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Found 10 results

  1. So I'm not sure if it's a dumb question, but I was sure that all of the azone iris collect sculpts were different, but after looking at all the different girls and analyzing them, I'm not sure anymore. I personally like Noix the most, I always thought that her face was slim and her eyes super cute, kind of like ddh-06 or smart doll Mirai. But can it be that the makeup is the thing that makes the heads look so different? I always thought Kano's head was much wider than other heads, and Milene and Reira had really big eyes.. Also, whenever I see photos of the displayed ooak dolls at azone, they always have a little card with a description of the artists name and the body sculpt of the used doll, etc, and it always says that the head sculpt is called: AZ50-27. Now I'm not sure anymore.. ;-; it it really always the same head?
  2. I've been curious about the 50 Azones for a while now, they are all original girls with cute faces and outfits, I love their smiles and their bodies are made by Azone and are very feminine. I already own an azone petit girl, but I didn't know much about vinyl dolls back then. So here she is, just picked her up from the post office: It's good that she has a fragile sticker on the box.. Nicely wrapped.. Yay^^ her photo is so cute, I really like azone boxes Here she is wrapped like a mummy.. Her clothes and wig Unpacked. I didn't unpack her hat, because I'm a little bit scared that the blue fabric could stain her. I'm also just very carefully putting on her skirt, until I make her a new one. Warning if you don't like seeing nude dolls.. As I said, I really like her body, it's so pretty ^^ the breast is a g-cup, when I'm in Japan I want to get her a c-cup, its just a bit too big for my taste.. Noix in her undies: And finally dressed: Here she is this morning in cool lighting: You can really see the difference in height when directly compared. The small Azone dolls are soo small and my dollfie dream looks huge! 😄 She looks so cute, I'm shocked but I think that I prefer her size, but I still love them both, they are so different from each other so I don't think you can compare them other than by their size. They both have pros and cons Her eyes change color in different lighting 😍 And lastly a close up of her face and cute smile 🥺❤️ What do you think about her, I'm so impressed by her! And glad that I had a chance to buy her
  3. Miffychan

    I finally created an account ^^

    Hi everyone, I'm so happy to finally have my account on here, I've always been reading your posts and thought why not share my dolls as well. I'm from Europe and currently own 2 Dollfies, one is a DDH-06 and the other one a saber that I OOAKed lol. Also one floating head without faceup DDH-10 I also have One Azone Iris Collect Petit Stellar Lights Twins Anna in Pink. One Imomodoll Miko and floating head Apsu without faceup. And some small other Azones...😊 I currently have an Iris Collect Noix on her way😍 so I will make an unboxing soon💞 I'm personally really into the sweet and pastel style, so I really like pinks and light colors. O really like maid outfits or lolita inspired fashion, also the current "jirai" style. I'll bee going to Japan soon so I thought it would be nice to post about all of the great dolly shops and dolls that I go to. That will be in the end of March. I don't know how to post pictures yet, but as soon as I find out, I'll share my current doll family with you. Wishing you all the best🌸
  4. Mitsuna


    DDH28 DDP Kamiyama Shiki from Summer Pockets. Leg warmers from TOA Claris
  5. Mitsuna


    DDH28 DDP Kamiyama Shiki from Summer Pockets
  6. chantelle

    DDdy Spoons Thigh Mod

    I saw this post where this person puts spoons inside the thighs of the DDdy and AZO2. From my understanding, I believe its to prevent the thighs from popping out by filling up empty space. Has anyone tried this? If so, how did it go? (note: embed states the pictures are sensitive but its just images of the spoons and the inside of the thighs)
  7. Kittencat28

    Please help me locate!

    There’s a specific Azone 50cm that I’m desperate to find! She’s from afterschool play. I’m not sure what the name of her is and I’m having trouble finding info/sales posts for her anywhere. She is dark haired, has yellow eyes and a green wicked smile. If I could figure out how to post a photo on here I would lol. Please help me find her!
  8. samseramsamsam

    Azone 50 Leviathan

    Fastest delivery ever! It only took three days from Japan! (takes a little of the sting of the shipping costs away...) First order of business was a stain protection suit (yes, I am paranoid). Also, I added panties to the 'outfit' 😉 Will the cute little gloves stain her hands...? I have no idea how to put the cute boots on XD and I can't pull the stockings high enough to attach the strap. Also, the original horns gave me enough grief to use my own.
  9. So, my new (new to me, she is "used") Iris Collect Sumire arrived today, but after looking more into the clothing that is available or apparently the lack there of I'm worried that I will not be able to get any other outfits than the clothes she comes with. Does anyone know what clothes actually fit on the azo2 body? If I buy clothes for the DD/DDS will they fit despite the fact that the Dollfie is like 7cm taller? I'm just having some doubts about my purchase now... I'm currently at work so when I get home and open the box with her in it I'll probably not have doubts anymore especially since I'm coming from a recast minifee... Anyway, any information about where to look for clothes would be awesome!
  10. samseramsamsam

    Hard plastic boots

    Okay, help, please 😅 How the absolute hell are the boots of the Azone Leviathan supposed to go on her feet?! (Hard plastic boots) Even after softening the boot with a hairdryer, there's no chance to push her foot in. (And honestly, I don't want to risk breaking the doll due to poor design of accessories, but I have seen owner pictures with those boots, so they have to work. Somehow.)
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