I got my Miku a new outfit, the Do-Re-Mi-Fa Rondo set😊
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